Welsh girls names and their meanings

The top Welsh girls names

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If you're Welsh or of Welsh heritage, you might want to embrace your roots and give your baby girl a traditional Welsh name.

If you don't have any Welsh blood but simply love these adorable names then we don't blame you - we do too! Welsh names have a very pretty sound, so it's no surprise that people all over the world have a Welsh name.

If you think a Welsh name will be perfect for your baby girl, have a look through this list of Welsh girls names - your little girl will be climbing the Brecon Beacons before you know it!

Top Welsh baby girls names

  1. Megan - One of the most popular Welsh names of all time, this beautiful name means ‘pearl’. She might not be the only Megan in her class, but you can always shorten her name to the equally adorable ‘Meg’.

  2. Seren - This lovely name means ‘star’ – the perfect name for your little one to live up to!

  3. Ffion - Meaning ‘foxglove’, this cute floral name might baffle anyone outside Wales, but we think it’s a great choice. Pronounced ‘fee-on’ for those who don’t speak Welsh.

  4. Branwen - In Welsh mythology, Branwen was the Welsh goddess of love and beauty, who later turned into a bird. Popular in Wales, Branwen means ‘blessed raven’.

  5. Carys - A Welsh name that comes from the world ‘caru’, meaning ‘love’. A name that perfectly sums up exactly what your new arrival means to you!

  6. Lowri - Meaning ‘laurel’, this floral name is the Welsh version of Laura. Pretty popular throughout Wales, famous Lowri’s include marathon runner and TV presenter, Lowri Morgan – A traditional name that means ‘circle’ or ‘sea’, this is also a great choice if you haven’t actually found out the sex of your baby!

  7. Elin - A variation of the name Ellen, Elin spiked in popularity after the (now ex) Mrs-Tiger-Woods made the front page of the papers. Don’t let that put you off though, this beautiful name means ‘bright, shining light’.

  8. Anwen - One of the most traditional Welsh names you can find (and more unusual than the very similar Branwen), Anwen means ‘very fair and beautiful’. The perfect name for your blonde baby!

  9. Efa - A variation of the name Eve, this cute name means ‘alive’.

  10. Reese - We’ve got the Oscar-winning Reese Witherspoon to thank for putting this name on the popular girl’s name list. Formally thought of as a male name, Reese means ‘ardent’ or ‘fiery’.

  11. Rhiannon - The Fleetwood Mac song put Rhiannon on the map, but this name is still classically Welsh. Pronounced ‘ree-an-on’ and meaning ‘divine queen’, in Welsh mythology, Rhiannon was known for being forthright and witty.

  12. Guinevere - A popular name for Tennyson fans, this traditional name means ‘white shadow’ or ‘white wave’. Don’t worry if she’s not the only Guinevere in the class, this name is often shortened to Gwyn.

  13. Sian - A Welsh variation of the name Jane, the Welsh Sian means ‘God’s gracious gift’. Pronounced ‘shahn’, famous Sian’s include journalist and BBC presenter Sian Williams.

  14. Bethan - A form of the English name Elizabeth, meaning ‘daughter or worshipper of God’, this popular name can be shortened to the equally lovely ‘Beth’.

  15. Nia - A name that doesn’t have any particular meaning, Nia has been popular amongst Welsh parents for years, made popular by the poet T Gwynn Jones in the 19th Century. Famous Nia’s include TV actress Nia Caron and Dr Who actress Nia Robert.

  16. Eira - A Welsh word that means ‘snow’, this is a popular choice for winter babies! Pronounced ‘ay-ra’ or ‘i-ra’.

  17. Delyth - Meaning ‘pretty’ and ‘blessed’, Delyth is still pretty unusual. Pronounced ‘del-ith’, this is a nice, alternative choice!

  18. Llio - Pronounced ‘lee-oh’, this cute, unusual name is originally a version of Gwenllian.

  19. Conwenna - A popular choice for lovers of the great poet William Blake, Conwenna means ‘uncertain’, but don’t let that put you off!

  20. Glenda - Meaning ‘fair and good’, this Welsh name might have a vintage feel to it, but we think that adds to the charm.

More Welsh girl names and their meanings

  • Aeres - Fair browed or light haired

  • Ariana - Silver

  • Braith - Black And White

  • Cambrie - Wales

  • Enid - Spirit, life

  • Mali - Star of the sea

  • Gladys - Land, nation

  • Iola - Violet-colored dawn

  • Lynette - Nymph or idol

  • Meredith - Great and noted ruler

  • Trina - Pure, clear.

  • Ebrill - April

  • Fioled - Violet

  • Gwylan - Seagull

  • Rhosyn - Rose

  • Tirion - Kind or gentle

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