Mum launches UK’s first-ever live IVF broadcast membership platform

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A new online membership platform to support patients undergoing fertility treatment is set to launch on Wednesday 3 November.

The digital platform, called the IVF Network, will offer advice, support and content to couples and individuals undergoing fertility treatment, with exclusive access to live online events.

For a yearly fee, couples seeking or undergoing fertility treatment will be able to access live and pre-recorded talks from some of the UK’s top fertility specialists and medical experts, as well as interact with a community of others going through the same experience.

The new digital platform was founded by new mother, Charlotte Gentry, who underwent six years ofIVF while trying to fall pregnant with her first child.

Charlotte underwent six years of fertility treatment before falling pregnant with her son last April

Charlotte describes those six years as ‘exhausting’ and ‘expensive’ and found the IVF process in the UK long and disheartening. She fell pregnant with her son in April last year after travelling to the US, but now she wants to help others gain easy access to the information they require while on their fertility journey.

“For those who cannot conceive naturally, fertility treatment can quite literally deliver miracles. Yet when it fails it can also result in crushing lows and huge disappointment.

“That is why I was so determined to create a social community that would support those undergoing fertility treatment by delivering live events with the top UK specialists to gain their knowledge and experience. In doing so, I hope to allow members to make better decisions faster and for less money. Having a community where patients can share ups and downs with those who really understand is also invaluable, because fertility can be a very isolating experience.”

Fertility issues affect 3.5 million people in the UK alone.

The IVF Network’s first live broadcast is set to take place this Wednesday at 7pm, focusing on the topic of ‘Fertility After 40’. This event is free for all to join and will be broadcast via The IVF Network website.

You can sign up to The IVF Network’s newsletter here where you can receive more information about the upcoming event.

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