What is the The Organised Mum Method?

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While cleaning has certainly become more enjoyable thanks to the likes of Mrs Hinch and Stacey Soloman, we're all about making those daily chores as quick and easy as possible, allowing you to enjoy the things that really matter like your family. Enter, The Organised Mum Method. But what on earth is it? And how can it help you? We got the low-down from the creator of TOMM, Gemma Bray.

What exactly is The Organised Mum Method?

The Organised Mum Method is a simple (but extremely effective) housekeeping routine that will keep your home looking great with minimal effort. It centres around an eight-week rolling plan, with just 30 minutes of cleaning each day Monday to Friday (weekends are kept housework free).

How does it work?

Monday to Thursday we focus on a designated room for 30 minutes (Monday living room, Tuesday bedrooms, Wednesday hallway, Thursday kitchen). These stay the same and never change. But the magic happens on a Friday because we go one level deeper. Every Friday we focus on one new room that gets a deeper clean. Meaning you will never have to spring clean again and your house will keep on getting cleaner and cleaner! The plan is free to access on the blog www.theorganisedmum.blog

How did it come about?

I created TOMM 14 years ago when my first baby was born. I felt totally overwhelmed and my anxiety was manifesting itself as over-cleaning. I was determined to stop cleaning from taking over my life, so I sat at my kitchen table and developed a method that took only 30 minutes each day and I freed myself from the never-ending to-do lists.

Why has cleaning become such a huge hit?

Cleaning is something that we all have to do, unless you can afford to hire a cleaner - but even then there is always something that needs doing! Most people I speak to (me included) don't necessarily like the act of cleaning itself but love the after effect of living in a clean home. It doesn't surprise me that cleaning hints and tips that help people get the cleaning done as fast as possible are proving to be so popular. After all, there is more to life than housework!

The Organised Mum Method
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Fancy learning more about The Organised Mum Method? Pick up Gemma's book which includes life-changing tips, tricks, cleaning schedules, shopping lists, meal plans and quick recipes that will help you get your housework done fast.

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