Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Range

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Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Range

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Johnson's understand the benefits of a good night's sleep. That's why they've developed a clinically proven routine* to help your baby sleep better. Each product in the Bedtime range is enriched with NaturalCalm, a patented blend of relaxing aromas. The range includes Johnson's Bedtime Baby Bath, Baby Wash, Baby Oil, Baby Lotion, and Baby Cream.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Emily: The products are way to use and fitted easily into our usual bedtime routine. The information on the bottles s as to how to the routine were simple. The products smelled lovely and were gentle on my sons skin. This was particularly important us as he can suffer with dry skin and we were worried it may affect him.

Sarah: The size option means that the product last a long time, and I don't have to worry about it running out. I particularly like the Bathtime Wash bottle which comes with a pump style top which helps there be less wastage. My little ones likes throwing the bottle in the bath with him and many other products have been wasted as water has got into the bottle and diluted the product this hasn't been an issue with the Johnsons wash.

Stephen: It's nice to have a product that helps to promote sleep, especially for those parents that have hyperactive children, unfortunately, my eldest child has to be the most hyper and extremely active at night. the youngest, Currently 6 months, loves this, she gets her bubble bath, calming wash, and then gentle baby massage at the end. and she is the most happiest and calm child you could ever see. the eldest ( 3 years old ) enjoys the bubbles a lot. and cleans and smells great, She may not calm exactly, but does love the feeling of being massaged at the end of the day.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Christina: I would recommend the Johnson’s baby bathtime range to a friend. It is very affordable, the purple bottles have a nice and simple design, and the characteristic Johnson's scent is really lovely. The pump dispenser lid for the body wash makes it really easy to use in the middle of bath time and my older child likes to use this himself too (whereas with normal bottle lids he would pour out too much!). I have been using the 500ml bottles which are quite large and bulky so not easy to transport (although I usually just pour these into travel sized bottles myself).

Sarah: The Johnsons bedtime bath products are easy to use, and a little goes a long way meaning the product is good value for money. It has a light delicate scent which is not too overpowering for my little one. I really like the moisturiser which softens without leaving any sticky or heavy feeling. I think Johnsons remains a trustworthy brand and I didn't have to worry that my baby would have any adverse reaction as it's designed to be gentle for delicate skin.

Stephen: I would recommend the fule range to other parents as is a great way to promote a schedule and routine that the whole family can get along with, from the Bubble bath, wash, all the way through to the body lotion and giving the children nice gentle massages at the end of the day. The children love it.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Stephen: I do not think I have seen many of the products that come as a range of Bubble Bath, Body wash, and Baby Lotion, which also help to promote a soothing sense and relaxation. (there should be an adult version of this!). Base on the fact that my Youngest child seems to love all the extra fuss and time with massages after the bath. and she definitely feels softer to the skin to the touch, I feel this should win.

Christina: Overall the range has been excellent in creating the right environment to make our two children calm, sleepy and ready for bed! The smell is so nice – very familiar (probably as my own parents always chose Johnson’s), soothing and not overpowering. One of my children suffers from eczema and this range has not affected his skin so far, which means he is comfortable when he goes to bed.

Sarah: The Johnsons range is designed with 'no more tears' in mind, and I found this product lived up to that. No amount of stray Bubbles on my baby's face irritated his eyes. This is also a huge factor in making Bathtime less stressful and a enjoyable experience for us both. The Bathtime range feels luxurious with a creamy feels, it is a good wualit product with a lovely light scent using essential oils to help aid bedtime routine. It does not feel "cheap" even though the product is not expensive. It is exactly the type of product I like to use! The only thing I haven't found is that it hasn't really contributed to my baby sleeping any better, though it's definitely made bedtime routine easier .

What changes would you make to this product?

Sarah: The Johnsons Bedtime range has lived up to expectations for such a well known and trusted brand. There isn't anything I can find that I would change about this product. The packaging is good, I like the smooth feel of the bottles, the size and the practicality of a pump top. The products themselves all feel luxurious and creamy, they a lightly scented and pleasant to use. We have had no irritations and as promised, no tears!! The product is also good value for money

Stephen: I honestly do not know what could be changed, I can understand the £3 price per product tag, as they are large bottles, but at the same time, this may not meet some parent's budgets if they wanted to spend a bit more money for their children. I feel that being a little bit cheaper would appeal to a lot more parents. £9 for the full range? does seem to be a lot. maybe could even really have some sort of promotional deal?

Christina: Instructions on step 1, to advise how much to use I wouldn’t really change anything else about the other two items. Bottles were a good size, I like the design and colour. Smelt good. Worked as described One thing that could improve this product is some indication of how much to use, I would assume this varies from baby to baby depending on their size, amount of hair etc.

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