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Despite many of us having our heart set on our future baby's name since we were small - when it comes down to it, choosing a moniker is no easy task.

Will they be able to spell it with ease? Will it suit their personality? Will there be 18 others(!) with the same name in their reception class?

The questions are enough to leave us anxiety-ridden whilst panic-eating a large bowl of Cheerios.

2019 was definitely the year for choosing comfortably familiar names, with or without a twist.

Famous youngsters are also boosting names' popularity (Luna and Harper, anyone?) and it seems we can't get enough of double-barrelled girls' names.

Check out themost popular baby namesso far for 2019, according to Nameberry.

Popular baby names 2019:


1) Posie1 of 51

1) Posie

Posie is the pet form of the name Josephine. Posies are determined and independent and born headed for success. They also have no trouble with making new friends.

2) Miles2 of 51

2) Miles

Miles has the meaning of being mild and peaceful. Another popular variation of the name is Milo.

3) Isla3 of 51

3) Isla

Isla is a Scottish girl’s name which comes from Islay, an island off the West coast of Scotland.

4) Jasper4 of 51

4) Jasper

Jasper comes from a Persian origin and means the ‘bringer of treasure’.

5) Olivia5 of 51

5) Olivia

Olivia is an Italian girl’s name coming from the meaning of olive tree.

6) Atticus6 of 51

6) Atticus

Atticus is an old Roman nickname meaning man of Attica, a region in Greece which surrounded Athens. The name grew popular from the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.

7) Aurora7 of 51

7) Aurora

Aurora came from the mythological goddess of Dawn and Disney's fairy tale Sleeping Beauty.

8) Theodore8 of 51

8) Theodore

The name Theodore holds the meaning of God's gift. It can be shortened to Theo, or for a pet’s name, Teddy.

9) Maeve9 of 51

9) Maeve

Maeve is an old Irish name and means the cause of great joy. An Irish legend Maeve was the name of a warrior queen of Connacht.

10) Asher10 of 51

10) Asher

Asher is another one of the popular names today. Asher means to be happy and blessed.

11) Cora11 of 51

11) Cora

Cora wasn’t a popular name until the 18th century as it appeared in literature. Cora means maiden or daughter.

12) Silas12 of 51

12) Silas

The name Silas is an English boy baby name that originated from a Greek name meaning forest and woods.

13) Amara13 of 51

13) Amara

The exotic, Nigerian name Amara means grace, mercy and kindness.

14) Jack14 of 51

14) Jack

Jack was an extremely common name in the Middle Ages and has been since then. It became a slang word for man.

15) Ada15 of 51

15) Ada

Ada is another form of the name Adele and Adelaide. This name means the first-born female.

16) Finn16 of 51

16) Finn

Finn is a Scandinavian name that means Laplander. It also means to be fair.

17) Amelia17 of 51

17) Amelia

Amelia is a blend between Emilia and Amalia. The name means to strive and be industrious.

18) Henry18 of 51

18) Henry

Henry has a German origin and means the ruler of the household.

19) Charlotte19 of 51

19) Charlotte

Charlotte is an elegant royal name that means petite. It can be shortened to Charlie or Lottie.

20) Felix20 of 51

20) Felix

Felix is a Roman name meaning successful. This name has always been popular for boys since the Middle Ages.

21) Freya21 of 51

21) Freya

Freya was the goddess of fertility and holds the definition of the noblewoman.

22) Noah22 of 51

22) Noah

Noah, one of the more popular biblical names is a Hebrew name meaning rest and comfort.

23) Evie23 of 51

23) Evie

The name meaning of Evie is the mother of all the living.

24) Leo24 of 51

24) Leo

The name Leo means lion. An alternative could be Leon, a German name meaning brave people.

25) Aria25 of 51

25) Aria

The name Aria is an Italian girl’s name which means air. In Albanian, it means gold and lioness of God in Hebrew.

26) Muhammad26 of 51

26) Muhammad

Muhammad is an Arabic name that is translated as praised and commended.

27) Willow27 of 51

27) Willow

Willow is a name taken from the tree and means they have a graceful appearance.

28) George28 of 51

28) George

George is a Greek name and means a farmer or earth worker.

29) Elsie29 of 51

29) Elsie

Elsie is a shortened alternative from the Scottish name Elspeth which is an alternative to Elizabeth. The name means to promise an oath.

30) Oliver30 of 51

30) Oliver

Oliver, the same is Olivia, holds the meaning of an olive tree. Both versions symbolise dignity.

31) Grace31 of 51

31) Grace

Grace holds the meaning of doing everything with grace and has connotations with eloquence, kindness, and mercy.

32) Jacob32 of 51

32) Jacob

Jacob is a popular boys name that means seizing by the heel, to follow and overreach.

33) Sophia33 of 51

33) Sophia

Sophia is a Greek girl name which holds the meaning of wisdom and having skill. Sophia has been popular since the 17th century.

34) Oscar34 of 51

34) Oscar

Oscar translates to the gentle friend. Many people have been given Ozzy as a nickname.

36) Joshua35 of 51

36) Joshua

Joshua is a Hebrew name and means the lord is salvation. Joshua was the leader of the Israelites after Moses died.

37) Ivy36 of 51

37) Ivy

Ivy has connotations with faithfulness. The charming name represents fidelity too.

38) Ethan37 of 51

38) Ethan

The Hebrew name Ethan means to be firm, strong and, to live for a long time.

39) Mia38 of 51

39) Mia

Italian name Mia both means mine and darling with the Spanish origin of Mía.

40) Alfie39 of 51

40) Alfie

Alfie has two meanings of an elf or magical counsel. They are regarded to have special powers of seeing into the future.

41) Lily40 of 51

41) Lily

Lily comes from the lily flower and has been popular in most English-speaking countries. It shares the meaning of pure and rebirth.

42) Charlie41 of 51

42) Charlie

Charlie, another name for Charles, holds the meaning of free man.

43) Isabella42 of 51

43) Isabella

Isabella, short for Elizabeth, means devoted to God. Nicknames include Bella, Belle, Izzy, and Issie.

44) Harry43 of 51

44) Harry

Harry has meanings with Army Commander, but for more recent years, the protector of the house.

45) Isabelle44 of 51

45) Isabelle

Isabelle is another nickname from Isabella. It says the name means God is my oath.

46) Freddie45 of 51

46) Freddie

Freddie is a German name that comes from Frederick. The popular name in England means peace and ruler.

47) Emily46 of 51

47) Emily

Emily has an English origin and comes from the name Aemilia. The name means trying to equal.

48) Jaxon47 of 51

48) Jaxon

Jaxon is a modern version of Jackson. The name holds the meaning of God has been gracious; he shows favour.

49) Ella48 of 51

49) Ella

Ella means to be complete and light. Ella is a short form of Eleanor and Ellen.

50) Archie49 of 51

50) Archie

Archie is a bold name and has grown to be a very popular name in England, for example, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. The name means to be genuine and brave.

51) Sophie50 of 51

51) Sophie

The same as Sophia, the name Sophie holds the meaning of having wisdom and a lot of skill.

Thomas51 of 51

52) Thomas

Thomas is a popular boys name with a biblical origin. The name actually means twin and was one of the disciples of Christ.

The list is based on research conducted by Nameberry.

They said: "We calculate our popularity list based on which names attracted the most of the 11 million views of our name pages so far this year."

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