Cute girl names

Cute girl names

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There are so many cute girl names to choose from, and when it comes to narrowing a name down to just one, it can get pretty stressful!

And while cuteness can be subjective, there are so many baby popular baby girl names that are cute as a button, including cute names starting with an A as well as those that are cute in sound.

Whether you want to take some inspiration from flowers or even your favourite Disney character, these 84 cute and popular baby girl names will make a unique and pretty name for your baby girl whether that's for a first or middle name for your baby daughter.

The top cute girl names

  • Amelie – A traditional French name meaning ‘hard-working’, Amelie has been put back on the popular list thanks to the 2001 film. With a romantic, whimsical feel, this is far rarer than the ever popular Amelia from which the name descends.

  • Ada – Hebrew, meaning ‘adornment’. The mathematician Ada Lovelace is generally considered to be the world’s first computer programmer, in the nineteenth century.

  • Aimee – French form of Amy, meaning ‘beloved’. Famous Aimees include actress Aimee Garcia, singer Aimee Mann, and Aimee Osbourne of the Osbourne Family.

  • Alice – English, meaning ‘noble’ or ‘nobility’. Usually associated with Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Famous Alicias include singer Alicia Keys and actress Alicia Silverstone. Also the birth name of actress Jodie Foster.

  • Annabel – Contraction of Anna and Belle, meaning ‘grace’ and ‘beauty’. Annabel Croft is known for her careers as a tennis pro and TV presenter.

  • Belle – Short for 'Isabella' the French word Belle means 'beautiful'. This would be a beautiful name for any baby girl.

  • Bonnie –  Scottish, meaning ‘fair of face’. Actress Bonnie Langford was a child star who grew up to appear in West End musicals and Dr Who.

  • Christabel – Latin and French, meaning ‘fair Christian’. The title of a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

  • Coco – Spanish, meaning ‘help’. Usually associated with the fashion designer Coco Chanel.

  • Connie – Latin, meaning ‘steadfast’. Also used as a shortened version of Constance. Kanak Asha Huq, better known as Konnie, is the longest-serving female presenter of Blue Peter.

  • Eloise – French, meaning ‘renowned in battle’. Also a shortened version and English spelling of French name Héloïse.

  • Emilia – We are obsessed with this gorgeous name, partly due to the rise of the amazing Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones. It means rival which is fitting since other parents will surely be jealous of your beautiful baby name.

  • Eulalia – Greek, meaning ‘sweet-speaking’. St Eulalia was a Spanish virgin who was martyred for her faith.

  • Flora – Latin, meaning ‘flower’. Flora was one of the fairy godmothers the red one in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

  • Ffion – Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘fair and pale’. Currently among the Popular 20 names in Wales for baby girls.

  • Freya – Freya was the goddess of fertility.

  • Georgette – French, meaning ‘farmer’. Georgette Heyer was an author of historical romance novels.

  • Heidi – German, meaning ‘nobility’. One of the Popular-selling children’s books of all time is the Swiss novel Heidi, by Johanna Spyri.

  • Iona –Greek, from the island of the same name. Also the name of a small island off the coast of Scotland.

  • Leonie – However you choose to pronounce this adorable French name, we’re sure your little one will live up to its meaning – lion.

  • Lia – A modern, prettier twist on popular English name Leah, Lia means bearer of good news and is derived from Italian baby girl names like Amalia and Rosalia. Naming your baby this adorable name will not only be super cute, it may also destine her to a life on-stage, as many famous Lia’s are actors!

  • Libby – Shortened form of Elizabeth, meaning ‘consecrated to God’. Famous Libbys include journalist Libby Purves, EastEnders character Libby Fox and singer Libby Holman.

  • Lilou – Super popular in France, this pet form of ‘Liliane’ is still pretty unusual here in England. Meaning ‘lily’ and pronounced ‘lee-loo’, we’re sure you’ll agree it has a fresh, modern feel to it.

  • Jolie – French, meaning ‘pretty’.

  • Kaya – Sanskrit, meaning ‘nature’, or Turkish, meaning ‘rock’. Kaya also refers to a sweet coconut jam popular in Asia.

  • Macy – French, meaning ‘weapon’. Macy Gray is the stage name of the award winning R&B singer-songwriter and actress Natalie McIntyre.

  • Matilda – German, meaning ‘battle-mighty’. Famous Matildas include the lead character from the novel Matilda by Roald Dahl, Queen consort of England Matilda of Flanders, and twelfth-century Queen Matilda of England.

  • Mabel – Latin, meaning ‘loveable’. Although the name Mabel is very old and dates from the fifth century, it did not become popular until the nineteenth century, when the novel The Heir of Redclyffe was published.

  • Millie – This adorable variation on Millicent has been a classic German baby girl name for decades. It's extremely popular yet continues to remain stylish.

  • Mignon – French, meaning ‘sweet’.

  • Minnie – German, meaning ‘helmet’. Usually associated with the Disney character Minnie Mouse.

  • Posy – English, meaning ‘small flower’. Posy Hawthorne is a character in the ‘Hunger Games’ series.

  • Rae – Shortened form of Rachel, meaning ‘ewe’. Rae Armantrout is known for her poetry and academic writing.

  • Rosa – Italian, meaning ‘rose’. Activist Rosa Parks is credited with being the ‘first lady of American civil rights’ after she refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a bus in 1955.

  • Ronnie – English, meaning ‘strong counsel’. Impressionist and actress Ronni Ancona has also appeared on TV panel shows.

  • Rosabel – Contraction of Rose and Belle, meaning ‘beautiful rose’. Most commonly used in the USA.

  • Ruby – English, meaning ‘red gemstone’. Associated with the comedienne Ruby Wax, or the songs ‘Ruby Tuesday’ by The Rolling Stones and ‘Ruby’ by Kaiser Chiefs.

  • Sofia – Sophia/Sofia means "wisdom" in Greek and has become popular as a German name.

  • Tilly – Tilly is diminutive of Matilda. Meaning battle-mighty, this adorable name also has a strong feel to it.

  • Violet  – Latin, meaning ‘purple’. Also a small purple flower of the same name.

While some of these names are longer such as Rosabel or Matilda, cute names can be made up of just one syllable too like Rae or Belle and still sound just as cute. These both sound cute and unique, making them great if you're looking for a more unusual girls name.

If you're looking for something more popular and modern, don't forget to check out the top baby girl names from 2022 and 2021 which are full of cute girl name options.

Don’t worry if your due date is fast approaching and you still haven’t found a name that feels like the one. Head to our baby name generator where you’ll find thousands of names to fall in love with, from more traditional sounding names, to unique baby names from all around the world.

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