15 Bonfire night crafts for kids

bonfire night crafts

by Bryony Firth-Bernard |
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Bonfire night is a brilliant time to wrap up and whisk your kids out to enjoy the magic of some fireworks, indulge in a toffee apple or two or get involved in some bonfire night crafts.

Whether you're having a get together at your house, or going to your local fireworks display your toddler may be really exited to see some fireworks, to hear the pop, bangs and whizzes and see the bright colours. But of course we want to keep children safe around fireworks too, and while products like baby ear defenders protectthem from the loud noises, sometimes you just need some chilled out craft time to redirect their pent-up energy into something constructive!

Luckily, we have lots of fun bonfire night craft ideas that you can do together which will help keep them calmer until it’s time to head out. From chocolate finger sparklers to cardboard rockets, here’s our favourite family bonfire night craft ideas.

Firework wax painting

credit: artsaward.org.uk

This is a really effective craft which kids will love, as they scratch off the black paint to reveal the colours beneath! You simply need some paper, wax crayons, black acrylic paint and lolly sticks. The full instructions can be found at artsaward to try out this colourful firework craft.

Fork fireworks

Credit: theverydaymomlife.com

Painting is great fun, but trying to find a clean, non crusty paint brush can sometimes be a bit of a struggle, so why not try this brilliant idea from The Everyday Mom Life and use a fork instead? It will allow your tot to create an easy (but very striking) fireworks display. Your little one can also try sprinkling the paint with some glitter too, to really give it that full firework effect.

Chocolate sparklers

Credit: Greatlittleminds.com

These chocolate sparklers by Great Little Minds are easy peasy and will make a tasty bonfire night treat for your tot. Simply dip the ends of some chocolate fingers into a bowl of hot water, then into another bowl of hundreds and thousands (or sprinkles), leave to set, then enjoy!

Handprint bonfire craft

handprint bonfire craft copy
Credit: Twinkl.co.uk

Because the fireworks and sparklers shouldn't get all the attention, this bonfire craft by Twinkl is a great one - simple for big and little hands to get involved in, you simply need black paper or card, brown paper or tissue paper and some paint in red, yellow and orange for the flames.

Cardboard tube rockets

Credit: thegingerbreadhouse.com

We love these crafty cardboard tube rockets by The Gingerbread House, which simply require a toilet roll tube, some paint, card, ribbon and stickers. Your tot will be very impressed with their finished masterpiece and it can even make a nice decoration to hang on your Christmas tree later on too.

Foil sparkler craft

Credit: kidscraftroom.com

Children love sparklers, but if you're worried about any potential accidents, how about creating these bright alternatives by kidscraftroom.com! Made with foil, coloured cellophane, straws and tape, little ones will adore shaking them to see the colours dance, and they also double up as great table decorations if you're having the family over.

Firework toast

Credit: messylittlemonster.com

We know what you’re thinking, but just hear us out, as this idea by Messy Little Monster is fun, tasty and pretty genius. Mix some food colouring into different cups of milk, then your tot can paint on whatever design they like, before it gets popped into the toaster and their edible artwork is complete. We guarantee your little one will love it.

Bonfire craft

Credit: thegingerbreadhouse.com

If you’d rather keep your tot well away from bonfires, then why don’t they create their own at home instead? They’ll have lots of fun making this and it could also be a great opportunity to educate them about the importance of safety around fire too. The full tutorial can be found here.

Toilet roll tube fireworks

Credit: Artycraftykids.com

A great alternative by Arty Crafty Kids for if you don’t fancy getting your forks dirty and have no paint brushes lying about. Simply cut some slits into the end of a toilet roll tube and fan them out. Next, dip the tube into some paint and then stamp it onto a piece of paper to create a cool firework effect.

Firework chocolate bark

Credit: craftsonsea.com

Another fun bonfire dessert by Crafts On Sea that you and your tot can make together, which only requires chocolate, sprinkles, some grease proof paper and a baking tray. Once the chocolate is melted and has been poured onto the baking tray your little one will love sprinkling on the toppings to create a fun firework masterpiece.

Catherine wheel paper plate craft

catherine_wheels_craft_400 copy
Credit: activityvillage.co.uk

Be prepared for the mess with this Catherine wheel paper plate craft by activityvillage.co.uk. It's a great idea for toddlers and younger children - simply drizzle the paint on (two colours works well) and give the plate a spin! Add stickers, sequins or ribbons to make each design their own.

Chalk fireworks

chalk firework painting
Credit: toddlerapproved.com

This might be the easiest bonfire night craft you can set up (not to mention it's a great fine motor activity!) - you only need two things, black paper and coloured chalk! See Kristina's tips for making the most of the learning opportunities from this craft at todderapproved.com.

Fireworks in a jar experiment

Credit: science-sparks.com

This cool (and safe) experiment by Science Sparks is probably better suited to older children; it’s fun and an easy alternative for if they don’t actually like real fireworks. All you need to do is fill a glass jar with some warm water, add a layer of oil, before carefully dropping in a variety of food colouring and seeing the magic that takes place.

Bonfire collage

bonfire_collage copy
Credit: activityvillage.co.uk

Celebrate Bonfire Night with this wonderful Activity Village bonfire collage. It also makes a good campfire craft for summer. Use coloured paper or card, or get creative with sticks or even autumn leaves to make the flames!

Toffee apples

Credit: Getty Images

Would bonfire night be complete without a sweet and crunchy toffee apple? This toffee apple recipe only requires four ingredients and they only take around 20 minutes to make. Also, your toddler will have great fun decorating them and, of course, eating them!

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