Regency revival: Elegant baby names inspired by Bridgerton’s most loved characters

Simon and Daphne's baby son in Bridgerton

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If you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your little one, as well as counting down the minutes until Series 3 of Bridgerton, why not take some inspiration for baby names from your favourite characters? Since the first series in 2020, Bridgerton has had us all hooked and we love nothing more than being transported back to regency London with all the elegance and drama it brings. And we love the names too, just as much as the characters.

A recent study by The Entertainer has revealed the most popular Bridgerton-inspired baby names. Using data from the Office of National Statistics, by recording the number of babies with each name, they have compiled a list of the top five girls and boys Bridgerton-inspired baby names. So which are your favourites?

It is not unusual for parents to be or new parents to take inspiration from their favourite TV show, book or even songs. However, at the moment there is a suggested trend for Bridgerton-inspired baby names and with the third series now hitting our screens, we think this is likely to grow.

Five most popular girls names inspired by Bridgerton

  1. Charlotte: A royal name, with this character based on the real-life Queen consort. It means 'free.'

  2. Alice: Although not a subtle character, Alice is the wife of Will Mondrich and friend of the Duke of Hastings. Alice means 'from nobility.'

  3. Penelope: An intelligent, funny character with a wam heart, Penelope means, 'with a web over her face.'

  4. Violet: The mother and matriarch to the eight Bridgerton children. Violet means 'purple/blue flower.'

  5. Rose: A lady's maid, Rose is kind and loyal. Rose means 'flower,' or simply, 'rose.'

Five most popular boys names inspired by Bridgerton

  1. George: The eldest son of Queen Charlotte, he was the Price Regent from 1811 - 1820. George means 'farmer.'

  2. Archie: Lord Archibald is the father of Prudence, Philippa and Penelope. Archie (or Archibald) means 'truly bold.'

  3. Henry: A famous artist in London society. Henry means, 'ruler of the home.'

  4. Jack: The heir to the Featherington name, he is the new Lord Featherington following the death of Archibald Featherington. Jack means, 'God is gracious.'

  5. Will: A former boxer and good friend to the Duke of Hastings. Will means, 'with gilded helmet.'

While we think these are enchanting names, Bridgerton has lots more inspiration to offer with plenty of characters with unusual or even endearing old-fashioned names. We have listed some more below for even more choice for your little one because we know how hard it is to choose a baby name.

Additional Bridgerton-inspired girls' baby names

Daphne: The Duchess of Hastings. Daphne means, 'laurel tree.'

Genevieve: A famous dressmaker who fakes a French accent but is an English commoner. Genevieve means, 'woman of the family.'

Francesca: The sixth Bridgerton child and third daughter. Francesca means, 'free.'

Eloise: Brazen and rebellious, Eloise means, 'famous warrior.'

Marina: A distant cousin of the Featheringtons. Marina means, 'of the sea.'

Hyacinth: Also known as Lady Hyacinth, she is the youngest of the eight Bridgerton children. Hyacinth means, 'the flower.'

Philippa: The middle child of the Featherington family. Philippa means, 'lover of horses.'

Portia: The matriarch of the Featherington family, she is the neighbour of the Bridgertons. Portia means, 'Roman clan.'

Cressida: A debutante, she lacks manners and competes with Daphne for eligible suitors. Cressida means, 'golden.'

Kitty: The wife of General Langham. Kitty means, 'pure.'

And there are more for boys too with these timeless baby names

Simon: The Duke of Hastings, he is married to Daphne Basset. Simon means, 'God has heard.'

Reginald: A sinister, shady character, Lord Featherington places a bet with him. Reginald means, 'advice and rule.'

Nigel: A baron, which is the lowest ranking in the social order. Nigel means, 'champion.'

Anthony: The viscount of Bridgerton and the eldest son. Anthony means, 'priceless one.'

Benedict: The second Bridgerton child and son. Benedict means, 'blessed.'

Colin: The third Bridgerton child and son. Colin means, 'people of victory.'

Oliver: The son of Marina and George Crane and the twin brother of Amanda Crane. Oliver means, 'olive tree.'

Gregory: Seventh Bridgerton child and youngest son. Gregory means, 'vigilant.'

Why choose a Bridgerton-inspired baby name?

What's not to love? David Westman, Recreational Play Expert at The Entertainer, says, "it’s interesting to uncover how much pop culture influences aspects of life such as selecting a name for your newborn child." He adds, "f_or years we have seen parents select names based on popular singers or actors, but with Bridgerton’s popularity, it’s no surprise to see so many names potentially inspired by the show's characters.”_

The names are elegant and timeless, but like flower inspired names, they pretty too, and of course, we love the characters and the show. Plus with the third series there's sure to be more characters and even more names to choose from. However, for even more inspiration try out our baby name generator.

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