The Mum List 2024: your 20 mumfluencers revealed

2024 mumlist

by Lorna White |
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The results are in, and the eagerly anticipated Mother&Baby Mum List 2024 has arrived! Celebrating a diverse bunch of 20 remarkable 'mumfluencers,' this year's lineup features mums who just make our days feel a little easier. Among them, you'll find experts including midwives and doctors, mothers of multiples, weaning experts, mum mental health advocates, and a few famous faces.

These mums use their platforms to tell their stories, give expert advice, support other mums in their community and raise awareness on topics like premature birth, maternal mental health challenges, breastfeeding and toddler development.

Motherhood is the most rewarding job in the world, but we know it doesn't come without its challenges. For many of us, those days can feel overwhelming and quite lonely at times, which is why social media can be such an amazing place to connect with likeminded mums going through those same feelings. That's why we at Mother&Baby made the Mum List, giving you a chance to shout about the mums who make you feel great about being a mum and for you to find out more about the mums you might not yet be following.

Our fellow parents have voted for their favourite online mums who they feel create a safe, honest and uplifting community on social media.

So, give our list a look and if there are any names you aren't familiar with, we encourage you to give them a follow...

Shaughna Phillips @shaughnaphillips

Shaughna Phillips
©Shaughna Phillips Instagram

Shaughna is truly a breath of fresh air in the realm of picture perfect social media influencers. We love following Shaughna for her authenticity and relatability as she never shy's away from sharing the highs and lows of motherhood. From sleepless nights to moments of joy, laughter and tears, Shaughna's candid approach resonates with mums looking for a refreshing perspective on parenting, self-care, and navigating the challenges of modern motherhood.

Tobi Asare @mybumppay

My bump pay Tobi
©My bump pay Instagram

Tobi Asare, AKA @mybumppay on Instagram, is a must-follow for working mums navigating the world of motherhood with a career. With a wealth of knowledge when it comes to successfully juggling your work life and life as a mum, Tobi offers support, and inspiration to her followers, empowering mums to pursue their passions and achieve success in both their personal and professional lives.

Lianne Macfarlane @mortgagefreeleigh

Mortgage free leigh
©Instagram Mortgage free leigh

As we find ourselves making never ending cuts to afford rising bills and childcare costs, Lianne Macfarlane, known on Instagram as @mortgagefreeleigh, shares her personal experiences, tips, and strategies for paying off your mortgage, managing family expenses, and making savvy financial decisions for financial stability and security for your family.

Bea @beedaily / @_bea_daily on TikTok

©_bea_daily Instagram

When it comes to mum hacks and tips and tricks to guide you through motherhood, then Bea is a must follow. Sharing most of her content on TikTok, Bea's account hold a wealth of knowledge covering everything from breastfeeding to baby sleep in easy to digest, engaging videos.

Hannah Welbourn @downwiththewelbourns

Down with the wellbourns
©downwiththewelbourns instagram

Mum to two gorgeous girls including her eldest Willow who has Down's Syndrome, Hannah shares all the delights of motherhood and the adventures she and her family gets up to, including Willow's very successful modelling career. Not only that, but Hannah is also an NHS nurse and she's currently pregnant with her third baby so she's a bit of a super mum if you ask us.

Malin Andersson @missmalinsara

Malin Andersson
©Malin Andersson Instagram

You may recognise Malin from season 2 of Love Island. Since then she's become a mum to her little girl Xaya but her journey to motherhood hasn't come without its struggles. From documenting her mental health battles to promoting body positivity and sharing fitness tips for mums, Malin uses her platform to empower, inspire, educate, and uplift her followers in a safe and supportive place.

Natalie Peall @baby_led_weaning_cookbook

Natalie peall
©Natalie peall Instagram

Following some weaning and family food idea accounts is a must for any parent, so we're not surprised family friendly recipe creator Natalie Peall was nominated for this year's Mum List. Her Instagram is full of easy to follow recipes and snack ideas as well as her top tips on dealing with fussy eaters and clever ways to hide veggies in their food.

Sandra Igwe @sandeeigwe

Sandra Igwee
©Sandra Igwee Instagram

Wonder woman Sandra is not only a mum of three, but she's also an inspirational Black maternal health advocate and is founder of The Motherhood Group, dedicating her life to supporting the Black maternal experience and hosting a range of community events, national campaigns and training workshops. No stranger to being a TEDx speaker, Sandra is a leading voice bridging the gap between the community of Black mothers and service providers, policy-makers, and organisations.

