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If you’re looking to shop better and smarter in 2022, show your support by buying clothes from black-owned brands and retailers.

Shopping smaller and smarter allows you to support brilliant brands, many of which may be currently struggling due to the impact of Covid-19. Over the last two years, we have been taking a look at the many ways we can show our support and be an ally.

Doing so, we’ve been getting to know the amazing black-owned fashion brands out there sparking meaningful conversations and designers owning their heritage.

Having already looked into the best Black-owned jewellery brands, we’re now highlighting the amazing black-owned clothing brands you need on your radar. From premium womenswear to lingerie that celebrates all skin tones, here are the best emerging and already established Black-owned clothing brands you can shop from the UK.

Farai London

Farai London is a Black-owned brand specialising in premium womenswear, designed in East London. Designer Mary-Ann Msengi’s Zimbabwean heritage and British upbringing can be seen in both the designs and the name of her label.
Their mission is to redefine womenswear, to produce adventurous bold and beauteous pieces that denote their commitment to superior quality.

Nubian Skin

A nude bra and skin tone hosiery are the basics of every woman’s wardrobe, at least in theory. For many women of colour, finding suitable skin-tone hosiery and lingerie has not been an option. Frustrated by the lack of skin-tone choices to go with her ever-expanding wardrobe, Nubian Skin founder, Ade Hassan, decided it was time for ‘a different kind of nude’.
Nubian Skin launched with a carefully edited collection of lingerie and hosiery to provide the essential underwear needs of women of colour. Headquartered in London, Black-owned lingerie brand Nubian Skin delivers worldwide.


Red Cut Out Round Neck Dress
Price: £92.05 (was £132.55)

SELFI is a Cape Town based ready to wear clothing brand specializing in creating sustainable, bespoke ethical apparel and accessories. The name SELFI was taken from the word self and motivates self-empowerment and self-betterment.
SELFI is housed in its lifestyle concept store in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, selling annual collaborations with leaders in the South African creative sphere.

Mumba Bra

Mumba Bra is a Black-owned brand, well-known for its maternity bras - this will be your new “go-to comfort” bra
The Mumba bra is "more than just a maternity bra", it is luxuriously soft and will keep you in comfort while running your errands in the day through to sleeping at night.
It features the unique Mumba clasp reminder for mums’ and the original BabyFocus® print to provide stimulation and relaxation for your baby. Cleverly incorporating a discretion panel for a simple but effective way to feed discreetly in public.

Sincerely Nude

Nakita Midi Dress In Ebony
Price: £30 (was £44)

Michelle Asare founded Sincerely Nude in 2018 after struggling to find clothes that matched her skin tone. She has developed a collection that will fit perfectly in your holiday wardrobe, or you know going down to the park to meet up with the friends you haven’t seen in forever.
This gorgeous plunge neck Nakita Midi Dress in Ebony is perfect to throw on for the day or night. It's a simple yet sexy bodice cut that skims and caresses your curves.

Abiola Olusola

Button Down Short Sleeve Adire Shirt
Price: £55.23 (was £158.32)

Abiola Olusola is a Black-owned clothing brand dedicated to showcasing and working with local African craftsmen and women. Doing so to create and highlight ways in which traditional fabrics and ethos can be part of contemporary living.
She is motivated by empowering artisans, producing with sustainability and waste management in mind, carefully crafting each item of clothing from fabric to finished product. All while pushing the African narrative forward through fashion.

Sheer Chemistry

Founded by Tahlia Gray, Sheer Chemistry is an empowering Black-owned hosiery brand, driven by a mission to create a more diverse perception of beauty.
Dissatisfied with the lack of options on the market for tights to match her skin tone, and tired of alternating between black opaque tights and beige coloured tones labelled ‘nude’, Sheer Chemistry was established to create tights for women of all shades of brown.


Frida Tie-Detailed Crepe Top
Price: £98 (was £245)

Launched in 2019, TOVE has already gained a cult following of stylish women across the globe, thanks to its minimalist and timeless take on modern femininity.
The ready to wear brand has roots based firmly in London and work to design clothes for the modern woman, with pieces to complement every dimension of their lives.


Daily Paper is an Amsterdam-based fashion and lifestyle brand established in 2012 by three childhood friends. Fuelled by their shared rich heritage of African culture wrapped in contemporary designs, Daily Paper has truly become one of the fastest-growing fashion brands out of Europe.
With two collections a year focusing on both men and womenswear, Daily Paper offers timeless designs across accessories, ready to wear and a range of capsules across the season.

Two Three Active

Two Three Active is a London based Black-owned activewear brand. Designing for the everyday woman who wants to feel comfortable & confident whilst achieving their health goals.
Founded by sisters Stefanie & Naomie, they created a collection of 100% Squat-proof, sculpting workout staples to support your body - without making any compromises on quality, craftsmanship, or design.


Established in August 2016, Kai Collective is a London-based womenswear brand of attainable clothing with luxury aesthetics founded by fashion and travel blogger, Fisayo Longe.
With a deep passion for women and equality, KAI seeks to create clothing for multi-dimensional women who embrace their feminity in all its various forms. Fisayo established KAI after five years of building an online presence through her blog. Now, she travels the world sourcing the best fabric, seeking design inspiration, and meeting ethical manufacturers to collaborate with.

How can I Buy Black-owned brands?

Black Pound Day is a great place to start, it lands on the first Saturday of every month so it gives us an extra excuse to discover independent brands that may not get as much publicity as bigger brands – all while supporting a good cause.

Black Pound Day was founded in June 2020 by So Solid Crew member Swiss. Swiss was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and set up the monthly event to support the growth of the UK’s black economy. The goal: to encourage the British public to change their shopping habits and invest in the talents of black entrepreneurs.

Black Pound Day has its own searchable website directory, which covers everything you can think of including groceries, home improvements, plumbing, and even takeaways.

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