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Stacey Solomon is well known for her quick, easy and gorgeous homemade crafts over on her Instagram channel, so we were excited to find out she was releasing a new book, Tap to Tidy, filled with advice on how to meticulously order your snack cupboard, recipes for fun-shaped snacks, and step-by-step guides to upcycling. To give you a sneak peek, we've selected our three favourite craft project from Stacey's new book that you can give a go.

DIY Dream Catcher

"I love making my dream catchers – they’re supposed to catch bad dreams, to help you snooze. I’ve made loads of them."

You will need:

  • Yarn or string

  • A hoop (I just find them online by typing in ‘dream catcher hoop’)

  • Decorations: crystals/feathers/fake flowers

1. First, you wrap the yarn/string tightly around the hoop, to cover it. Start by tying one end of your yarn/string to the hoop to secure it, then cut and finish with another knot when the whole hoop is covered (trim the sticky-out bit of yarn/ string that’s left).

2. Next, you’re going to weave the dream-catching net itself: tie the end of the roll of yarn/string onto the hoop. Once you know the technique, it’s easy – you’re going to pass this yarn/ string around and back under the hoop, creating a little loop. And you’ll do this several times around the hoop, leaving a few centimetres between each little knot, until you’ve gone all the way around.

3. Then, you just keep repeating this movement: but this time looping the yarn/string around the middle of each bit of the web you’ve already created. Carry on working your way to the centre and when the gaps in the net are getting really small, tie the yarn/string off and trim the end. Glue on your decorations however you like. I tied extra pieces of yarn/ string to the bottom of the hoop so it hangs down like a fringe. Then hang the hoop on your bedroom wall with a bit more yarn/string tied to the hoop as a loop.

Joe Swash's favourite photo frame

"With a lot of my makeups, Joe (Stacey's fiancé) will be like, 'oh my G-d, what the hell is this – do we have to have them everywhere?!' He’s just teasing, but this is one thing I made he actually really liked!"

You will need:

  • Two sticks, about the same length

  • String

  • Fake foliage (don’t spend much – I buy mine from eBay usually)

  • Mini fairy lights (if they’ve a battery attached you won’t have to plug them in)

  • Mini wooden pegs or clips

  • Photos

1. Your sticks are going to be the top and bottom of your ‘frame’.

2. Tie four pieces of string of equal length to one stick, then tie the other end of each string to the second stick, so they hang straight down.

3. Next, tie one more piece of string to the top stick, attaching it at each end – this is what you’ll use to hang it from a nail or hook on the wall.

4. Wrap some fake foliage and fairy lights around the sticks to decorate them, then peg photos to the vertical strings: I just printed off some of us as a family.

Scented pillow spray

You will need:

  • Distilled water

  • Witch hazel or vodka

  • Your favourite essential oils Clean spray bottle

For my spray, I use 70ml of distilled water (posh bottled water), 20ml of witch hazel (you can use vodka as an alternative, if you’ve got it!) and 40 drops of essential oil – I use clary sage and bergamot, my two favourites. Then I might chuck in a few sprigs of dried lavender. Shake to mix, then spray. It’s lovely!

Some craft purchases to get you started

Tap to Tidy: Organising, Crafting u0026amp; Creating Happiness in a Messy World
Price: £11.49

Cablor Mini Hot Glue Gun
Price: £9.34

The hot glue gun heats in up to five minutes and maintains a constant temperature, making it an ideal adhesive for almost any material

60pcs Mini Wooden Pegs + 100m String
Price: £6.21

These small pegs arrive inside a ball of string, perfect for arts, crafts and scrapbooking projects.

200ml Water Spray Bottles
Price: £6.49

These spray bottles release a superfine mist with a small nozzle and are guaranteed to be leakproof.

Led String Lights
Price: £7.88

These fairy lights host 100 very small LED bulbs and are intensely bright.The urtra-slim thin copper wire is bendable but sturdy, making it perfect for craft projects.

Artificial Ivy Garland Foliage
Price: £12.99

Featuring lush green faux greenery and generous leaves, this artificial ivy is perfect for adding to crafts. Each ivy garland has 80 pieces of leaves; 12 x Ivy garlands in total.

Larcenciel Wreath rings
Price: £8.99

This eight pack of four differed sized bamboo hoop rings are great for making a hoop wreath, wedding wreath, macrame wall hangings and of course, Stacye's dream catcher above.

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