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Whether you or your partner are of Korean descent or you simply love the culture and values of Korea which include family and hard work, you may be considering a Korean baby name for your little girl. And with such pretty names and unique options, we wouldn't blame you!

So if you're pregnant with a little girl or still waiting to find out, take a look at 43 of our favourite Korean girl names for your upcoming arrival.

Korean girl names inspired by nature

Many Korean girl names have meanings related to flowers and nature, so if you'd like your child to have a nature-inspired name then one of these could be a good fit.

Hwa Young - The two-element name means ‘beautiful flower’.
Yon - This short name means ‘Lotus blossoming’.
Ho-Sook- If you love your nature, what about this name which means 'a clear lake'?
Dan-Bi - this has the beautiful meaning sweet rain, timely rain, or welcome rain.
Iseul - If you're interested in nature baby names, you could pick Iseul, which has the very sweet meaning of 'dew'.
Hae-Won - a Korean unisex name that means the graceful and beautiful garden.
Soo-ah - This name means “beautiful waters” in Korean. 
Hae - This beautiful name is also romantic and a bit poetic. Hae is a pretty Korean girls' name that means 'girl who is like an ocean' 
Nabi - means butterfly.
Yeong-Ja - Yeong can mean flower, brave, flourishing, while Ja in a name usually means child.

Pretty Korean girl names

We think all the names on this list are pretty, and some of them even have the meaning of beautiful.

Byeol - A gorgeous name which means ‘star’.
Jin Ae - This two-element name means ‘truth, treasure and love’.
Ga Eun - This name conveys ‘kind and beautiful’.
Ara - Meaning “be beautiful and good”
Eun Ae - Eun-ae is a girl's name of Korean origin, meaning “grace with love.”
Ari - Ari comes from the first part of the adjective arittapda, which means pretty, lovely, beautiful.
Raon - Raon is an ancient Korean word that means joyful.
Ae-Cha - A name which translates as 'loving daughter'.
Mi Sun - We've no doubt your little girl will be full of beauty and goodness, which matches this name.
Sook - We love the sound of this name which means 'she of pure nature.'

Korean girl names with a virtue moniker

On the hunt for a beautiful baby name which is also a hope for their character and life path? Then how about considering a virtue moniker, a name which is also an admirable quality.

Joon - This name means ‘talented’. What will your child's talent be? 
Yong - This popular Korean baby girl name means ‘the perpetual and brave one’.
Kwan - This single element name means ‘strong girl’.
Hye - The short name means ‘intelligent woman’.
Seo-Yun - It is one of the most popular Korean names meaning 'auspicious'.
Min Jee - combines the very cute and prosperous meanings of “rightness” and “wisdom.”
Jae - means talent, ability, or wealth.
Chung Cha - This name rolls off the tongue and translates as ‘noble daughter’.
Mi Cha - This name could be a fitting Korean name for girls, as it means “loving daughter.”
Chun Hei - This name means ‘grace’ and ‘justice’.

More of our favourite Korean girl names

Eun-Kyung - We've no doubt your baby is your ‘gracious gem’, just like the meaning of this name. 
Ha Rin - Ha means Summer, Great, or Talented, Rin means Female unicorn.
Dae - means 'the great one' or 'shining'.
Ki Ki - A short, fun name that means ‘one who has risen’.
Bora - The Korean girl name Bora means purple. 
Goo - Short but sweet, we adore that this name means 'complete' or 'someone who completes you'.
Myung-Ok - Such a sweet meaning for this name - 'a bright pearl.'
Gyeong Ja - This Korean name means celebrated child
Hana - In Korean, this name translates to “the number one.”
Sun-Hee - Meaning “pleasure and goodness”. 
Chae-Won - Chae can mean gather, pluck, or color, while Won often means source, origin, beginning.
Dal-rae - this name is from the verb dalraeda, which means to soothe or to lull.
Seung - As a Korean gender-neutral name, there are 17 hanja that read as Seung. The most frequently used meanings are ascent, rise, excel, victory, or inherit.

Choosing a baby name is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make as a parent, so spend some time looking through our lists of inspiration and start making a shortlist of your favourites.

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