54 girls names that start with ‘M’

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If you’re looking for a baby name that starts with ‘M’ to name your daughter, then you’ve come to the right place. Maybe your name begins with an ‘M’ so you want your baby girls to start with that too, or maybe you just think names beginning with this letter sound particularly pretty.

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby girl we know how tricky this can be, which is why we’ve done all the hard work for you. You might be wanting something quite traditional, for example biblical girl names that start with ‘M’ like ‘Mary’. Or you might be looking for a more modern name, perhaps Disney girl names that start with ‘M’, like ‘Moana'. Either way we’ve rounded up 54 of the best names for your girl and their meanings.

Traditional girls names that start with 'M'

These 10 names are all lovely traditional names that you've probably heard before but may not have considered for your child.

• Mabel - in Latin it means ‘loveable’ and ‘dear’, and is also the name of a Swedish pop singer.

Madeline - of Greek and English origin, meaning ‘high tower’.

Madison - this English gender neutral name means ‘son of Matthew’.

• Maddie - Hebrew and translates to ‘woman from Magdala’.

Maria - this Latin name translates to ‘beloved’, ‘rebellious’ and ‘of the sea’.

• Mandy - of Latin origin meaning ‘loveable’.

• Melissa - Greek, meaning ‘bee’.

• Mary - Hebrew, meaning ‘bitter’ and ‘beloved’. It’s also a good option if you’re looking for a biblical name too.

Maggie - of Greek origin this name means ‘pearl’.

Margaret - derived from the French name ‘Marguerite’ and also meaning ‘pearl’.

Nature girls names that start with 'M'

Lots of 'M' names are inspired by the sea, and there are even a few that are associated with flowers.

Mae - a sweet name for if your baby is due in May or the spring, as it means ‘goddess of spring growth’.

Maisie - this name also means ‘pearl’.

Marie - if you love the water and you think your baby girl may follow in your footsteps this name could be appropriate as it means ‘star of the sea’.

• Marina - this Latin name translates to ‘from the sea’.

• Moana - Hawaiian, meaning ‘ocean’ and made popular by the Disney film of the same name.

Mulan - Chinese, meaning ‘magnolia blossom’ and also the name of the Disney hero, Mulan.

Marion - a gender neutral name meaning ‘from the sea’.

Cool girls names that start with 'M'

Inspired by celebrities, TV and popular figures, we love these cool-sounding girls names.

Mariah - of Latin origin meaning ‘the Lord is my teacher’ and also the name of sensational singer, Mariah Carey.

Marilyn - the same name as Hollywood sensation ‘Marilyn Monroe’ and it also means ‘star of the sea’.

• Margot - French, meaning ‘pearl’.

Meryl - Gaelic, meaning ‘sea-bright’.

• Mutia - Arabic, meaning ‘generous’ and the name of one of the three Sugababes.

Miley - American, meaning ‘smiley’ and made popular by singer-actress Miley Cyrus.

Megan - meaning ‘pearl’.

• Mila - Spanish, meaning ‘miracles’.

Monica - Latin, meaning ‘adviser’.

• Myleene - English, meaning ‘merciful’.

Popular girls names that start with 'M'

Molly -  American, meaning ‘bitter’.

Michelle - French, meaning ‘resembles God’.

• Matilda - German, meaning ‘battle-mighty’.

Mercades - Spanish, meaning ‘mercies’.

Mackenzie - this Scottish name means ‘attractive’ or ‘pleasant to look at’.

• Macy - in old French it means ‘weapon’.

• Miranda - in Latin it means ‘to be wondered at’.

Mia - Italian, meaning ‘mine’.

• Martha - Latin, meaning ‘the mistress’ or ‘the lady’.

• Melody - Greek, meaning ‘music’ or ‘song’.

More girls names that start with 'M'

These are a few more options that we love, some inspired by Latin origins, or with lovely meanings such as 'lighthearted'.

Maxine - Latin, meaning ‘greatest’ - we’re sure your little one will love telling people the meaning when they’re older.

• Mara - Hebrew, meaning ‘bitter’.

Marcella - an Italian name that means ‘warlike’ and ‘strong’.

• Maeva - French, meaning ‘welcome’.

• Marissa - can also be spelt ‘Merissa’ or ‘Marisa’.

• Mariska - of Hungarian origin meaning ‘of the sea’ or ‘bitter’.

• Merie - meaning ‘lighthearted’ and ‘happy’.

Maureen - Irish, meaning ‘bitter’.

Maeve - also Irish, meaning ‘she who rules’ and ‘the intoxicating one’.

Maya - in Greek this means ‘good mother’.

• Makayla - Hebrew, meaning ‘who resembles God?’.

• Malia - a Hawaiian name meaning ‘perhaps’ or ‘probably’.

• Melany - Greek, meaning ‘blackness’.

Millie - Latin, meaning ‘gentle strength’ and ‘strong in work’.

Morgan - Welsh, meaning ‘great and bright’.

Mira - Latin, meaning ‘admirable’

Miriam - Hebrew, meaning ‘bitter’.

If you're not sure what gender you're expecting but do like the idea of starting your baby's name with 'M', check out our baby boy names that start with 'M'. You might also decide on a more gender-neutral option that could work for either a boy or girl, or pick one of each and decide when baby arrives.

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