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If you're looking for a baby name that is a little different, then maybe a Greek mythology-inspired name is the one for you. From heroes to the gods of Olympus, to nymphs and Titans, there are so many names from Greek mythology to choose from.

You may recognise a few of the names below from astrology names as quite often celestial bodies and planets were inspired by names from ancient Greece. So, if you want a name that's truly special and with an almost magical meaning, then a name that is inspired by Greek mythology may be the perfect fit. From the adorable Pandora to the fearless Zeus, we've found 50 names inspired by Greek gods and mythology, that you'll love.

Boys names inspired by Greek mythology

The likes of the Greek gods and heroes descending from Greece have inspired the world's history and over time, the naming of our children. These Greek boy names are timeless and you're sure to find a favourite.

1). Evander - The name Evander means 'strong man' and in Greek mythology he brought Greek pantheon laws and alphabet to Italy and founded the future site of Rome. He was known by poets as a culture hero.

2). Adonis - From Greek origin meaning 'Lord', Adonis was the partner of Greek goddess Aphrodite, and represented masculine beauty.

3). Ajax - Also known as Ajax the great, he was a courageous hero in Greek mythology, after playing an important role in the Trojan War.

4). Damon - a mythological Greek legend, known for his willingness to sacrifice himself for his friend. Damon stands for loyalty and unselfishness.

5). Alexander - From the Greek word meaning 'defender of the people'. In Greek mythology, the hero Paris was also sometimes called by the name Alexander.

6). Hector - a Trojan prince who was known as the greatest fighter in the Trojan War, making him a hero.

7). Nestor - Meaning 'traveller or voyager', Nestor is the grandson of Poseidon in Greek mythology. Nestor was also the legendary, wise King of Pylos.

8). Apollo - in Greek mythology he was the son of Zeus. He was also the God of music, light and medicine.

9). Jason - With a Greek origin meaning 'to heal', Jason was the leader of the Argonauts in Greek mythology. The Argonauts went in search of the Golden Fleece, which is a symbol of authority and kingship.

10). Linus - In Greek mythology, Linus was a musician and poet who is said to have be Hercules music master.

11). Phineus - Also known as Phineas, the name means 'oracle'. In Greek mythology, Phineus was a king and appears in the myth of the Argonauts voyage for the Golden Fleece.

12). Zeus - Zeus is a mighty name for any baby boy, as he was the King of all gods in Greek mythology. He was also the god of thunder, lightning and fate.

13). Leander - Leander is a name used to define “lion-man” in ancient Greek. Leander was a Greek legend — he was powerful and famous for swimming across the Hellespont each night.

14). Orion - Orion was a hunter of legend, who pursued Atlas’ seven daughters. The goddess Artemis killed him, and he was cast by Zeus to be the brightest constellation.

15). Pan - Pan means “shepherd” or “flock” in ancient Greek. Pan was the god of flocks.

16). Troy - The Trojan War in Troy is one of the most famed events in Greek mythology. Troy was a city located in a region called Asia Minor, where Turkey is today. The Trojan War started after the city’s prince, Paris, abducted or eloped with Sparta’s queen, Helen.

17). Dimitri – Although better known as a Russian name, Dimitri means a follower of Demeter – the Greek goddess of farming and fertility.

18). Eros - Eros translates to “desire” in ancient Greek. It’s the name of the winged Greek god of sexual love.

19). Griffin - In mythology, a griffin was a mythical creature with an eagle’s head and wings and a lion’s body and tail. Griffins were the only creature worthy enough to pull Apollo’s carriage across the sky.

20). Helios - Helios is the famous Greek Titan god of the sun. He’s thought to ride his golden chariot across the skies, towing the sun from the east to the west. He does this every morning and then from west to east at night, representing the rising and setting of the sun.

Greek mythology Girls names

As well as amazing links to mythology and Greek gods, Greek girl names inspired by mystical Ancient Greece offer some of the most beautiful name options and meanings of the Greek culture.

