The most outrageous baby names parents picked in 2018

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We have found ourselves in interesting times when it comes to naming our offspring.

While Jack and Olivia reigned as the most popular names, several pretty unconventional names also made it to the list. Like the name 'Lucifer' – and Corbyn, Nun and Royalty (quite a popular girls name, apparently). If you fancy making future form-filling really easy for your child (or just prime them for a career as a Gossip Girl character), take a leaf out of one new parent's book and call your baby 'A'.

So what are the most unusual names adopted by parents in 2018? And, most importantly, what does it reveal about trend-forecasting baby names of the future? Read on to discover...


mind-boggling names

Bowie or Ziggy1 of 6

1) Bowie, or Ziggy

We're pretty sure this is probably coming from the die-hard David Bowie fans. Four boys and one girl were found to have the name Bowie while a further three boys and one girl were given the name Ziggy (second name Stardust?).
The Bowie fans aren't the only ones to name their children after their favourite musicians though: Elvis, Elton, Cobain and Dre were also on the list. Let's just hope they grow up to be fans...

Political Tributes2 of 6

2) Political Tributes

Are parents now making a homage to their political affiliation when choosing baby names? Apparently yes: one boy was found to be called Corbyn while a Corbyn-Bleu and a Boris were also recorded. Sadly it's harder to figure which of the Nicola's and Theresa's were also politically-focussed choices...

Back to nature3 of 6

3) Back to nature

Amongst names in the nature category were some surprisingly cute choices including three Juniper's, two Forrests, a Berri and a Berrie. Perhaps we're seeing baby names and the wellness trend colliding here?

Double barrels4 of 6

4) Double-Barrels

No longer reserved for surnames it appears the double-barreled first name is a trend that shows no signs of disappearing as an Alba-Crystal, Destiny-Dior, Harlem-Ace and Luna-Marvella on the list have all proven.

statement male names5 of 6

5) Statement Male Names

Male names really made a statement - amongst them were a couple that look like they might have been inspired by film and book character names like Buzz and Merlin while one boy was named 'Awesome' (talk about living up to the pressure). Also in the category of boys names that make a statement were Wit, Valentine and Arrow.

Religious Names6 of 6

6) Religious Names

While Noah, Mary and Moses haven't been such uncommon things to call your newborn (see Gwyneth Paltrow) the list featured some religious baby names we haven't seen before: amongst them are 'Nun' for a girl, several Lucifer's. To be honest, we're not so convinced (what if you wanted to go into the clergy in the future?) but each to their own.

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