World’s first fertility breath test launches

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When you're trying for a baby, determining your ovulation day can be hit and miss but the world’s first breath analysis fertility tracker has now launched in the UK, promising to make cycle tracking as easy as breathing.

With a study revealing that only 12.7% of women%20correctly,on%20days%20of%20peak%20fertility){href=' =Thirteen%20women%20(12.7%25)%20correctly,on%20days%20of%20peak%20fertility' target='_blank' rel='noopener'} correctly estimate their ovulation day, breathe ilo provides an easy and comfortable way to naturally track cycles with a small handheld device that is synced to an app. The technology reads your breath’s CO2 saturation to determine where you are in your cycle. The clever device uses real-time ovulation and historic symptom data to offer precise day-to-day insights into your fertility forecast.

The breathe ilo app, which is compatible with iOS and Android, features a calendar that displays a clear overview of fertile days and a cycle diary to learn more about individual cycle patterns. breathe ilo’s cycle diary also offers the possibility to document further cycle symptoms like breast tenderness, PMS, cervical mucus, or headaches to help prepare your for your next cycle.

“We believe that fertility and cycle tracking should not be a tiresome task. breathe ilo is designed to bring fertility tracking into the 21st century and the precise and uncomplicated nature of the device is the future of female health by using their breath" says Lisa Krapinger, breathe ilo’s spokesperson.

“Our mission is to not only make fertility tracking as easy as breathing, but we have a wider ambition to create a comfortable space where women can speak freely about trying to conceive and their menstrual cycles, along with all that is in between. With 640,370 women in England & Wales giving birth in 2019, we hope to make it easier and less stressful for those trying to conceive moving forward.”

Tempted to give it a try? You can either buy the device at £259.00 or rent it for £29.90 a month.

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