The TikTok mums to follow at every stage of your mum journey

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Thanks to the mums on TikTok, modern-day motherhood has become more manageable. Whether you're expecting your first child, chasing after a toddler, or managing the ups and downs of mumhood, there’s a TikTok mum out there with just the advice you need.

Think of it like your mum tribe—a massive community where you’ll find endless ideas, inspiration, and, best of all, people who just get it. No need to explain the challenges of motherhood because they’re living it right alongside you.

Don’t just take our word for it—TikTok is buzzing with mums. According to TikTok Business, one in four mums are on the platform. The hashtag #momsoftiktok alone has an incredible 44 billion views, while #momlife isn't far behind with 20 billion. This shows that TikTok is the go-to app for mums seeking pregnancy and parenting tips, product recommendations, mum hacks, humour, and everything-in-between.

If you're new on TikTok or looking for new mums to follow, here are TikTok mums worth following in 2024, each covering a different stage of motherhood—from pregnancy to parenting—with genuine (and genius) advice.

These TikTok mums aren't just influencers; they're like your trusted virtual best friends, guiding you one TikTok video at a time. Ready to meet them? Keep scrolling!

The TikTok mums to follow if you are pregnant or in newborn stage

Did you know 42% of mums scrolling on TikTok are first-time mums? We totally get it—it can feel so isolating. Everyone's saying everything will be fine, but inside, you're battling how to birth a baby, heal your postpartum, breastfeed, and stay calm through it all. That's where these TikTok mums come to the rescue. Pregnant? Chances are you're searching for TikTok mums who share their pregnancy journeys, tips on birthing positions, and must-have newborn essentials. And if you're in the newborn stage, half-awake and sleep-deprived, you're probably scrolling through TikTok for advice on postpartum care, breastfeeding, and dealing with those baby blues.

Poppy Child @popthatmumma: If you're getting ready for labour, you've got to follow @popthatmumma on TikTok. Poppy Child, a mum of one, is a certified hypnobirthing practitioner, and she's got these awesome videos that cover everything from breathing techniques to finding the best positions for labour and effective pushing methods. This is all to make you feel empowered and have a fulfilling and positive birth experience. She talks about signs of labour, membrane sweeps, tips for pain relief, pushing on epidurals, perineal massage—you name it! Her advice will really help you feel prepared when it's time to welcome your little one.

Natalia Carmen @natalia_carmen: The NHS are massive advocates of staying active during pregnancy and after having your baby. They say it helps you relax, stay fit, and boosts your energy levels. Plus, it's great for recovering after childbirth and might even help ward off postnatal depression. So it’s not much of a surprise that we are a fan of Natalia Carmen's prenatal and postnatal yoga exercises on TikTok. The mum of two has got these awesome birth prep routines, birthing ball exercises that really open up your pelvis during labour, caesarean exercises, and even mummy-and-me workouts. Definitely worth checking out to stay strong and centred during this amazing journey of motherhood.

Angie Willies @theecomidwife: From water birth and caesarean birth stories to increasing your breastmilk supply, choosing infant formula to discussing tongue tie. This Tiktok mum of two, Angie Willies has got these rather important pregnancy and postpartum topics covered, sharing her wisdom to new mums. She also advocates for sustainable parenting by recommending reusable nappies and more.

Gemma Louise Miles @_gemmalouisemiles: If you find comfort in watching "day in the life" videos with newborns or toddlers, as we do, or enjoy nursery decorating tips and "what's in my hospital bag" content, then you'll love following Gemma Louise Miles.

Her videos have a cosy, homey aesthetic that makes motherhood look effortless (even though we know it's not!). Gemma enjoys sharing her nesting routines, newborn essentials, pregnancy cravings, baking and cooking routine, GRWM videos, and gives a glimpse into life as a mum of two living in the UK.

Molly Mae Hague @mollymaehague: You’ve probably seen Molly-Mae Hague from Love Island. She’s not just a bombshell mum; she's incredibly relatable when it comes to sharing her experiences of mum life. What sets her apart is her openness about her maternal mental health struggles and her postpartum body journey—a breath of fresh air in a world often dominated by filters and fakeness on social media. Molly-Mae also loves sharing her glamorous jet-setting adventures with her little fam, and she's a total fitspiration too. Whether she's dolled up or dressed down, her self-care routines are goals, and watching her love for her baby girl, Bambi, is simply heartwarming. Trust us, you'll want to follow

Katie Ferraro@babyledweanteam: If you are considering weaning your baby, a TikTok mum we find packed-full of information is Katie Ferraro. She is a registered dietitian and mum of seven who creates these good bite-sized TikTok content around weaning your baby safely and effectively. From spotting the signs of knowing when your baby is ready and start solid foods to helping your baby eat 100 first foods before s/he turns one to choking hazards and more.

