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Black owned jewellery brands uk

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From luxury fine gold to affordable handmade steals, these are the best Black-owned jewellery brands you can shop from the UK.

It’s easy to get stuck in a hole of shopping from the same old online retailers, seeing the same thing and searching for the best price you can find. This dangerous hole is too common and often leaves many amazingly small and mighty businesses forgotten or undiscovered.

After the past two years, where so many smaller shops and independent businesses have struggled, and Black Lives Matter has seen a resurgence as the civil rights movement of our lifetime, we’ve decided to shop smarter. Rethink our shopping habits for the new year, choose to support Black-owned businesses and put our money into something good.

If you want to Buy Black but have no clue where to start, don’t worry we’re here to give you a friendly helping hand, starting with Black-owned jewellery brands. From affordable handmade pieces to luxury fine jewellery, we’ve uncovered some amazing emerging and already established brands you need to know about.

Asa Artshop

AsaArtshop is a UK-based and Black-owned jewellery brand available to shop on Etsy. Their storefront is filled with gorgeous statement earrings featuring freshwater pearls and gorgeous shell accents. These Mother of Pearl Dangle Drop Earrings are an Etsy Pick and would make a wonderful gift for any occasion.


Sammi Maria Jewellery is a beautiful, Black-owned jewellery brand, that is a real investment and makes jewellery inspired by different cities in the world, with a 'laid back, city girl' style. This handcrafted necklace is beautifully crafted and will make a great present for a special someone or a treat for yourself.


Heartbeat Threader Earrings
Price: £184.70 +

For luxury jewellery, look no further than female Black-owned Gold jewellery brand Auvere. Launched in 2017 Auvere is a brand that celebrates the art of handcrafted gold jewellery in its purest forms – 22 and 24 karat gold. The allure of Auvere’s gold jewellery lies not only in its lustrous hue but also in bold design and exceptional craftsmanship. So, for a super special treat and items that will see you through a lifetime check out everything Auvere has to offer, like these beautiful Heartbeat Threader Earrings.

Feathers + Wings

Feathers and Wings is a jewellery studio based in London, specialising in fine jewellery and demi-fine jewellery. All their pieces are handcrafted by Black female founder, and metalsmith Jane Bannor, who creates sustainable and ethical rings, necklaces, jewellery and bracelets using recycled gold, recycled silver and gold-fill. She has everything from incredibly delicate, low-cost pieces, to captivating necklaces, and pieces available for customisation - perfect for gifting.


MIHII is a Black-owned, UK based jewellery brand, taking its name from the Latin word ‘Mihi’ which means ‘for me’. They offer high quality, modern, stylish and affordable jewellery, and through their jewellery bring you statement pieces for all occasions at the best possible prices. Their Etsy storefront is full of wonderful staple gold pieces, like this Gemino double layer chain ring and gold chain necklaces perfect for layering.


Founded by the late Virgil Abloh, Off-White is black-owned and recognised globally by their signature arrows-motif, found on everything from their clothing to jewellery. Streetwear aesthetics are in full force with Off-White jewellery. The Italian label is ready to point you in the right direction with logos, motifs and signature symbols. Pledge your brand allegiance with logo pendant necklaces and find iconic Arrows on everything from stud earrings to chunky gold-tone rings.

Oma The Label

Oma The Label is a brand challenging industry standards while creating quality pieces that can become staples in anyone’s wardrobe. Created by New York-based fashion stylist Neumi Anekhe in 2018, Oma The Label was created after Neumi saw a significant lack of POC representation within the fashion industry. She sought to create a brand that would not only provide high-quality fashion pieces but also further diversify the imagery and representation that have dominated modern fashion.

afton \ by palm

afton \ by palm is a Black-owned brand dedicated to design with minimalist styling at its foundation. Handcrafted goods, which have been slow crafted with the environment in mind, have each been made with femininity and earthy tones as a focal point. Each pair of earrings are handmade in Buckinghamshire from polymer clay by baking in small batches, and some feature hand-painted details to create an extra special piece.


REMËSORA is a Black-owned jewellery brand founded by sisters based in London. From a young age, jewellery had always been a part of their lives - in Caribbean culture gold jewellery is used as a method of expressing yourself and your personal style. They wanted to create a jewellery line that would not only flatter all complexions but also transform any look. All of their items are stainless steel and are either gold-plated or gold-filled.

Up To The Neck

Up To The Neck know a thing or two about demi-fine jewellery. Their stunning collection includes this best-seller, the With Love From Africa necklace, which features a gold-plated stainless steel outline of Africa on a 50cm chain. And if you want to complete the set the brand also has matching hoop Africa earrings.

How can I Buy Black-owned brands?

Black Pound Day is a great place to start, it lands on the first Saturday of every month so it gives us an extra excuse to discover independent brands that may not get as much publicity as bigger brands – all while supporting a good cause.

Black Pound Day was founded in June 2020 by So Solid Crew member Swiss. Swiss was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and set up the monthly event to support the growth of the UK’s black economy. The goal: to encourage the British public to change their shopping habits and invest in the talents of black entrepreneurs.

Black Pound Day has its own searchable website directory, which covers everything you can think of including groceries, home improvements, plumbing, and even takeaways.

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