Wonderful winter baby names for boys and girls

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As the cold weather sets in, we light our cosy fires and wear snuggly pyjamas. 'Tis the season to be jolly and for some 'tis the season to have a baby!

Being pregnant at Christmas can be a wonderful thing. It is the last time you'll spend it without your precious new addition.

If the Christmas festivities have got you feeling all excited, why not mark the occasion by picking a wonderful winter baby name? Alternatively, these names would also be a great fit if you're due in January too.

Winter baby names:

Aubin - A masculine French name that is a variant of Albin. It is from the Latin albinus meaning white or bright like wintery snow and crisp morning light.

Elsa - Elsa is a Hebrew name meaning joyful. How could we do a winter baby name list without including the name of the infamous princess from Frozen?

Christian - This a Latin baby name relating to religion. It is quite obvious why this is wintery as Christmas, the main Christian holiday falls in the winter.

Ember - Ember is the English word for the smouldering remnants of a fire. It is associated with burning and glowing and makes us think of cosy, wintery fires to keep us warm!

Cole - Cole is an old English word that is an alternative spelling for coal. If children don't behave, it is often said that Santa will gift them with a lump of coal. Cole has another Christmas as it is an abbreviation of the name Nicholas (good old Saint Nick!).

Frostine - Frostine is a modern name that is a feminine version of frost which conjures up winter feelings of ice and snow.

Crispin - Crispin is a Latin baby name that means curly-haired. It has been adopted as a wintery name as it is almost onomatopoeic reminding us of crunching leaves under wellington boots and a crisp winters morning.

Holly - Holly is derived from the old English hollegn which gives its name to the holly tree which is widely associated with Christmas.

Douglas - Douglas is a Scottish baby name that means dark water. Douglas might not instantly conjure up feelings of winter but it is a nod to the well-known Christmas tree type the Douglas fir.

Ivy - The climbing evergreen, known as Ivy, makes a charming name for a girl. In Greece, they gave newlyweds an ivy wreath as a symbol of faithfulness.

Gabriel - Gabriel is a Hebrew name that is associated with the angel who announced the birth of baby Jesus. With this biblical name, surely your child will get a good part in the nativity!

January - January is obviously associated with the winter month. As January marks a new year it brings up connotations of new life and new beginnings which makes it a perfect name for a newborn.

Nicholas - Nicholas is a Greek name that means victory of the people. Saint Nicholas is often associated with Christmas as he was the patron saint of children. Santa Claus is also an abbreviation of Nicholas.

Noëlle - Noël is the French word for Christmas and this is the delightful feminine form.

Robin - The name Robin is an English baby name that means bright or shining. It is a form of Robert and could be used for either a baby boy or girl as it is the perfect unisex option. Is anything more synonymous with Christmas than the cute little red breasted bird? You see them on Christmas cards everywhere at this time of year!

Snow - You guessed it! This baby girl's name comes from the wintery weather phenomenon that coats the land in a blanket of white. Could you get any more wintery?

Whittaker - Whittaker simply means white acre or field of snow. We think this is a really unusual boys name that you won't find on many lists!

Wren - This is a really lovely unisex name of English origin after the lilting songbird that is often associated with winter as Boxing Day is Wren's Day. The Wren celebration is associated with mid-winter rites in Celtic mythology. This is a great alternative to Robin and is climbing in popularity.

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