The best hypnobirthing podcasts and audiobooks to prepare you for labour

hypnobirthing podcasts and audiobooks

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If you're pregnant, you might have already heard of hypnobirthing and its benefits for mums-to-be. Hypnobirthing is all about releasing fear around labour, creating a calm and relaxing environment while giving birth, building women's confidence about their bodies' abilities, and advocating for their own birth preferences - all aiming to give you a positive birth experience. Celebrities such as Olivia Bowen and Charlotte Stirling-Reed are big fans.

But while there are a lot of books, classes and hypnobirthing apps to help you learn more about the various techniques, sometimes it's helpful to listen to the calming advice in your ears.

We've reviewed and rounded up some of the best hypnobirthing podcasts and audiobooks around for you to listen to and learn from throughout your pregnancy and labour.

The best hypnobirthing podcasts and audiobooks

Fearless birth podcastFearless birth podcast

Brought to you by Emma Armstrong - AKA The Naked Doula - this podcast is here to take those feelings of fear around birth away, and educate you on how your brain and body work during labour, to empower you and give you a new-found confidence around birth. If you're a fan of the podcast, you might also want to read Emma's Fearless Birth Book, too.

Editor's choice

This audiobook is by hypnobirthing teacher and founder of The Positive Birth Company, Siobhan Miller. She aims to debunk common myths about hypnobirthing and offers guidance to make you feel calm throughout labour. Through Siobhan's teaching, she seeks to educate and empower women along with their birth partners so that they can enjoy amazing and positive birth experiences, however they choose to bring their babies into the world.

Hypnobirthing practitioner and podcaster Poppy aims to help you learn all of the tools from the world of hypnobirthing, and equip you with the knowledge and confidence to move through your birthing experience with competence and strength.

The Hypnobirthing podcastThe Hypnobirthing podcast

This podcast series is all about hypnobirthing and helping you think more positively when it comes to your birth experience. It's recorded by mum-of-two Claire who is also a qualified hypnobirthing teacher.

Planning to use hypnobirthing techniques during labour? Listen to this hypnobirthing book in the lead up to your birth to know everything you need about hypnobirthing. Many hypnobirthing courses are based on Sophie's hypnobirthing expertise, and she also has a comprehensive book to read alongside her podcast.

Perfect for the first-time mums who feel they need to know more when it comes to the world of childbirth. This podcast is recorded by first-time mum Alice, who begins the podcast at 28 weeks pregnant, bringing you 100 days of hypnobirthing.

Written by hypnobirthing coach Hollie, this audiobook will teach you all about the skills you need to listen to your body and prepare yourself for birth, using hypnobirthing exercises and breathing techniques.

This podcast is brought to you by Kathryn Clark, who has developed the unique, highly effective Hypnobirthing Hub program following the inspiring hypnobirth of her twins. She hopes that you too can have a pain- and anxiety-free birth too.

This audiobook is brought to you by hypnotherapists, mothers, and experienced meditation teachers, Sam and Nicola. This guide is designed to help you through a positive and reassuring journey to motherhood through visualisation, affirmation, breathing techniques, and mindfulness; and even includes how to combat morning sickness and difficulty sleeping.

What better way to learn about hypnobirthing than from one of the women who started it all? This audiobook by Marie Mongan shares how the Mongan Method of hypnobirthing works, and how you can take control during the birth of your little one. Marie founded The HypnoBirthing Institute more than 30 years ago.

While it's not primarily about hypnobirthing, this audiobook by midwife and positive birth expert Tracy Donegan is well worth a listen. It's organised trimester by trimester and provides you with lots of yoga, meditation, natural remedies, nutritional and hypnobirthing advice and techniques to match your stage of pregnancy and the development of your baby.

We love listening to birth stories here at Mother&Baby; with this podcast you can listen to all different kinds of birth stories to help you learn more about your birth options, including hypnobirthing, to hopefully put your mind at ease before the big day.

The better birth podcastThe better birth podcast

Hosted by hypnobirthing expert Erin Fung, this podcast covers all sorts of different topics around birth including birth stories, postnatal mental health and more. There's also a host of experts joining Erin to discuss various topics.

Hosted by hypnobirthing expert Cynthia Overgard along with nurse Trisha Ludwig, the pair share one episode per week for evidence-based talks on safe and informed birth. Discussing everything from midwifery, informed rights advocacy, childbirth education, postpartum support and breastfeeding, there are also plenty of birth stories shared.

A place called birthA place called birth

This Australian-based podcast is brought to you by Doula Meaghan Amor, who shares different positive birth stories and experiences direct from the women she has helped and supported through their birth journeys.

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