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Lollipop Baby Camera

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The Lollipop Baby Camera at a glance

Lollipop Baby Camera is a baby monitor designed for parents with newborns and toddlers. The bendable stem allows for easy setup and high flexibility for installation. The multi-streaming feature supports navigation between multiple camera live views: instead of owning many tablets, with everything laid out on one single iPad or iPhone, parents can watch all cameras simultaneously and never miss out on anything. Lollipop also integrates multiple detection solutions such as noise, cry and cross-detection, all in one. Parents can play music from the monitor remotely, and speak to their loved ones via Push 2 Talk when they are away from the baby.

We spoke to these real mum testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Amy Goddard says: "It’s fantastic! You can talk to your little one, play many sounds and lullabies, the quality of the camera to your phone is amazing. I feel at ease leaving her down for a nap knowing that it notifies me if she’s crying. I can move the camera around and I know if I want to add more cameras they are easy to connect to the app!"

Caity Mortara says: "It is great that I can put my daughter down to sleep upstairs and we can continue our evening downstairs without worry. The camera sends notifications directly to our phones when she makes a noise or cries. Because it sends us the notifications we don't have to constantly have the app open watching her sleep."

Jennifer Orr says: "I have to say, before this, video monitor baby cameras never really interested me, but this product has really changed my mind! I managed to set it up with an overtired four-year-old and a teething baby, while solo parenting. The app is so easy to find, install and use and the camera is so easy to set up. I can now just put my child down to nap and not mess around or risk waking him up while checking on him! It makes my life so much easier!"

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Susie Pearce says: "Design is very good it would make a very good present for for a baby shower. The turquoise colour is great if you're not sure if you're having a boy or a girl. it is quick to setup and can be used in any room or putting a day bag if your baby is sleeping somewhere else. Sound quality is brilliant and very sensitive and the camera is good quality."

Stacey Pollington says: "I would recommend this product to fellow mums because it is easy and simple to use. It is very sturdy and greatly made the quality is second to none. It comes with everything to be able to hide and disguise wiring therefore making it baby safe so those wires going a stray. It’s great it is a usb so easily plugs into other plugs. It also comes with a two pin plug for abroad."

Amy Goddard says: "Yes, yes, yes! You can place the camera anywhere in any angle its flexible, easy to place and we have a big awkward cot! The quality from the camera to the phone is amazing, along with the sound. I’m able to play lullabies through the camera as well as talk to her when she wakes from a nap in the day time. It notifies you when the baby is crying a record crying over night also so you can re-watch it"

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Caity Mortara says: "I haven't used any other sort of camera or baby monitor to be able to compare, but this does everything i would expect it to do. I love the use of a mobile app which sends us notifications. It is also very handy that we can play music and sounds from the app outloud on the camera, the white noise has helped get our little girl to sleep much easier. I have loved being able to download little snippets of video which save to the app, we have captured moments we never normally would."

Jennifer Orr says: "I actually would choose this product over any other camera product. I previously have used a sound only one and have a plug in one that I have not used yet. This will totally be getting sold as I love my lollipop camera. Its modern, well made, good quality, safe, and easily moved around. A brilliant item for parents especially those who have to travel with the children and those who need to work away etc."

Susie Pearce says: "The design and usability this brilliant. I have had a look and there is a similar one for a lot less money on the internet so I would have to consider this before purchasing lollipop. There is a safety feature which I like. I like the fact that there isn't a monitor and you can use your phone. One of the best features is how easy it is to set up really quickly and in any room."

What changes would you make to this product?

Stacey Pollington says: "I would change the fact that it doesn’t have a handset unit. I think it would benefit from this as an additional extra or included in the cost. I don’t want to am worry about my phone dying then not having anything to be able to check up on baby. You also aren’t then relying on the customer to have a phone/tablet for the app opening your market up to those that don’t want an app."

Amy Goddard says: "The one thing I would change is possibly a cheaper monthly payment for the app they ask you to download for viewing you child extra which you can get free on many other cameras or even a free one! as you're paying £145 for the camera anyway! feel it's a little unfair to charge you as mums and dads will want the extra!"

Caity Mortara says: "I think it is a little bit cheeky that you have to pay a monthly or yearly amount to unlock certain features on the app. If you are paying £145 you would expect every function to be included. Especially when the added function of sleep analysis is so interesting they make it more enticing. Just seems like an extra way to make more money, when the camera isn’t cheap in the first place."

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