The best parent car must-haves from Amazon

best parent car must-haves from Amazon

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Is there anything worse than a long car journey with children? That of course is a rhetorical question. We all know the answer. Long car journeys can be tedious, boring, and long-winded at the best of times. But throw in two toddlers or a baby, and it's another level of terrible. From flying snacks to spilt juices and falling tablets to the constant questions. Some journeys will have you wondering whether you should have just stayed at home. But fear not. We have a solution. We have cultivated the best car must-haves from Amazon that will make your long car journeys more bearable.

What should you do before you take a car journey with children?

Planning is key. RAC advises that parents should plan their route ahead of time. It will help to avoid any extra stress. Toddlers and babies are notoriously bad for bathroom breaks, so it's always handy to note down where you can stop for bathroom breaks on your route. Even if your little ones do not need the toilet, it is a good idea for everyone to get out of the car to stretch their legs every few hours. Babies should be taken out of their car seats every 30 minutes to get fresh air and avoid overheating.

How can I make a car journey more fun?

We have all had the “are we there yet?” moments. A long car journey can be hard for everyone in the vehicle. But there are some ways to keep the journey fun. Children love conversations and simple games can help to pass the time.

Use this time to help your little one with their colour recognition, counting and conversational skills. In this article, we have included a few fun car games as well as car must-haves from Amazon that will help your child on those long trips.

Best tips for parent drivers

  • Bring another adult

  • Take some entertainment

  • Charge all smart technology the night before

  • Co-ordinate your car journeys with their naps

  • Don’t forget to bring lots of snacks and drinks

  • Bring their favourite toys

  • Pack toys that they may played with in a while

  • Bring a spare change of clothes and shoes

12 car must-haves from Amazon for families

Price: $48.37

This car window shade is amazing as it blocks out 86 per cent of harmful rays. Unlike traditional car shade, Shady uses adhesive technology which allows it to stick to the glass while the window is open or closed. 

Review: "These are in such a cute and appealing design. It's winter here in England so we haven't had any sun however i have no doubt these will perform greatly in the sunshine. Just make sure these are what you and your little ones are after. Whilst they won't fall down or obstruct the windows opening and closing they do obstruct the view out of the car window. Not a problem really if you've got a sleepy baby which these are intended for but older children might miss not be able to see outside clearly without the windows being wound down."

Best car organiser
SURDOCA Car OrganiserImage: Amazon

Rrp: $11.99

Price: $9.99

One of the hardest things about taking children on car journeys is that there is always something that they desperately need. Cue lots of moaning, shouting and attention-seeking. This car organiser allows you to pack all of their must-have items in a reachable space. There is even space for their tablet, as well as an area for water bottles, toys and books.

Review: "I bought this to tidy up my car, I take my nephew out at the weekend and the car looks like a bombsite afterwards! This holds all his bits and pieces and I can hide a treat in the zipped pocket for him. I bought a car bin from the same company and my car has never been so tidy!"

These hooks hang on to the back of your car's headrest to create a convenient space to store your changing bag, shopping, snack etc. The hooks can rotate so you can assess your bags easily and dip in to get a snack to stop that tantrum before it even starts.

Review: "I’ve been needing something to hang jackets and handbags on in the car for a while now as I don’t like just dropping everything in the back seat. These hooks are so convenient and are convenient as the are slim so look see less but also hold a weighty hand bag. Would highly recommend."

Best boot organiser
URAQT Car Boot Organiser
Price: $27.33

For parents, we know that organisation is key. Planning and preparing for all sorts of situations is the best way to avoid becoming stressed on a car journey. This boot organiser does just that. It is loaded with pockets that you can pack full of everything you will need for a long trip. This universal fit is super easy to install with straps and buckles making it suitable for almost any car.

Review: "I don't know why I didn't buy one of these sooner. It keeps everything neat and tidy. No de-icer rolling around, no fighting the carrier bags. Even fits my tyre inflator. Fab purchase."

Best travel tray
lenbest Travel TrayImage: Amazon

This tray makes the perfect lap table for travelling. Your little one can rest their tablet, colouring book or snacks on this. The tray has an erasable finish, so your little one can draw directly onto it with whiteboard markers and then rub off their illustration at the end of the trip. It also has useful storage pockets.

"We bought the green lap table for our five year old son to use on a long car journey and it has been brilliant. He could eat off it, lean on it to colour in and could set up his tablet to watch. It was sturdy and easy for him to set up. It kept all his things in one place and stopped anything falling on the floor. We are really satisfied with this product."

