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We never thought we’d take so enjoyment in cleaning, but thanks to mum and cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, we’ve caught the cleaning bug, and there’s nothing we love more than a bit of a Hinching around the house when (if) we get two minutes to spare, especially if you're currently pregnant and you have the nesting urge.

Mum to adorable Ronnie and Lennie, Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchcliffe has become our go when it comes to keeping the house in shape with a little one. From keeping the floor spick and span at dinner time to cleaning products that are safe for babies, our Mum Lister is a pro.

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Cleaning hacks from Mrs Hinch

Floor mats at dinner time** – Tired of your floor looking like it's just witnessed a food fight? Pop some large wipe clean sheets down on the floor to catch all the food mess your baby drops during dinner time.

Remove stains from baby clothes – Wash your baby's stained clothes and leave them out in bright direct sunlight to dry and the stain should lift.

Suction blackout blinds – Does your baby always wake up as soon as the sun rises? Mrs Hinch mentioned suction blackout blinds in her Instagram stories that she attaches to Ronnie's windows so that he sleeps in longer!

Avoid a smelly kitchen bin - Our kitchen bins can get rather smelly, especially if you’re throwing away lots of leftover baby food and nappies! To tackle nasty smells from your bin, spray a sheet of kitchen roll with diluted Zoflora, and lay it in the bottom of the bin before putting the bin liner in. Then replace when you change the bin.

Zoflora in the Dyson filter – Another Zoflora tip, is to wipe some diluted Zoflora on your vacuum filter to release lots of nice smells every time you vacuum.

Combat smelly drains - Pour some crystals and white wine vinegar down the plug to have your sink smelling fresh!

Clean taps naturally - Swap strong limescale remover for half a lemon. Rub the lemon on your chrome taps and wipe to make them look shiny clean!

Clean the microwave – Pop a bowl of warm water and a few slices of lemon in the microwave and turn it on for a few minutes. The condensation and fresh scent will make it easy to clean and smell fresh.

Keep hard-to-reach areas clean - Ever touched the tops of your kitchen cupboards to feel a layer of dust and grease? Use sheets of newspaper on top of the kitchen cupboards to soak up the grease and keep them clean.

Remove marker pen - Remove permanent marker on tables by spraying on some hairspray and giving it a rub.

Remove sticky marks - Peeled-off stickers can leave unattractive marks that collect dirt. Luckily, they can be easily removed with baby oil!

Keep toilet brushes germ-free - Pop a cap of Zoflora in the toilet brush holder to stop germs from breeding in there.

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And she’s not the only one that’s got us crazy about cleaning, other mumfluencers including Stacey Soloman and Emily Norris have become Queens of clean with the helpful hacks they share on Instagram.

Some of our favourites include Stacey washing down Rex's VERY messy high-chair with a hose-pipe outside and her organisation hack to hang up packets in the cupboard on a rail with pegs! We also love Emily Norris' quick blind cleaning hack where she wraps cloths around the end of her barbecue tongs and swiping them over her blinds and also, her easy tip to wash bath toys - just put them in the dishwasher!

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