The best hypnobirthing apps to download for a calmer labour

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With all the horror stories and dramatic birth scenes in medical dramas, it's understandable why we tend to associate giving birth with pain, and how it's the hardest thing your body will go through.

But forget gas and air and epidurals, hypnobirthingputs you in a place of calm and reduces some of the fear and pain you get with labour through self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques, and it's becoming increasingly popular with mums all over the world to help them get through their labour.

Hypnobirthing is a way to put yourself back in control of your birth, and there are many classes and courses you can attend to help you learn the important techniques. Even better, you can now also practice these techniques via books, podcasts and on your phone. Have a scroll, and find the best app for you.

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Best hypnobirthing apps:


hypnobirthing apps

Birth Made Easy - Hypnobirthing1 of 8

1) Birth Made Easy - Hypnobirthing

Birth Made Easy covers all the possibilities of birth, and how to help your baby arrive if they're overdue. You can also create your own playlist to suit your preferences.

Freya • Surge Timer2 of 8

2) Freya • Surge Timer

The Positive Birth Company brought out Freya, an app that helps you relax with visualisations and guided meditation. Freya provides coaching and a timer you can use to keep track of your labour surges. The app will also notify you when to contact your midwife.

Calm Childbirth Hypnobirthing3 of 8

3) Calm Childbirth Hypnobirthing

Calm Childbirth Hypnobirthing aims to release tension and anxiety around mothers giving birth by reducing the belief that childbirth is extremely painful. Nicola Haslett and Samantha Redgrave, experienced hypnotherapists, help thousands of listeners through this vocal app.

 iHypnobirth 4 of 8

4) iHypnobirth

iHypnobirth is a birth and pregnancy hypnosis app. iHypnobirth teaches you that birth does not have to be full of fear, and equips you with tools that will help your mindset to see birth as a positive experience, both mentally and physically.

Christian Hypnobirthing5 of 8

5) Christian Hypnobirthing

Christian Hypnobirthing brings you Christian hypnobirthing tracks to support and empower you throughout your pregnancy and birth. The tracks aim to make you feel more confident, in control and connected to God and your baby.

Pregnancy Music for Mom and Baby6 of 8

6) Pregnancy Music for Mom and Baby

Aiming to calm your baby's heartbeat, and put you at ease, Pregnancy Music includes a selection of audio tracks to listen to that will help you have an amazing prenatal experience.

GentleBirth7 of 8

7) GentleBirth

Have a positive birth with GentleBirth, an app that combines brain science, birth science, and technology to empower your birth. It educates you on mindfulness, hypnosis, CBT, sports psychology and provides breathing techniques to help prepare you for birth.

hypnobirthing fit app8 of 8

8) Hypnobirthing: A Fit Pregnancy

Hypnobirthing: A Fit Pregnancy will help relieve any anxiety and fear you have around pregnancy and transform your journey in a positive birth experience for all mums-to-be! It uses meditations, sleep stories, music, and more to help you enjoy a calm pregnancy.

Watch our Mother&Baby Hypnobirthing YouTube series

If you want a taster of what hypnobirthing is and the different techniques, you might want to head over to our YouTube channel where you can watch our ten part hypnobirthing series with clinical hypnotherapist, Doula, and author Sophie Fletcher. In this series, Sophie has covered everything from helpful techniques, to putting it all into practise on the day as well as some tips for your birth partner.

Below is a taster of what you can expect from the series.

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