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Next up in the Mother&Baby Tried&Tested hot seat, we asked parents to give their opinions on the size 4 Pampers® Active Fit Nappy Pants.

It's a big moment when your little one moves up to active pants! But it doesn't mean their nappy should give them any less protection.

Baby’s skin still remains sensitive for the first few years after they are born so it’s important to choose a nappy that offers protection for sensitive skin whilst keeping up with their development. Even as your little one is becoming a toddler rather than a baby, moving up from S3 to S4 nappy pants, there are lots of milestones such as weaning, crawling and walking which mean nappies have an even tougher job at keeping babies dry and protected.

Interestingly, over 70% of parents don’t think their baby is likely to get nappy rash when they start to crawl or move more. However, as babies become more active and explore the world around them, they need a nappy that offers reliable protection and keeps up with their progressing stages of development.

Pampers Active Fit Nappy Pants are available in sizes 4-6 and are Pampers no.1 for comfort and fit. They feature the new Stop and Protect Pocket which prevents leaks at the back and offers up to 12 hours of all-around extra leakage protection.

Here's what our parents thought of the Size 4 Pampers Active Fit Nappy Pants...

Which nappy have you previously been using and what was your priority when choosing this nappy?

Viki: Prior to trying Pampers we were using Mamia nappies primarily for protection against leaks.

Chelsea: I use a mix of Aldi Mamia nappies for the daytime and Pampers Baby Dry nappies for night time (as they are the only ones I can trust to prevent leaks in the night over 12 hours!). In the day I go for a balance of value and performance; but at night time absorbency and leak protection is the most important thing and I'll pay a premium to make sure baby doesn't get woken up by a leaky nappy.

Joanne: I have used a mixture of Pampers and some supermarket own brands (Lidl, Aldi, Asda) I do find Pampers more expensive than other brands so I have tended to buy when on offer. I must say you do get what you pay for as have found with some cheaper brands leakage is a massive problem!

Now that your baby is graduating to a size 4, how important is it to find a nappy that prevents leaks?

Meghan: So important as this coincides with new milestones of crawling and rolling which increase the likelihood of leaks.

Gavin: Really important as she is a little explorer and trying to get her to stay still for nappy changes is becoming increasingly harder. We already go through lots of clothes from her being at nursery so any way we can prevent more clothes being washed from nappy leaks the better. We needed a nappy that would work now she is on the go.

Laura: Very important. Now my baby sleeps most of the way through the night, we need a nappy that will also last through the night.

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Were Pampers Active Fit Pants with its Stop and Protect pocket successful in preventing leaks?

Emily: They were very successful, we had no problems with leaks at all!

Chelsea: We didn't have any 'up the back' poos when using Pampers Active Fit Pants. I can see how the Stop and Protect pocket prevents these big accidents. There's nothing worse than being out and about then realising there's poo all up baby's back and having to strip everything off, wipe down and change fully in a public toilet. It's very clever!

Joanne: So far so good! My baby is now sleeping for longer periods of time and we have had no leaks thus far, we have also had a few poonamis but again there has been no leaks! I also like the fact she cannot get these off no matter how hard she tries!

What did you like most about the nappy?

Meghan: It expands with baby’s expanding tummy therefore more comfortable for them to wear. No leaks since using the nappies which has been great and reduced washing and saved clothes. The strip on the back is great for telling if nappy is wet also. No nappy rash either since using these nappies.

Shelley: The Pampers Active Fit Pants are easy to put on and take off, they are soft and gentle on the skin, they fit well and do not leak in the day or at night.

Gavin: They were easy to put on our little one who constantly moves, and they lasted really well overnight. I loved that you could just tear them off quickly to speed up the nappy changing process. Even with a moving baby I didn't have worries that she was going to leak as the nappies felt really secure with the design.

How does this compare to other nappies you have used in the past?

Katie: Same dryness (I was using Pampers before anyway) but being pull up they're much easier on a wriggly baby.

Emily: They seem very comfortable for my daughter, we had no leaks despite them not being overly snug.

Viki: The nappies certainly feel more premium and higher quality than other nappies we have used. They are much softer and the pull up design makes them so much easier to put on my child now he is more active.

Are Pampers Active Fit Pants worth the price?

Chelsea: Yes, absolutely. Particularly on a night time, absorbency and leak protection is the most important thing and i'll pay a premium to make sure baby (and me) doesn't get woken up by a leaky nappy.

Gavin: Yes, they are as they save so much time at each nappy change. I feel like I needed to change her less as the absorbency of the nappy pant was better quality. Each element of the nappy has been well thought through to give the best fit and quality.

Joanne: You do get what you pay for, these are a fair bit more than other nappies, granted, but the time and money I spend stripping her bed and washing her bedclothes following nappy leakage has been cut and also the amount of clothes she goes through during the day!

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