Beth Kitt @thebumptobabychapter

Beth Kitt
©Beth Kitt bump to baby chapter on Instagram

For the mums-to-be who want to fill their brains with all the giving birth and labour knowledge, then Beth AKA @thebumptobabychapter is a must follow. From c-sections to hypnobirthing, pooping during labour and everything in between, the midwife and mum of four is knowledgable in every aspect of your journey to motherhood and regularly hosts Q&A's on her Instagram account.

Yocana Talaia @mummyyoyo_

©Yocana instagram

Let's be honest, on this crazy journey of motherhood, we all need a laugh, and often if we don't laugh, we'll cry which is why we love following the hilarious Yocana, AKA @mummyyoyo_ on Instagram. Bringing a sprinkle of joy to our feed, we love her honest yet laugh out loud reels where she shares the realities of being a mum along with her husband.

Charlotte Greedy @missgreedyshome

Charlotte Greedy
©Charlotte Greedy Instagram

Nominated for her genuine and down-to-earth approach to motherhood, Charlotte Greedy, AKA @missgreedyshome brings a sense of authenticity to her platform, sharing both the highs and lows of parenting with honesty and plenty humour. The mum-of-three shares an insight to life with her blended family along with her partner Harriet.

Dr Jemma @_dr.jemma

Dr Jemma
©Dr Jemma instagram

So many of mums know how easy it is to lose some of yourself when you transition into motherhood which is where Empowerment Coach and Mentor Dr Jemma comes in. Specialising in supporting mums who are feeling a little stuck in the whirlwind of motherhood her job is to help mamas reconnect with what brings them joy, overcome their fears, and reconnect them with their passion and purpose so that they can shine their light into the world.

Amelia Goodhead @xameliax

Amelia Goodhead
©Amelia Goodhead Instagram

For your daily dose of real life and relatable parenting, give Amelia Goodhead a follow. The mum-of-one has been very honest when it comes to her emotional recovery following child birth and she is sharing her journey on finding her sparkle again by doing little things each day that bring her joy.

Gemma Louise Miles @_gemmalouisemiles

Gemma Louise Miles
©Gemma Louise Miles Instagram

We all need a little escapism every now and then, and when it comes to romanticising motherhood and cosy Sunday's in with your toddler, Gemma Louise Miles knows how to give us all the feels. The mum-of-one is currently pregnant with her second baby and she regularly shares home content, nesting inspiration and recipe ideas on her Instagram as well as her YouTube channel.

Genova @yum.mumma

©Yum Mumma Instagram

Breastfeeding can be a difficult time for any mum, and from issues with latching to having the confidence to breastfeed in public, mum-of-two Genova is well worth a follow for regular tips and advice when it comes to all things breastfeeding. She's also got her very own brand of breastfeeding safe skincare for mamas!

Amber and Kirsty Wilde @meetthewildes

Meet the wildes
©Meet the wildes Instagram

@meetthewildes is the Instagram home of two-mum family, Amber and Kirsty Wilde. Sharing the adventures of them and their five children, we love following this account for plenty of travel inspiration to countries far and wide as well as their touching TTC and IVF journey together.

Nika Diwa @nika.diwa

Nika Diwa
©Nika Diwa instagram

For a guaranteed giggle, @nika.diwa on Instagram is our go-to. The US based mum of two shares some insight into the hilarious side of motherhood along with her husband. As well as sharing the funny side of family, she also documents more serious topics like what it's like to be part of a multicultural family, maternity leave in the US and support for working mums.

Dr Frankie Harrison @miraclemoonuk

Frankie Harrison
©Frankie Harrison Instagram

Clinical Psychologist and NICU mum Frankie has created an inviting and supportive space online for families who have experienced birth trauma. Her mission is to help families through their emotional recovery by sharing her own personal experiences to help parents feel less alone.

Omaya @Omayazein

©Omayzein Instagram

After sharing their struggles with infertility and trying for a baby for three years, Omaya and her husband decided to try IVF for the first time. Following an unsuccessful first round and enduring all the physical and emotional pain IVF comes with, she finally gave birth to their son in 2023 and we love keeping up with their adventures.

Breanna Lockwood @breannalockwood

Breanna Lockwood
©Breanna Lockwood Instagram

This truly remarkable journey to motherhood brought many a tear to our eyes. After years of unsuccessful IVF and infertility battles, US based mama Breanna and her husband finally welcomed their first baby via surrogate in 2020 and the surrogate was Breanna's own mum. After a series of devastating miscarriages, Breanna is still on her own journey for baby number two.

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