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Taylor Swift baby names

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When it comes to choosing a baby name, it's natural to look to the things you love, like flower baby names, A-list celebrity baby names, or even your favourite TV shows, like Bridgerton baby names. If you're a Swiftie, you might have thought about looking to Taylor Swift's wonderful storytelling ability to help you decide, and as fellow Swifties ourselves, we think her magical world (both real and fictional) is the perfect place to start. With that in mind, we set about selecting our favourite Taylor Swift baby names to inspire you.

Whether you're an old-school Fearless fan or can't get enough of The Tortured Poets Department, Swift's lyrics and life offer up a wonderful selection of classic, whimsical and unique baby names, which are sure to make it to the top of your baby name list.

52 Taylor Swift baby names we love:

Taylor Swift girl baby names

Abigail: Swift's best friend and name-checked in the song Fifteen, Abigail is an Old Testament name meaning "my father is joyful".

Aimee: An uplifting song about forgiving someone who's hurt you in the past, thanK you aIMee is rumoured to be about Kim Kardashian. Aimee is of French origin and means "beloved", so don't let their past feud dissuade you.

Alison: Taylor's middle name, Alison, is synonymous with nobility and light, which is fitting for a pop star of her calibre.

Betty: A nickname for Elizabeth, Betty means "oath of God", and is featured in the eponymous Swift song. Betty is also one of the names of Ryan Reynold and Blake Lively's daughters.

Carolina: The name Carolina's meanings are rooted in freedom and joy, and the song was featured in the film Where The Crawdads Sing, starring Daisy Edgar-Jones.

Cassandra: In Greek mythology, Cassandra is a daughter of Priam and Hecuba, given the gift of prophecy but fated never to be believed. The Christian meaning is "helper of mankind", and it features in the song Cassandra from The Tortured Poets Department.

Chelsea: Inspired by the line, "This ain't the Chelsea Hotel" from The Tortured Poets Department, Chelsea is an Old English names that means "a port of ships" or "chalk landing place".

Chloe: From the song Chloe or Sam or Sophia or Marcus, Chloe is of Greek origin and means "young green shoot," "blooming," or "fertility."

Clara: Meaning "bright" or "famous", the name Clara's connection to Taylor Swift is via her song Clara Bow, in which she writes about the silent film star who found fame in the 1920s.

Cornelia: Meaning "horn", Taylor Swift previously rented a home on Cornelia Street in New York and wrote a song about her former abode.

Daisy: A delicate flower, but also meaning "day's eye", Daisy has cropped up a couple of times in Swift's writing, in You're On Your Own Kid ("Daisy May") and Don't Blame Me ("I once was poison ivy but now I'm your daisy").

Dorothea: Of Greek origin, Dorothea means "gift of God" and features on Evermore.

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Emma: Rumoured to be written about actress Emma Stone, When Emma Falls In Love is a sweet ode to friendship. The name Emma is derived from German, meaning "whole" or "universal."

Este: One-third of the band Haim, Swift named one of her longtime pals in her song No Body No Crime. The name Este is of Hebrew, Persian origin, meaning "star".

Hannah: In But Daddy I Love Him, Swift sings about “Sarahs and Hannahs in their Sunday best". Hannah is of Hebrew origin, meaning "favour" or "grace".

Inez: Inez is another one of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's daughters and features in the song Betty. The name means "pure".

Ivy: The botanical name ivy features on Evermore and is great for nature lovers.

Juliet: From the classic song Love Story, Juliet, which means "youthful", is obviously synonymous with Shakespeare, but she does get mentioned by Swift.

Georgia: Swift writes about the state of Georgia in Tim McGraw and is the feminine version of George, meaning "farmer".

Grace: Grace is a theme throughout Swift's music, but it most notably appears during the song State of Grace. Of Latin origin, it relates to divinity, blessings and goodness.

Lavender: Known for its beautiful scent, Lavender features in the Swift song Lavender Haze from Midnights.

Meredith: Meaning "great ruler" or "protector of the sea," Meredith is the name of one of Swift's cats, named after the character Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy.

Marjorie: Marjorie Finlay was Swift's late grandmother, who was an opera singer and huge inspiration to Swift. Marjorie is a girl's name of Scottish origin, meaning "pearl".