Dr Lora Shahine @drlorashahine: Did you know [one in seven]{href='' } heterosexual couples in the UK suffer from fertility issues? Dr Lora Shahine, board certified MD offers reproductive health education and fertility support. Her TikTok videos cover everything you know about miscarriage, IVF, PCOS, endometriosis, and infertility and speaks with so much empathy making her audience feel supported and never alone despite the challenging circumstances.

Beth Sandland @bethsandland: Beth Sandland is not just your average TikTok mum—she's all about spreading positivity and sharing her life, from her daily grocery runs, travels with her kids to sharing her must-haves baby product and mum-friendly outfits. But what really makes her TikTok feed stand out is how she raises awareness on important topics like child loss and grief, something she's experienced herself. Beth also loves discussing about the ups and downs of relationships after having kids, offering support that really resonates with her mum audience.

Tiffany Remington @ustheremingtons: Being a mum is inspiring enough, but sharing your struggles with the world so others can learn from your experiences takes it to the next level. That's why we love following Tiffany Remington. This TikTok mum of two shares everything—from her IVF journey, miscarriage, and pregnancy to breastfeeding and parenthood. She showcases both the good and the bad, unfiltered, which has earned her over 37.8 million likes for her content.

The TikTok mums to follow if you are a toddler mum

If you're in the toddler phase of motherhood, you're likely looking for content that covers childhood development, managing those toddler tantrums, recipes that even picky eaters will love, speech development strategies, sensory and messy play ideas, and fun creative activities to keep your little one busy.

Charlotte Stirling-Reed @srnutrition: You might already know Charlotte Stirling-Reed from her popular books "How to Wean Your Baby," "How to Wean Your Toddler," and "How to Feed Your Family." She’s the go-to guru for baby-led weaning and toddler feeding—from starting solids with your baby to dealing with picky eaters and family meals. Whether you’re wondering if it’s okay for babies to play with their food or need fresh breakfast ideas for your toddler, she’s got all the answers. And if you’ve ever wondered why your little one spits out their food, she’s got insights on that too.

Cher Fletcher @tiredbabysleep: We all know how precious sleep becomes once you’re a parent. And TikTok mum and baby and toddler sleep consultant, Cher Fletcher, believes you can still get some snooze even with a FOMO baby. Her TikTok videos are packed with sleep hacks, routines, techniques that might just help you catch a few more winks, even with a baby in the mix.

Alexia Delarosa @lex.delarosa: The trad wives of TikTok are seemingly everywhere, and Alexia Delarosa is one of the many who have embraced the Tradwife movement, where women leave their careers to become full-time traditional housewives. But Alexia does it with a chic twist. This TikTok mum of two loves sharing her homemade recipes and tackles everyday motherhood chores while donning stylish dresses and looking effortlessly glamorous. She adds a touch of humour to everything she does, making her content both inspiring and entertaining.

Melissa Minney @raisinglittletalkers: Did you know that encouraging your toddler to watch your mouth while you speak can boost their speech development? You’d pick up this gem if you followed baby and toddler speech therapist Melissa Minney on TikTok. Whether you’re looking to help your little one say their first words or need tips for language development, her videos are full of practical advice—from fun toddler songs to creative ways to turn those tantrum screams into words.

Dr Becky Kennedy @drbeckyatgoodinside: If you're dealing with those tough toddler tantrums, you've got to check out Dr. Becky Kennedy. This TikTok mum of three is also a bestselling author of "Good Inside: A Guide To Becoming The Parent You Want To Be." Dr. Becky's got all the tips to help you handle tantrums with grace and keep your sanity intact. From staying calm during toddler meltdowns to setting boundaries with love, she's your go-to for dealing with those challenging parenting moments. Plus, she covers topics like understanding your "deeply feeling kid" and avoiding the pitfalls of "helicopter parenting."

Tash Gershfield @tashgershfield: If you love a good belly laugh after a long day chasing your toddler, check out TikTok mum’s Tash Gershfield account. Tash is a single mum of three who candidly shares the realities of single and co-parenting. She shares some of the most viral TikTok videos from hilarious moments with her kids to raw, vulnerable stories about divorce and heartbreak. Tash brings honesty and humour to her TikTok videos. She also documents her healing journey and offers glimpses into their daily messy but fun family life and travel adventures.

Fatima Flatt @fatimaflatt: You’ll love following Fatima Flatt because of her two adorable toddlers. Her daughter's adorable dance while watching the Disney movie, Moana has garnered 46.4 million views as of writing. Fatima also shares recommendations for must-have toddler toys and highlights from their exciting travels, including visits to Disneyland Paris and more.

