24 signs you’re having a girl

signs you're having a girl

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While we all know you can't be sure whether or not you're having a girl or a boy until your 20 week scan, there are plenty of signs you're having a girl that you might want to look out for.

Although there is no scientific evidence or medical research into these theories and old wives tales, they can be a bit of fun, and help you get excited to welcoming your baby girl or boy.

Signs you're having a girl

1) Carrying a high bump – If you can't tell you're pregnant from behind and your bump is sitting quite high, then some think it means you're having a girl.

2) Your eyes don't dilate – Try staring in the mirror at your eyes. If your pupils don't dilate, some count it as one of the signs you're having a girl.

3) Your baby's heartbeat is faster than 140 beats per minute – The heartbeat of a girl is usually faster than a boy. Ask your sonographer how quick their heartbeat is at your early scans.

4) You've experienced a lot of morning sickness in your first trimester – Some say the worse your morning sickness, the more likely it is you're having a girl.

5) Your wee is a dull yellow colour – Next time you take a urine sample, take a closer look at the colour, if it's a dull yellow shade, it could be a girl.

6) You're craving sweets – One old wives tale says if you're craving sweet treats you're having a girl and if it's savoury snacks you're wanting it's a boy.

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7) Your left breast is bigger than your right – Your breasts change a lot in pregnancy but if you notice your left is larger than your right, it could be a sign of a baby girl.

8) You lie on your right when sleeping – If you're waking up laying on your right side in the morning, it could mean you're having a girl.

9) Increased breakouts and oily skin – Your skin changes a lot in pregnancy, but if it's noticeably oilier and you're breaking out, a girl could be on the way.

10) When asked to show your hands, you present them palm up – don't overthink this one, just present them in a way that feels natural for you.

11) You're really moody – With those pregnancy hormones, moodiness is normal, but it's a good idea to keep track of how moody you feel.

12) Carrying your baby weight around the middle – There's a myth that gaining weight around your middle in pregnancy means a girl is on the way.

pregnancy weight

13) You're left with an odd number when combining your age at the time of conception with the month you conceived – You'll need to do some maths for this one.

14) Your feet haven't grown – If you don't notice your feet swelling in pregnancy, it could be one of the signs you're having a girl.

15) Your skin feels softer – While the skin on your face may feel oilier and be breaking out, your skin on the whole may feel softer.

16) If you tie your ring to a necklace and hold it over your bump, it swings from side to side – Try this old wives tale with your wedding ring if you have one and see what happens.

17) Your feet don't get cold easily – According to some old wives tales, warmer feet indicates you're having a boy.

18) You eat garlic but don't smell of it after – This one might sound a little gross, but ask those around you if you smell of garlic after eating a strong, garlic meal.

pregnant with baby girl

19) You felt stressed at the time when you conceived your baby – Think back to how you felt when you conceived your baby. According to some myths, if you felt stressed it might mean a girl is on the way.

20) You're extra forgetful – If that baby brain is getting the better of you, it might be a sign that you're having a girl.

21) The Chinese gender predictor tool says you're having a girl – Try using a Chinese gender predictor tool to find out what you're having.

22) Your linea nigra finishes at the belly button and not beyond – This is the line that can appear on your stomach when pregnant. Some myths say if it goes above the belly button, it means you're having a boy.

23) You avoid eating the crusts off the bread – Another odd myth is that if you stop eating the crusts off your sandwich, a girl could be on the way.

24) Your ankles don't swell – Your leg shape in general is less likely to change if you're having a girl according to some old wives tales.

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