Olivia: Another one of Swift's cats, Olivia is named after Olivia Benson from Law and Order, and the nature-inspired name means "olive tree".


Rebekah: In her Folklore track The Last Great American Dynasty, Swift writes about one of the wealthiest women in America, Rebekah West. The Hebrew name Rebekah means "captivating".

Sarah: The Sarah to the Hannah from But Daddy I Love Him, Sarah means "princess".

Sophia: Another option from the song Chloe or Sam or Sophia or Marcus, Sophia is of Greek origin and means "wisdom".

Stella: Swift is a huge fan of Stella McCartney. She has previously collaborated on a collection and often wears her accessories, name-checking the fashion designer in London Boy. Stella is of Latin and Italian origin, meaning "star".

Summer: Swift uses the seasons across her discography, and we love the name Summer for a little one with a bright and sunny aura.

Wendy: Swift taps into the story of Peter Pan in a couple of her songs, but especially in Cardigan and Peter. Wendy is a name of English origin meaning "friend". Beautiful!

Willow: Another nature-inspired name, Willow appears on Evermore and is reminiscent of the elegance of a willow tree.

Taylor Swift boy baby names

Archer: The name Archer, from the song The Archer, is unique and has French, Latin, and English origins. It means "bowman."

Benjamin: The third and final of Swift's cats to make the list, Benjamin is named after Benjamin Button. The singer adopted him after meeting him on the set of the ME! video. Benjamin means means "son of the right hand" in Hebrew.

Clark: Inspired by Swift's song, Superman, Clark exudes intelligence, meaning "cleric" or "clerk."

Dean: Swift sings about "that James Dean daydream look in your eye" in Style, Dean is of English origin, meaning "valley".

Taylor Swift baby names
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Destin: Destin is of French origin, meaning "destiny" or "fate", and features in Swift's song with Florence and the Machine, Florida.

Jack: Inspired by one of Swift's favourite collaborators, Jack Antonoff, Jack is a classic name that means "God is gracious".

Leo: While Swift is making a comment about Leonardo DiCaprio in The Man, it's a wonderful boy's name meaning "lion".

Marcus: Another option from the song Chloe or Sam or Sophia or Marcus, Marcus is of Latin origin and means "dedicated to Mars".

Peter: Peter was first mentioned in Cardigan ("Peter losing Wendy"), but most recently had his very own song on The Tortured Poets Department. Meaning "rock" or "stone", Peter nods to Peter Pan in Swift's lyrics.

Sam: The missing piece to Chloe or Sam or Sophia or Marcus, Sam is of Hebrew origin and means "God has heard".

Stephen: Written about a former crush, Hey Stephen appears on Fearless. The name means "crown" or "garland".

Romeo: We couldn't have Juliet without Romeo, could we? A famous Shakespearean character, it's an Italian name which means "pilgrim to Rome".

Ronan: One of Swift's saddest songs, Ronan was written about a young boy who tragically lost his life to cancer in 2011. Of Irish origin, Ronan means "little seal".

Tim: The short form of Timothy, Swift wrote about country star Tim McGraw in her earliest hit.

Taylor Swift unisex baby names

August: Meaning "great", August is a gender-neutral name that features on Folklore.

James: The oldest of Ryan Reynold and Blake Lively's daughters, Swift mentions James in Betty. Traditionally used as a boy's name but becoming more common for girls, James means "supplanter".

London: Swift's love affair with London is no secret, making it a brilliant name choice for those who love geographical baby names.

Paris: Similarly, Swift wrote about the city of love on Midnights.

Robin/Robyn: From the The Anthology edition of Taylor Swift's eleventh studio album, Robin/Robyn means "bright", "shining" and "famous".

Stevie: Swift has been connected to Stevie Nicks over the years, most recently via the poem Nicks penned for the TTPD CD case. Swift also mentions Nicks in the song Clara Bow. Stevie can be short for Stephen or Stephanie, as well as a name in its own right.

Taylor: Perhaps an obvious choice but a great one nonetheless, set your child up for success by naming them after one of the greatest to ever do it: Swift herself.

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