Jordan Garratt @sensoryclass: Jordan Garratt, a special education teacher, passionately shares her expertise with TikTok mums interested in sensory play. She gives her followers a glimpse into her sensory classes, describing the atmosphere and showing how to create engaging activities like rainbow foam or telling sensory stories. Jordan advocates for special education learning and offers valuable tips on teaching autism. Jordan also shares some of her recommended sensory toys and resources for everyone to access.

Claire Warren @mykindamum: Looking for funny parenting TikTok accounts? Look no further than Claire Warren. This mum of two shares some of the most hilarious and relatable mum videos on TikTok. Claire recreates everyday parenting moments in playful skits. The parent- nursery exchange skit is one of her best videos yet, where she hands the nursery a fat paycheck in return she gets an envelope of bi-weekly viruses. These are things only parents would know but done in a funny way.

Rochelle and Maddy @samesexpodcast: Rochelle and Maddy, a queer couple, offer a glimpse into the life of their LBGTQA+ family with their daughter. They share their IVF journey and dispel many myths surrounding queer parenting.

Zeinah Nur @zeinahnur: Another TikTok mum we adore is single mom Zeinah Nur, who invites us into her vibrant London life with her two children. From her heartwarming single mum evening routines and delicious Ramadan meal preps to her glamorous GRWM date nights, Zeinah's TikTok content is a delightful mix of everyday reality and inspiration. She embodies strength and joy, living life to the fullest while dazzling us with her stunning Abaya fashion. Truly, Zeinah is a goddess who captivates and motivates with every post.

Victoria Emes @victoriaemes: Another funny parenting TikTok mum we love following is Victoria Emes. She's a hilarious mum who always sees the bright side of the chaotic but beautiful journey of motherhood. Her playful skits capture everyday moments, like the chaos of getting the kids up, fed, dressed, and out the door for school, only for them to act like perfect angels in front of their nursery teacher. Victoria also shares funny husband-and-wife date night ideas and much more. We love a good laugh after a long day, and she turns the frustrations of parenting into the most hilarious TikTok videos.

The TikTok mums to follow no matter the age

We know some mum topics are universal, no matter what stage of motherhood you're in. From budgeting and mum hacks to knowing your rights and focusing on maternal mental health, these TikTok mums covers issues that resonate with all mums.

Joeli Brearley @pregnantthenscrewed: We all know how tough it can be juggling pregnancy, motherhood, and all the curveballs life throws at us—health concerns, pay issues, childcare hurdles, and job uncertainties like redundancies. That's where Joeli Brearley, founder of @pregnantthenscrewed and her team come in. They're champions for mums' rights, campaigning hard and sharing vital info on TikTok about employment rights and your options. Whether you need legal advice, someone to listen, or just want to figure out what on earth to do if schools close again, they've got you covered. Get informed and empowered to challenge any discrimination you face.

Kayleigh Taylor@cleanwith_kayleigh:  If you love keeping your house immaculate and need some TikTok inspiration for a household reset, look no further than Kayleigh Taylor and her "clean with me" videos. This TikTok mum of three makes deep cleaning look effortless, inspiring her 2.2 million followers to do the same. With her handy tips, tricks, and product recommendations, Kayleigh is your go-to source for all things clean and tidy.

Jen O’Rourke @jenorourkemft: Maternal mental health isn’t just a phase that starts and ends during pregnancy or those early motherhood years. It’s a big umbrella term covering all sorts of mum challenges that can pop up at any time. Jen O'Rourke understands this well. She openly discusses issues like postpartum depression, anxiety, and mum rage. She also addresses critical topics such as infant mental health and supporting neurodivergent kids.

Autumn Grace @honestlyautumn: This TikTok mum is a queen of hacks, bringing a wealth of creativity and ingenuity to make every mum's life easier. From genius hacks for dealing with sick kids and handling meltdowns to travel tips and sneaky ways to hide veggies in popsicles, Autumn Grace is your go-to TikTok mum for practical solutions that really work. Plus, she shares loads of fun activity ideas to keep your tots happily occupied.

Beth Turbutt-Rogers @budgetingmumofficial: Having kids can be expensive, but Beth Turbutt-Rogers offers some budget-friendly ways to save those pennies. From sharing family meals under £20 to clever mum hacks for reducing food waste, she also has tips for saving money on decorating your child’s bedroom and more.

At the end of the day, we all mother differently. These TikTok mums bravely share their real selves – the highs, and the lows – offering their expertise and experiences so that we all feel a little less alone in this journey. It’s comforting to know there are millions of us out there, supporting each other every step of the way. 
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