69 boy names that start with ‘M’

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If you’re looking for boys name beginning with m to name your son, then you’ve come to the right place. Maybe your name begins with an ‘M’ so you want your baby boy's name to start with that too, or maybe you just think baby names beginning with this letter sound particularly cute.

When it comes to choosing a name for your little one we know how tricky this can be, which is why we’ve done all the hard work for you.

From biblical boy names that start with ‘M’ like ‘Moses’ to more unusual boy names that start with ‘M’, like ‘Maddox’ – we’ve rounded up 69 of the best names for your baby boy and their meanings.

Boys names beginning with m

Mario - Italian, meaning 'warlike'.
Mason - In English a mason is a tradesman or artisan who works with stone.
Michael - Hebrew, meaning 'who is like God'.
Matthew - Also Hebrew, meaning 'gift of God'.
Maverick - American, meaning ‘non-conformist leader’.
Miles - Latin, meaning 'soldier'.
Max - Short for 'Maximilian' and meaning 'greatest' in Latin.
Maxwell - Latin, meaning ‘Maccus’ stream’.
Maddox - English, meaning ‘good’ or ‘generous’.
Malachi - Hebrew, meaning ‘messenger of God’.
Miguel - Meaning 'who is like God' in Spanish.
Marcus - French, meaning ‘from the god Mars’.
• Messiah - Aramaic, meaning 'expected saviour' or 'deliverer'.**
• Maximus -** Latin, meaning 'greatest'.
Mark - English, meaning ‘from the god Mars’.
Myles - Latin, meaning 'soldier' and also spelt 'Miles'.
Milo - Often considered a shorter form of 'Miles'.
Matias - Spanish, meaning 'Gift of God'.
Manuel - Spanish variation of Hebrew Emanuel, meaning ‘God is with us’.
Martin - Latin, meaning 'God of war' and 'dedicated to Mars'.
• Marco - The Spanish and Italian version of Mark, this classic name actually means 'warlike'
• Marshall - Old French, meaning ‘caretaker of horses’. 
Muhammad - Arabic, meaning ‘praiseworthy’.
• Malik - A popular Muslim baby namemeaning 'King'.
• Malakai - Hebrew, meaning 'angel'.
Malcolm - English, meaning ‘Columba’s servant’.
• Moises - Pronounced 'moi-ses', a Spanish name meaning 'to pull out of water'.
Marcos - Spanish, meaning 'dedicated to Mars'.Mathias - Hebrew, meaning 'gift of God'.Milan - Italian, from the city of the same name in Italy.Maximilian - Latin, meaning 'greatest'.Moses - Hebrew, meaning ‘saviour’.
Matthew - Also meaning 'gift of God' in Hebrew.
Marvin - Welsh, meaning ‘sea friend’.
Mauricio - Spanish version of English name 'Maurice', meaning ‘dark skinned’ or ‘Moorish’.
Mohammad - Arabic, meaning ‘praiseworthy’. 
Memphis - Greek, meaning ‘established and beautiful’.
Mack - Scottish, meaning ‘son of’.
Mitchell - English, meaning ‘who is like God’.
Maurice - The English version of 'Mauricio'.
Maxton - English, meaning 'From Maccus' Town'.
Morgan - Welsh, meaning ‘great and bright’.
Madden - An Irish gender neutral name meaning 'little dog'.
Melvin - English, meaning ‘smooth brow’.
Marcel - French, meaning 'little warrior'.
Marc - French, meaning ‘from the god Mars’.
Marlon - English, meaning ‘like little hawk’.
Merrick - Welsh, meaning ‘Moorish’.
Miller - English, meaning 'grinder of grain'.
Misael - Hebrew, meaning 'as God is'.
Marley - American, meaning ‘bitter’.
Mike - A shorter version of 'Michael'.
Maddux - Welsh, meaning 'son of Madoc'.
Marquis - French, meaning 'nobleman' and 'lord of the borderlands'.
Mac - Scottish, meaning 'son of'.
Marcellus - French, meaning 'young warrior'.
Menachem - Hebrew, meaning 'the comforter'.
Malaki - Hebrew, meaning 'messenger of God'.
Mccoy -  Scottish, meaning 'son of Aodh' which means 'fire'.
Murphy - Irish, meaning 'sea warrior'.
Mariano - A popular Spanish, Portuguese and Italian name meaning 'relating to the God Mars'.
Marcello - Italian meaning 'young warrior'.
Macaulay - Scottish, meaning 'son of righteousness'.
Mikel - meaning 'who is like God'.
Monroe - A Scottish gender-neutral name, meaning 'mouth of the Roe river'.
Mikah - Pronounced 'my-ca', a Hebrew name meaning 'who is like God'.
Macklin - Scottish, meaning 'son of the servant of Saint John'.
Montgomery - meaning ‘pointed hill’
Mickey -  Hebrew, meaning of the name is "who is like God" and also the name of Disney's favourite mouse.

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