Johnson’s Baby eco-refill range launches to help parents be more eco-friendly

Be more eco-friendly with Johnson's new eco-refill range.

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Cutting down on the amount of plastic we use is something on everyone's mind. When you have a baby, this can feel near enough impossible with the sheer amount of products they need. This is where Johnson's Baby comes in. The brand recognises that reducing plastic waste in the home can feel overwhelming (and expensive) for parents, which is why it has launched the Johnson's Baby eco-refill range.

Introducing Johnson's Baby eco-refill range

The Johnson's Baby eco-refill range is made up of three of Johnson's family favourite products: Top-To-Toe Wash, Baby Shampoo and Bedtime Bath. They are designed in an easy pour, recyclable carton so you can easily refill your existing bottles, helping to cut down on single-use plastic.

The introduction of the refill range is the next step by Johnson's Baby in a mission to innovate products to use less plastic. Hannah French, Head of Marketing for Johnsons & Johnson's said: “We are excited to be providing families with our first paper-based, recyclable, and refillable baby product.

"Johnson's Baby really believes that it doesn’t have to cost the earth, and one of our steps towards this is the launch of our refillable range where we’re able to empower parents and provide them with simple options to be planet conscious whilst also making it affordable and an easy switch within their daily routines. Ultimately our goal is to develop and innovate to be more environmentally friendly, making it easier for families to make more sustainable choices with our gentle products now have 90 per cent less plastic.”

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Top-to-Toe Wash eco refill

Baby shampoo eco refill

Bedtime Bath eco refill

If you love the idea of the refills but haven't used the products before, we have all the information you need.


Johnson's top-to-toe wash is designed to gently cleanse your baby from head to bottom. It won't feel harsh on your little one's skin as it is clinically proven to be as mild as water, using Johnson's renowned NO MORE TEARS formula, it minimises the risk of allergies.

Review: "Love, love, love Johnson Top-to-Toe wash! It's the perfect all in one cleaner for newborns and older babies. I have used it with both of my children nearly every bath time. I just love the way it smells and cleans my babies. The no-tear formula is perfect for when washing baby's hair. Happy baby, happy mummy."


Johnson's Baby Shampoo will leave your baby's hair feeling soft and shiny. It quickly lathers and rinses away easily too. The mild formula is free from dyes, parabens, phthalates, sulphates, alcohol and soap, making it gentle on the scalp.

Review: "I can say hands down that this baby shampoo is my favourite baby product on the market. It thoroughly cleans the hair and doesn't hurt my daughter's eyes if the suds get in. Best of all is that smell!! It smells of cute babies in their pj's, sleepy, happy, and ready for bed. The head massage always helps my daughter sleep. Thanks, Johnson's."


Johnson's Baby bedtime bath is a great product to introduce into your baby's bathtime routine. A little bit of product goes a long way with this bubble bath. You only need to add a capful to an infant's bath. Helping to relax your little one, they will feel soothed and ready for bedtime after their bath.

Review: "Lovely baby bedtime bath. The nice delicate fragrance definitely helps to relax my baby. It also produces plenty of bubbles. It is worth a try to aid those calm nights. I would recommend it to any parent."

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Once you have emptied the bottle for any of these products, you can re-buy from Johnson's eco-refill range. The eco refills are one litre, so you will get two bottles' worth of product out of them.

How can I be more eco-friendly while raising a baby?

With the number of nappies, wipes and products you go through, it can be difficult to raise a baby sustainably. If you are looking for ways to be more eco-friendly while raising your baby, there are now many different options on the market so you and your baby can do your bit for the planet.

Replenishing your baby's products with refills is a great place to start as it cuts back on single-use plastic. Your baby's nappies and wipes can also now be more planet-friendly as well. There are many environmentally friendly nappy options out there now that are either biodegradable or reusable. You can also get biodegradable wipes that will break down in years to come rather than rotting away in landfills.

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