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When you think of Greece, modern Greece, what pops into your mind? Beautiful sandy beaches, souvlakia, Athens, The Parthenon, Santorini, Mykonos, in fact - all the Greek islands, more souvlakia, sun, fresh fruit, perhaps even some great films set in Greece, like Mamma Mia!, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Zorbas The Greek.

That's modern Greece, what about Ancient Greece? Now we're in the mindset of Zeus, Athena, Hercules, the Olympic Games, Aristotle, Plato, Alexander the Great, the Minotaur, Poseidon, Pericles, pottery, the creation of maths and science. The likes of the Greek Gods, Goddesses, heros and famous inventors descending from Greece have inspired the world's history and over time, the naming of our children.

Greek baby names, in particular those of Greek baby boy names and Greek baby girl names are sure to have a meaning behind it. Whether you're looking for a Greek name for your son that is backed by history, mythology, atstrology or simply looking to honour the Greek culture, perhaps you're little one was conceived in Greece!...Take a look at our selection of Greek baby boy names to inspire naming your little one.

Opa, pame (let's go)!

  1. Adonis: What little boy won't grow up to love this name? It is of Greek origin and means 'extremely good looking' and 'lord'.

  2. Andreas: Greek version of the name Andrew that comes from the Greek word that means manly and strong.

  3. Apollo: A son of Zeus, Apollo was the God of medicine, poetry, and music.

  4. Iraklis: Also known as Hercules, meaning ‘glory of Hera’ and the name of a demi-god.

  5. Vasilis: This Greek boy name is directly from the Greek word meaning ‘King’ and can also be called, Vassilios.

  6. Kostantinos: This boy name can be shortened to Dinos, Cos, Ntinos, Costa, Costas and means ‘steadfast’. A bold, strong Greek name for sure.

  7. Giorgos: A humble and beautiful name, coming from the Greek meaning ‘farmer’ or ‘earth worker’. In English we know this widely as George.

  8. Iakovos: Originating from the Hebrew, Latin and Greek meaning ‘supplanter’. In English form this one is Jacob or Jake. The name is connected to the bible and means to take the place of another.

  9. Dimitris: We love the planet and so does this name. Dimitris or Dimitri, means ‘earth-lover’. It comes from Demeter, the mythological Greek goddess of corn and harvest.

  10. Leonidas: The Greek variation of Leo, Leon is not only strong and stylish it also means lion. It's rose in popularity as the middle name of Knox Jolie-Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's son.

  11. Andreas: A beautiful Greek baby boy name, Andreas means strong and manly. It has strong links to tennis, with many professional players sharing the name, so if you're expecting a budding sportsperson this could be the one for you.

  12. Damian: A more modern, popular Greek name, Damian holds ties to actor Damian Lewis and reggae artist Damian Marley - the youngest son of Bob Marley. Go with this one and you're sure to have an entertainer on your hands

  13. Moisis: The Greek variation of Moses, Moisis means delivered from water. It's still unique enough if you’re looking for a distinctive name, although it is slowly growing in popularity.

  14. Christiano: This Greek variation of Christian is both beautiful and strong. Spell it without the 'h' and your boy will share his name with the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo, something he'll surely thank you for.

  15. Dion: Pronounced 'dee-on', Dion not only has Greek roots but also religious significance. Meaning child of heaven and earth, it was the name of a student of Plato in ancient Greece.

  16. Ajax: A super cool sounding name, Ajax was a courageous Greek hero known as Ajax the Great. It can be shortened to Jax if you want something easier to pronounce, but we love Ajax just as it is.

  17. Draco: Not only does it mean dragon, it was the name of Harry Potter's nemesis Draco Malfoy. That might not be the best example to set, but it will surely give your son a distinctive name he can revamp.

  18. Eryx: Another insanely cool sounding name, Eryx was the name of the mythic son of Aphrodite and Poseidon. While it's spelt unusually, it could be pronounced Eric to avoid confusion.

  19. Jase: A modern twist on Jason, Jase is a great Greek baby boy name with religious significance. Meaning the Lord is salvation, Jase could be a nickname for Jason or be left as it is, either way we love it!

  20. Calix: Another super stylish name, Calix is great if you want an unconventional Greek name. Your son could use the nickname Cal if they end up wanting something more traditional.

  21. Tobias: Meaning God is good, Tobias is not only significant in Greek history but also has religious links. We love how distinctive it is, yet it can also be shortened to Toby to sound more traditionally English if you want it to.

  22. Lex: We are obsessed with using this short version of Alexander as a full name. While it may cause you to envisage Lex Luther from Superman, you'll be happy to know the name is currently undergoing a style revival and becoming popular in its own right. It also has an adorable meaning: defending men.

  23. Markos: The Greek version of Mark, Markos means warlike and can be shortened to Mark or Kos. We love the versatility of this name.

  24. Theodore: This adorable name is not only beautiful but also has religious meaning. It means gift of God, plus Theo as a nickname is SO cute.

  25. Nikolas: A strong, sleek name, Nikolas has a tonne of nickname potential. From Nik and Niko to Kol, this name is very versatile while still sounding traditional.

  26. Yannis: The Greek variation of John, Yannis is as common in Greece as John is in England. We absolutely love this name!

  27. Pasha: An unusual choice meaning small, Pasha is great if you want something unique. It's gender neutral, and means of the ocean, perfect if you see a little water baby in your son!

  28. Romanos: Rolling of the tongue, Romanos has a stylish and exotic feel to it. Meaning citizen of Rome, it can be shortened to Roman.

  29. Takis: One of the more unusual names on the list, Takis is short for Demetrius- a traditional Greek name which means follower of Demeter. This is a great choice if you want your son’s name to have strong links to Greece but also have a modern feel.

  30. Xander: Another short version of the name Alexander, Xander keeps the meaning of defending men but sounds much more unique and modern than its long form.

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And if none of these names are the perfect fit for your new arrival, why not try our baby name generator for more inspiration. Happy naming!

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