What is a rainbow baby?

by Emily Gilbert |

Discovering that you are pregnant is a life-changing experience full of many emotions, but for couples that have experienced previous loss, discovering they are expecting a rainbow baby can come with conflicting emotions such as fear and anxiety as well as the usual joy and excitement.

What is a rainbow baby?

It's likely you've heard the term before, but if you're unsure of the meaning, a rainbow baby is a pregnancy or child born following the loss of a previous baby, whether that be through miscarriage, stillbirth or death in infancy.

The symbolism of a rainbow baby

The symbolic expression comes from the idea of a rainbow following a storm, bringing light after darkness. In recent years, the term has grown in popularity and become a symbol of hope. A rainbow baby can often provide a helping hand in helping to heal those who have gone through loss.

Mixed feelings are normal

Bringing a baby into the world after such a heartbreaking experience can be incredibly challenging for parents, with many struggling with the conflicting emotions of grieving while being excited about their new arrival. These mixed feelings can be confusing but are very normal.

A lot of parents who have experienced loss are more likely to have postnatal depression. If you or your loved one are struggling, it can be beneficial to talk to someone who can offer guidance. Here’s how to get help when you need it.

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