The top baby name trends for 2019

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We all know that choosing a baby name can be a tricky thing to navigate. Finding a name that you like, your partner likes, your mum doesn't grimace at... is easy to spell, isn't too common and will suit your bundle of joy who you may not have met yet... PHEW. Yep, did we mention it's hard?

Something that may help your decision-making, is having a peek at the brand-spankin' new name trends for 2019 as predicted by Nameberry.

Yep, apparently in 2019, we will be calling our children after rare gems, neutral colours and er, animals!

Top baby name 2019 trends:


baby name trends

Global Names1 of 8

1) Global names

Thanks to the increase in technology the world is getting smaller. According to Namberry, new parents will begin to favour names from other continents as opposed to British favourites. Ancient Greekand Israeli names will lead the way in 2019.

Stand-out names 2019: Acacius, Aroha, Cyrene, Niabi, and Jedda,

Muted Hues2 of 8

2) Muted hues

Bright color-themed names are being parred back, as parents are preferring softer hue inspiration for their new arrival. Names like Scarlett and Ruby are being snubbed for names such as Ash and Mauve.

Stand-out names 2019: Ash, Fawn, Grey, Lavender, Lilac, Mauve, Moss, and Olive.

Rare Gems3 of 8

3) Rare gems

Although jewel-esque names have usually been assigned to girls (think Ruby, Peal and Amber) the 2019 trend sees more boy/non-binary names in the mix, as well as more *unusual* gem names. We think they rock...

Stand-out names 2019: Amethyst. Emerald, Garnet, Jet, Peridot, Onyx, and Topaz.

old school nicknames4 of 8

4) Old-School nickname names for boys

According to Nameberry, charming boy nicknames like Jimmy and Billy are starting to appear on birth certificates. Even though these names were once only seen on old radio and tv shows, these are beginning to reappear in modern day culture.

Stand-out names 2019: Ace, Billy, Buddy, Buster, Jimmy, Sonny and Spike.

Names begininng with F5 of 8

5) Names beginning with F

The letter 'F' has rocketed in popularity with names beginning with F becoming all the rage.

Stand-out names 2019: Finn, Felix, Frost, Faye, Fern, Flora, and Frankie.

Names with oo sound6 of 8

6) Names with the 'oo' sound

Thanks to the arrival of Prince Louis, names with an 'oo' sound in the middle or the end have climbed in popularity.

Stand-out names 2019: Eulalie, Hugo, Juniper, Luna, Louise, and Reuben.

Non-Binary7 of 8

7) Non-binary names

Gender neutral names aren't going anywhere and 2019 sees a fresh batch of monikers that would suit your child no matter their gender.

Stand-out names 2019: Briar, Campbell, Finley, Journey, Justice, Laken, Revel, Robin, Royal, Story.

Animal Middle Names8 of 8

8) Animal middle names

Naming your baby after animals is the new trend this year, after a few celebrities (cough Cheryl cough) have been inspired by furry-beings. According to Nameberry, parents who want to add a touch of fierceness or individuality to more conventional first name choices are turning to animal names in the middle.

Stand-out names 2019: Bear, Falcon, Fox, Hawk, Koala, Lion, Lynx, Otter, Tiger, Wolf

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