21). Pandora - Meaning 'all gifted' this name is beautiful for a baby girl. Pandora is best known in Greek mythology for 'Pandoras box'.

22). Daphne - Meaning 'laurel tree', the name Daphne gets its meaning from Greek mythology. Daphne was the daughter of a river god, and to save her from Apollo's romantic obsessions, the river god transformed her into a laurel tree.

23). Althea - How beautiful is this name? It's a rare name, but Althea was once a Queen in Greek mythology and means 'healer'.

24). Larissa - In Greek mythology, Larissa (or Larisa) was a nymph and the daughter of Pelasgus. The name was also given to a moon of Neptume in 1991, in honour of the nymph.

25). Rhea – How gorgeous is this name? Rhea has the meaning of 'flowing stream' and was also the mother of all gods from Greek mythology.

26). Clio - In Greek mythology, Clio was the muse of history and heroic poetry. The name also means 'glory'.

27). Phoebe - Meaning 'radiant and shining one', Phoebe was the daughter of the sky (Uranus) and the earth (Gaea).

28). Penelope - Penelope is a name from Greek mythollogy and was the faithful wife of Odysseus. The name itself means 'weaver', and is a popular name for a baby girl.

29). Calypso - a nymph who fell in love with Odysseus when he was shipwrecked on her island and kept him there for seven years.

30). Anthea - an epithet of the Queen goddess Hera.

31). Gaia - Mother Earth goddess, gave birth to the Titans and the Cyclopes

32). Cora - From the name Kore in Greek, this name means “maiden.” Cora was another name for the goddess Persephone.

33). Iris - With a name meaning 'rainbow' in Greek, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow and a messenger to the gods.

34). Aphrodite - Goddess of love and beauty, born from sea foam.

35). Cassandra - a Trojan princess with the gift of prophesy but cursed so that no one believed her. Apollo gave her the gift of prophesy but cursed her when she turned down his advances.

36). Delia - an epithet of the goddess Artemis, goddess of hunting, wild nature, and chastity.

37). Dione - mother of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty.

38). Electra - daughter of Atlas, a titan condemned to hold up the heavens and Pleione, an ocean nymph.

39). Asteria - Hailing from Ancient Greece, Asteria is the name of the Titan goddess of falling stars and nighttime.

40). Carme - goddess of the harvest.

Gender-neutral baby names inspired by Greek mythology

Choosing a baby name is never easy and you might find yourself torn between a girl and boy name, so it's worth thinking about gender-neutral baby names too. These are some of our favourites...

41). Atlas - This powerful name comes from Atlas, the Titan who had to hold the heavens (and the world) on his shoulders for eternity. The name Atlas is perfect for baby boys and baby girls!

42). Cal - short for Calliope, a goddess in Greek mythology known for her beautiful voice and eloquence.

43). Echo - the name of a mountain nymph in Greek mythology who was cursed to only repeat what others said.

44). Zephyr - a shortened version of the ancient god Zephyrus, who was the wind god and known as the messenger of spring.

45). Phoenix - refers to the mythological bird that according to ancient Greek folklore sets itself on fire only to rise from its own ashes and live on forever – symbolizing eternal renewal.

46). Nyx - This word means ‘night or a shadowy figure.’ In Greek legend, she is called the Goddess of night.

47). Maui - The name represents a trickster god and is the prefect name for a mischievous little one.

48). Artio - This unique name means ‘guardian of the bear’.

49). Lykos - Meaning “wolf,” this name was given to several characters in Greek myths.

50). Paris - In Greek mythology, Paris started the Trojan War by abducting Helen of Troy. Although the meaning of the name is unknown, Paris ended up defeating the powerful hero Achilles.

We hope that a browse through our favourite Greek mythology inspired baby names has led you to find something to suit your new baby, but if not, make sure to take a look at more of our baby name ideas!

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