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Classic old-fashioned names are back in vogue, and whether you’re having a baby boy or baby girl, we have chosen our favourite old-fashioned baby names for you to consider.

We're not talking your mum or dad's generation of names, or even your grandparents generation. We're going back even further to the names that were popular around 100 years ago. Think sweet girls names like Dorothy, Florence and Edith or adorable boys names like Arthur, Walter and Luther.

These names have stood the test of time, and are the perfect option if you're worried a more popular name might go out of fashion in years to come.

After all, choosing a baby name is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a new parent (along with deciding which pushchair to buy), so take your time browsing through our baby name ideas and start making a shortlist of your favourites.

Unisex old-fashioned names

Whether you’re in for a surprise and want to wait to find out the gender of your baby but still want to give them a name, or you’re keen to choose a more gender-neutral name for your tot that suits both boys and girls, we’ve rounded up our favourite unisex old-fashioned baby names that we think you’ll love.













If you have decided to find out the gender of your baby, and you’re looking for a boys name to suit your son or a girly name fit for a daughter, then our round up of the best old-fashioned girls names and old-fashioned boys names are full of both unique and traditional ideas to add to your list of possible baby names. Alternatively, you can use our baby name generator to find more baby names.

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