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children's Christmas tree

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There's no denying that Christmas is the most magical time of the year, and while you might just be shopping for the best baby and toddler gifts this Christmas, it could also be worth getting a children's Christmas tree too.

You might wonder what the point is when you already have your main real or artificial Christmas tree, but having a kids Christmas tree that's small enough for their room will make this time of year feel even more magical. By having their own tree, they can decorate it however they like, and any bauble they might see and love can be added to their own special tree.

Best children's Christmas tree at a glance:

 • Best artificial children's Christmas tree: Argos Home 4ft Christmas Tree - buy here at Argos.
Best felt children's Christmas tree: Livingandhome Cartoon DIY Felt Christmas Tree - buy here at B&Q.
Best LEGO children's Christmas tree: Christmas Tree - buy here at LEGO.

You don't have to go overboard with decorations, you can just have a tree with lights on in their room, or a small one that sits out of reach. But a children's Christmas tree is a wonderful way to add some festivity to their room.

Best artificial children's Christmas tree

The Argos Home 4ft Christmas Tree is the perfect height for children. It's small enough for them to decorate, and not take up much space in their bedroom, but it's tall enough to make a statement. It's artificial and comes in two pieces with a base included too.

Our Commercial Content Writer, Samantha, said: "My son has wanted a Christmas tree in his room for a long time, and this year I finally decided to get him one. I wanted one that was big enough to sit on the floor, without taking up too much room and found this. I was a bit sceptical of the price, however it's perfect for what we needed! Once fluffed out, the tree looks full and it's just the right height for children."


  • Perfect height
  • Great value
  • Doesn't take up much space


  • Does drop a few leaves when setting up

Best blue children's Christmas tree

Best children's Christmas tree 3ft Blue Pre-Lit Christmas Tree
Price: £4 (was £8)

This 3ft Blue Pre-Lit Christmas Tree makes a difference to a traditional green tree. It has 20 built in lights for a warm glow, it's also safer for younger children as you don't have to manually add lights. The lights are also battery operated, so the tree can be placed anywhere in their room.

One review said: "I bought eight off these in the last week for my children and also my sister’s children's." Another wrote: "Perfect for my little boys, they love it! I did have to rearrange the lights because they were all on one side but overall a great tree and a beautiful colour!"


  • Different to traditional green trees
  • Pre-lit
  • Matching coloured base


  • Might need to rearrange the lights

Best white children's Christmas tree

With minimal assembly required, the White Argos Home 3ft Christmas Tree doesn't need many decorations, as it looks festive on its own, or with just some lights. It's a slim design, so it doesn't take up much space and it also comes with a base.

One review said: "Wow, great tree, easy to assemble, perfect for my daughters bedroom." Another wrote: "Very happy! The product is easy to assemble and can easily fit the 100 decorations my daughter has to happily place on the tree!"


  • Minimal assembly
  • Slim design
  • Fixed branches


  • Some mentioned the bottom of the tree felt too thin

Best pink children's Christmas tree

Best children's Christmas tree 3ft Pink Pre-Lit Christmas Tree
Price: £4 (was £8)

With 20 lights already built into the tree design, the 3ft Pink Pre-Lit Christmas Tree is perfect for little one's who love the colour! The sweet design comes with wrapped branches that you just need to reposition, but it's sturdy enough to support Christmas decorations.

One review said: "Absolutely amazing for the price! Me and my daughter are in love with it, 100% recommend." Another wrote: "Really pretty tree, perfect for my daughters bedroom. Would buy again."


  • Pre-lit design
  • Easy to assemble


  • May need to reposition the lights

Best felt children's Christmas tree

If you're looking for something a little bit different than your usual Christmas tree tree, this Livingandhome Cartoon DIY Felt Christmas Tree is the perfect alternative. Simply hang this tree from the wall, and let your children decorate it with the felt ornaments.


  • Space saving
  • Comes with ornaments


  • Can't hang your own ornaments

Best small children's Christmas tree

With a more festive feel, the Habitat 2.5ft Pre-lit Snowy Christmas Tree With Basket is ideal for sitting on a shelf or drawers in your little one's room. It comes pre-lit, with a cute basket stand for the tree. It's a sweet but simple kids Christmas tree choice.

One review said: "Take it out of the box, add some batteries and it's ready to go anywhere. Nice size, pre-lit, snowy and comes in a basket - what more could you ask for!"


  • Pre-lit
  • Comes in a basket stand
  • Snowy branches


  • Might not be suitable for most decorations

Best LEGO children's Christmas tree

One you might have to build for young children, but older children will love giving this LEGO Christmas Tree a go! It's a great alternative to normal trees, and looks great on the shelf. Youcan choose between building one large tree, or two smaller Christmas tree's too.

One review said: "This is easy to build, but because its all green go careful and follow instructions as easy to miss a piece. Luckily I didn't. I bought some cheap mini lights from a local shop and it looks great. Really pleased with it."


  • 2-in-1 build
  • Easy to store
  • Fun activity


  • Keep small parts away from small children

Best pine children's Christmas tree

The Green Pine Indoor Xmas Tree is a small table-top style tree, meaning it'll sit out of reach of your little one in their room while still looking festive. It has bendable branches, so you can position them how you like, and it's also small enough to easily store away.

One review said: "Bought for my daughter to decorate, small enough to go on a table top too. I've not put it up yet as the Elf is gong to deliver it on 1st December but looks good enough for her and she's almost 4 years old."


  • Pine-look tree
  • Small table top design
  • Bendable branches


  • Some mentioned the leaves do shed a little bit when moving

Do I need a children's Christmas tree?

While your child doesn't need their own Christmas tree, they will probably love having their own. It gives them some responsibility having their own tree to decorate and it can even double up as a night light over the festive period.

How can I make a kids Christmas tree special?

A Christmas tree for children by itself is special enough, but there are ways you can add a little extra magic.

Use it for their own baubles

They could have their first Christmas bauble proudly displayed on it. If you have specific Christmas décor too, a kids Christmas tree is a great place to hang baubles your little one finds and loves while out over the festive period - or even baubles you quite like but can't find a place for too!

Have the Elf bring it

If you're looking for another Elf on the Shelf idea, this would be a great idea. You could have the Elf arrive at some point in December with a small Christmas tree and a few decorations. You can then make it an activity to dress the Christmas tree!

Let them decorate it

It can be hard to resist the urge to move ornaments around that children hang on the main tree. We know it's exciting for them, but sometimes we just have to move a few! By having their own tree, they can take pride in decorating it exactly as they like, with lights of their choice too.

Samantha Ballis a Commercial Content Writer and freelanced for the Mother&Baby website for two years before joining the team full-time. She's a mum of two and loves browsing for the best products and cute outfits.

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