Best cards for a long journey
100 Things for Little Children to do on a JourneyIMAGE: AMAZON
Price: $9.39

These cards are packed full of ideas to keep your child busy so that they do not distract you when driving. Wipe these cards clean and use them again and again. The cards have clear instructions and beautiful bright drawings to keep your little one engaged.

Review: "Recently had a seven hour drive to Cornwall and our three year old loved these. Really helped kill some time. Loved the variety of activities and some really got her thinking and using her imagination which was lovely. Sometimes now she sits at home and asks to get them out. Fab buy and would 100 per cent recommend. Definitely taking them on every holiday!"

Best car sauce holders
NING GANG (black) 2Pcs Sauce holder for carImage: AMAZON

What's a road trip without a drive-through dinner? We love these clever sauce holders because there is nothing worse than not knowing where to put your tomato ketchup when you are having a car lap dinner. Great for big and small dippers alike!

" I Bought more as a joke for the other half. But actually quite helpful in the car. He loves his BBQ sauce. McDonalds dips fit in fine, Burger King you have to wiggle it in."

Best de-icer tool
DIAOCARE Ice Scraper mitten for WindscreenImage: Amazon

When you have spent all morning battling with your beloved family to get them ready and out the door, the last thing you want to see is a frozen windscreen. We have you covered - these scraper mittens keep your hands nice and toasty as you easily scrape all of the ice off your window.

Review: "Great piece of kit - wish I’d made the investment sooner! No more getting my gloves wet scraping the ice off."

Best mud prevention tool
Mud MateImage: Amazon

Mud mate is a fantastic brush cleaning set that will get all the dirt off of those tiny shoes before they enter your car. This is a fantastic product for cleaning muddy wellies, football boots or trainers that have spent the whole day jumping in muddy puddles.

Review: "The boot brush is effective, wet or dry, but if you use it to clean your walking shoes whilst wearing them (such as to get into the car to go home) the debris will splatter everywhere. If the mud is wet, that means all over your trousers, jacket, etc.. But if you take the shoes off it is very effective."

Best food and bottle warmer for the car
Tommee Tippee Travel Food WarmerImage: Amazon
Price: $23.97

A hungry baby isn't a happy baby. This warmer will allow you to heat food and bottles on the go, preventing your little one from getting hungry. It is a portable BPA-free thermal flask that will keep water warm well into your journey.

Review: "Bought one of these for my daughter had her first child, now my second daughter has just had a baby and I bought one for her. Invaluable."

Best car bin
PowerTiger Car Rubbish BinImage: Amazon
Price: $8.39

This 6.5 L capacity car bin is waterproof, leak-proof and portable. It is an easy way to keep your car nice and clean for the duration of your drive. The bin operates with a strap and can be hung in multiple locations in the car.

Review: "Good quality and easy to install if you have the space for it. Very collapsible even of there's trash in it especially if it only contains candy wrappers, tissue and paper."

Best car emergency kit
THINKWORK Car Emergency KitImage: Amazon

Rrp: $35.68

Price: $33.89

This super cute pink emergency kit is packed with all of the basic necessities you would need in the event of a breakdown or accident. The tools are all sturdy and can be kept neatly in the pink carry bag. This allows it to be stored in your boot safety until you may need it. It is always a good idea to have an emergency kit when travelling for any length of the journey, especially with dependent children in the vehicle.

Review: "So pleased I bought this for our daughter as we had a flat battery the other day and she managed to get me and her dad back on the road. It has everything in that a car should need, just in pink most of it which makes her very happy. The warning triangle is still reflective red as it should be. Snow shovel is a little overstated, it will get ice off the windscreen, but it won't dig you out if stuck in snow."

Best family card game for journeys
Paul Lamond Are We There Yet Travel Edition Card GameImage: Amazon

This is a modern take on the age-old classic - I Spy. This game contains 100 fun and colourful cards. Players will use the cards to spot objects outside of the window to win points. We love this game as it is a great distraction for your child whilst helping to gain real skills like talking and colour recognition.

Review: "Brilliant car travel game for all the family! Keeps my kids entertained for ages and some easy to find item and some rather difficult on the motorway. Take a pen and pad to keep track of scores! We had a five year old with us and she did really too! I think the 6+ age is a bit high, I am sure 3+ would be better as the card pictures are very clear to see."

How do I drive safely with children in the car?

It is very easy to get distracted with children in the vehicle. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of crashes. It is very important that you do not drive unless the task of driving has your full attention. Any non-driving activity you engage in can increases your risk of crashing.

If you are not confident that you can drive safely with your children in the car, find another mode of transport. The UK government state it is a legal requirement for all children to use a car seat until they are 135cms or 12 years old. It is important that all passengers have on seatbelts for the full duration of the journey and all distractions like music are kept to a minimum.

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