12 homemade Mother’s Day card ideas

by Samantha Ball |

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, why not make mum feel even more special with a homemade card from the kids this Mother's Day?

It can feel easy when rushing around to grab a store-bought card or even order a card online to be delivered with flowers directly to her door, but nothing will mean as much to her as the thought that goes into making a homemade card, (even if it is just a scribble!)

When is Mother's Day?

This year Mother's Day falls on Sunday 19th March.

If you don't know where to start looking for inspiration for handmade Mother's Day cards for mum, grandma or your mother-in-law, then don't worry, we have you covered.

We've rounded up the best homemade Mother's Day card ideas that you can make with the kids, or send to your partner to get crafty this Mother's Day!

Footprint Flower card

Make sure you keep a wipe close by for this one! But all you need is your little ones feet and any coloured paint to make a pretty flower footprint!

Make this card at EmmaOwl.

Showering You With Love card

How sweet is this incredibly simple card that you can make with a cupcake case? You can always just get your child to draw on the hearts too.

Make this card at iHeartCraftyThings.

Love You To Pieces card

This simple but effective card comes with a removable suncatcher which can go up on the window afterwards. 

Made this card at Learning and Exploring Through Play.

Pop-up Heart card

We love the way this 3D heart leaps off the page and mum will too.

Make this card at Fun365.

Button Art card

Make use of all those buttons lying around your house and transform them into pretty flowers. Be sure to closely supervise your child around the buttons.

Make this card at The Best Ideas For Kids

Opening Flower card

For something a little unique, we love this opening flower card. There may not be much room for a long message but mum will surely cherish it forever.

Make this card at MyBaba.

To-ma-toes card

Technically this is meant to be a card for dad on Father's Day, but we reckon this witty craft is just as good for Mother's Day too and it's bound to raise a giggle either way!

Make this card at Thrifty Jinxy.

Polka dot heart card

A super easy card to really get your little one involved with! It uses a cutout shape in the middle as a guide which you can then peel away once your child has finished for a neat finish.

Make this card at A Thrifty Mom.

3D Tulip card

Another flower card but we simply couldn't resist this one and isn't it just perfect for Spring? It's easy to make and your youngster can even decorate the flower pot for an extra touch. 

Make this card at The Best Idea For Kids

Double Handed card

Such a simple idea to orchestrate but one that any mama would be delighted to receive. As with the second card in this list of DIY ideas, the heart shape between the hands forms a suncatcher if you fancy it.

Make this card at The Best Ideas for Kids

"Hap-pea" card

All this card requires is a few bits of card and some scissors but the result of two peas in a pod is adorable.

Make this card at Crafty Morning.

Sunshine card

Mum's truly are a ray of sunshine for us all and what better way to show her what she means to you with this colourful card?

Make this card at IHeartCraftyThings.

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