23 biblical girls names that never go out of style

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Biblical girls names are one of the most popular baby girl names and always run at the top of the baby name charts. Not only are they meaningful, but they also maintain their charm for generations. With lovely meanings too, we've round up some of the best biblical girls names.

  1. Abigail- An Old Testament name, Abigail was renowned for her beauty, wisdom and prophetic powers. With an abundance of spelling options for short form Abi, this name is beautiful and versatile.

  2. Ava- We love this adorable biblical name, and it fits perfectly into the trend towards Isla and Mila. A variant on Eve, Ava means living and breathing and is a modern twist on a classic Christian name.

  3. Amaris- This beautiful, unique name means given by God. We love the nickname possibilities of Amari or even just Mari.

  4. Ahlai- We love this unusual biblical baby name! It's gender-neutral, and while its rarely mentioned in the Bible it makes a great unique choice for unconventional parents.

  5. Angel**-** As biblical as it can get, Angel is a still underused and so has a unique air to it. Meaning messenger, it is charming and meaningful.

  6. Candace- A name fit for a queen, Candace was Queen of the Ethiopians in the New Testament. Yet another supermodel name, Candice Swanepoel is a beauty your baby girl will be happy to share her name with.

  7. Chloe- In the New Testament, Chloe is a convert of St. Paul and means blooming. The traditional name has had a style revival in recent years thanks to Khloe Kardashian.

  8. Claudia- A beautiful name mentioned in the New Testament, Claudia was a common name in ancient Rome. The name of supermodel Claudia Schiffer, it’s as fashionable as it is fabulous.

  9. Dinah- A charming, underused name from the Old Testament, Dinah means God will judge. It should rise in popularity thanks to Fifth Harmony singer Dinah Jane Hansen.

  10. Diana- This beautiful name means divine. It may not be as popular in recent years, but it will always have a charming place in our hearts thanks to the stunning late Princess Diana.

  11. Elizabeth- Possibly one of the most versatile names you could choose, Elizabeth can be shortened to Liz, Beth or Eli. Meaning 'my God is bountiful' Elizabeth is always in style thanks to the royal lineage and actor Elizabeth Taylor.

  12. Eve- If you’re looking for a classic Biblical name, there’s nothing more traditional than Eve. Meaning life, Eve has stormed back into fashion with the trend towards shorter names like Ava.

  13. Gabrielle- A name that is not only beautiful but also has an amazing meaning for any baby girl: God's bravest woman. The best of both worlds, and the name of the amazing gymnast Gabrielle Douglas, your baby girl will join a host of fabulous Gabrielle's.

  14. Grace- A very traditional biblical name, Grace means elegant woman and rose in popularity thanks to legendary Grace Kelly. This name will always be in style.

  15. Hannah- Another traditionally religious name, Hannah means grace of God. Never falling out of style, Hannah is an endlessly elegant name with a touching meaning.

  16. Lydia- A more modern biblical name, Lydia is used in the New Testament as the first European convert of Saint Paul. We love the nickname choices of Lyd or Lydie.

  17. Lourdes- Another more unusual option, Lourdes is the name of a French town as well as having religious meaning. In the bible, the message of Lourdes is heard as 'God is love and he loves us'.

  18. Lois-  A New Testament name, Lois stands apart from the crowd meaning more desirable. It can be pronounced 'loyce' or 'LO-iss' and is a great unique choice.

  19. Maria- The Latin form of Mary, Maria is a beautiful twist on a classic biblical name. It means rebellious woman and is popular all over the world.

  20. Naomi- An under-used Old Testament name, Naomi is more unique than the more traditional Ruth or Sarah. Meaning pleasantness, it burst into fashion with supermodel Naomi Campbell.

  21. Rachel- A very traditional biblical name, Rachel is always a top baby name. In the bible, Rachel was a beautiful and cherished family woman. There is also an abundance of famous Rachel’s your baby girl can look up to.

  22. Sapphira- This amazing unusual option is an ode to the beautiful Sapphire gem meaning beautiful. In the bible, Sapphira is a member of the early Christian church although falls out of favour for lying about money. It's still a beautiful name to us!

  23. Sarai- In the Old Testament, God changed Sarai's name to Sara, the more conventional option. However, we love how quirky this spelling variation is and its great meaning of princess.

We love some of the choices as cute girls names, but if none of these names are the perfect fit for your new arrival, you can also take a look at our baby name generator for more inspiration.

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