Tried&Tested: Childs Farm SlumberTime range


by Stephanie Anthony |

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Childs Farm's NEW dreamy 3-step SlumberTime™ routine is designed to help aid sleep and nourish delicate skin. The range has been developed using DreamScentz™ sleep enhancing technology, which has been scientifically proven to aid a more restful night’s sleep for your little one.

We put the range to the test with real sleep deprived parents, here's what they thought!

Bath soak, RRP £6.50


Step one of the pre bed routine is a warm bath with the SlumberTime™ lavender and moon milk bath soak. These long-lasting bubbles feel silky on delicate skin, while the natural cleansers get to work, gently cleaning skin and leaving it hydrated. The nourishing formula has been dermatologist and paediatrician approved and provides clinically proven 12-hour hydration, leaving skin nourished. This is the perfect start to the bedtime routine to help prepare little ones for a night of sweet dreams.

Parent tester Kim said: "My baby seemed to settle quickly after using the bath foam and the moisturiser, and I have noticed that he has woken less in the night. The bath wash creates a lovely foam in the water which my little boy loves playing with, it felt a lot more luxurious than anything we have used before."

Mum Jen said: "The bath soak was great. Lots of bubbles which is essential for the kids and lovely smell. My daughter's skin was absolutely fine with the moisturiser."

Tester Alexandra says: "The smell is absolutely wonderful and instantly signals time to wind down after using it for a few days. My son has really sensitive eczema prone skin that can get very sore and didn’t react to this."

Calming massage lotion, RRP £7.50


The star of the show in this three-step trio is the calming massage lotion, perfect for massage to soothe and nourish delicate, sensitive skin all night long. This innovative cream is rich in shea butter, and melts into the skin on application, with clinically proven 24hr moisturisation, to leave skin soothed and nourished. This product has been formulated using Dreamscentz™ sleep enhancing technology and is fragranced with lavender and moon milk to encourage a more settled night sleep.

Mum Danielle says: "The massage lotion encourages us to apply it in a more calming way because of its thicker consistency, rather than in our usual slapdash manner of applying lotions. It slows us down which really helps add to the desired atmosphere for bedtime and it smells wonderful."

Tester Linda said: "I enjoy applying and massaging the calming massage lotion on my baby and I particularly like the distinctive smell of the lotion. It is easy to use with only a small amount needed to massage onto baby. The lotion smells beautiful and I noticed it even made my hands soft after Ive used/massage my baby."

Mum Chloe said: "I love the smell, very calming and relaxing. The lotion goes on the skin lovely and soaks in leaving a beautiful smell. I think all the products in this range are fantastic."

Sleep mist, RRP £7.50


Completing the bedtime routine, the SlumberTime™ sleep mist is here to wrap bedding in a cloud of sleepy magic. The mist can be spritzed on bedding before little ones are snuggled down for a restful night. This bottle of DreamScentz™ sleep enhancing technology is any parents secret weapon to a good night’s sleep.

Mum Linda says: "The sleeping mist spray nozzle gives nice coverage with just 1 pump and is powerful compared to other sleeping mist sprays bottles that I've used. It really helps to set the scene for bedtime while I am reading my little one a book, the smell is so calming."

Mum Kim said: "I would especially recommend the pillow spray. It's a really lovely addition to the bedtime routine and as my little boy gets older I would love to think it could be a fun thing for us to do as a calming bedtime association."

Tester Danielle says: "I love that this range offers slightly different products to what you may find in other similar ranges. I have fallen in love with the sleep mist. It smells absolutely divine and I will certainly be buying it for myself as well as the children."

Tester Somiha said: "We noticed a big difference once using Childs Farm SlumberTime™ sleep routine. Our son sleeps for longer stretches in the night which is great. It leaves his skin silky smooth and the fragrance lasts until morning, leaving baby smelling fresh and lovely."

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