Ubbi Nappy Bin: The TikTok nappy bin that everyone’s talking about

Ubbi World Nappy Bin

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If you've been on the hunt for a good nappy bin for your baby's nursery, you'll have come across a lot that require special nappy bags or systems to use, which is why a lot of parents are raving about the TikTok nappy disposal system, the Ubbi Nappy Bin.

The main things you need to consider when buying a nappy bin is ease of use, how well it contains smells and whether it, and the last thing we expected to see on TikTok was parents talking about how the Ubbi Nappy Bin ticks all of those boxes.

What is the Ubbi Nappy Bin?

If you're wondering what the Ubbi Nappy Bin is all about, it's a steel design nappy disposal system that uses ordinary bags (or none if you wanted), to line the bin, and avoids the lingering smell of odour that most plastic nappy disposal can have. So not only do you dispose of nappies in a more economically friendly way, but you can save money from having to buy special disposal inserts.

The Ubbi Nappy Bin also features a clever child lock feature that helps prevent little hands from opening the bin and putting stuff in (or pulling anything out!)

Another feature that sets the Ubbi Nappy Bin apart is the design choices. Often you can be limited to one colour choice for nappy disposals, but the Ubbi has up to 14 different designs that you can choose from, including pinks, greys, taupe and patterns.

Where can I buy the Ubbi Nappy Bin?

The Ubbi Nappy Bin can be purchased directly through the Ubbi World website. It's also available to purchase on Amazon, and TikTok shop.

Ubbi Steel Odor Locking Nappy Disposal BinAmazon
Price: $79.99
Alternative retailers
Target$61.99View offer
Walmart$79.99View offer
Bloomingdale's$79.99View offer


  • Doesn't absorb smells like plastic
  • Has a child safety lock to stop little hands from getting in
  • It's easy to load, empty and clean
  • Can hold up to 55 nappies


  • Only the sliding hatch lid can be locked, the lift up lid can't
Material:Carbon steel
Dimensions:21.3 x 49.53 x 28.9cm
Capacity:55 newborn nappies or 20 large nappies
  • Made of steel
  • Doesn't require special bags
  • Features a child safety lock
  • Holds up to 55 nappies
  • Available in different colours

Do I need the Ubbi Nappy Bin?

Nappy bins are ideal to have in your little one's nursery and are a convenient way of disposing of used nappies. With a nappy bin, you don't have to keep making several trips to the bin every time you change your little one, and instead you can make one big trip to the bin once the nappy bin is full.

While the Ubbi Nappy Bin is ideal for it's child safety lock, and steel design that doesn't absorb odours, it's also practical as you don't need to purchase special bin inserts, and you can just use regular bin liners. There are plenty of other alternative nappy bins on the market too that you might want to compare before purchasing.

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