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Toddler milestones are something all parents cherish – whether it’s your little one’s first time sleeping through the night, starting at nursery, feeding or potty training, these milestone moments are certainly something to feel proud of. Parents love nothing more than seeing their toddlers grow, develop, learn and take in the world around them, but with every developmental leap or change in situation, each milestone can present its own challenges – and sometimes the milestones can all be happening at a similar time. But have no fear! Baby Annabell, the UK's leading nurturing doll brand, has teamed up with motherhood expert Zoe Blaskey to give you all the tips, tricks and advice for these all-too-common challenges, with a little help from doll play.

The parenting pair have launched a very special mini-series – Toddler Milestone Moments on Zoe's number one family podcast Motherkind. Catch up with Zoe and Baby Annabell’s team of experts to hear advice about important moments in a toddler’s life and how doll play can provide key benefits for helping to establish positive routines.

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The first episode is with Child and Educational Psychologist, Dr Nneka Ikeogu, who joins Zoe to discuss how role play at home with Baby Annabell dolls can help prepare toddlers for starting or returning to nursery and creating a positive experience. One of the biggest worries for parents is leaving their toddler, and they want to make sure that when the time comes, their child is comfortable and happy. So, what should parents do when they notice their toddler is feeling anxious?

The second episode is with clinical psychologist Dr Martha Deiros Collado. Listeners can hear about ways to talk to toddlers when welcoming a new sibling and how role-play with Baby Annabell throughout pregnancy and post birth can support toddlers’ needs during that transition. Dr Martha will share her expert advice on how to ensure your new baby and toddler get off to the right start, and she shares brilliant answers to some of the most common challenges - What do I do if my toddler hits the baby? What if my toddler is jealous of the baby? How do I handle the guilt of not spending enough time with my toddler?

The third episode celebrates feeding milestones with popular nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reid. In this episode, Zoe speaks to Charlotte about creating healthy feeding habits in younger children, taking the pressure away from mealtimes and again, how doll play can guide and support toddlers understanding of daily feeding routines.

In the final episode of the Toddler Milestone Moments series Zoe chats to sleep expert, Lucy Wolfe about all thing’s bedtime! Lucy discusses the challenges of putting little ones down for the night and the impact the lack of toddler sleep can have on parents’ wellbeing. Plus, how to prepare for disrupted sleep routines when the clocks go back in October and how Baby Annabell can help with this transition.

There are a variety of milestone moments on both a parent and toddler’s journey. From preparing for the arrival of a new sibling, moving their toddler into a new bed or trying to adapt to a new sleep routine, creating a positive back-to-nursery experience or, trying to navigate mealtimes and Baby Annabell is here to help.

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Baby Annabell has been a much-loved family favourite for almost 25 years and offers a range of soft body, realistic dolls and accessories ready to encourage new skills, empathy and imaginative roleplay, supporting young children of all ages from newborn to 3 years plus.

Motherkind is one of the UK's top family podcasts and is on a mission to support mothers with the challenges of modern parenthood. Every week, host Zoe Blaskey speaks with leading experts on a range of topics from child development and motherhood to wellness and psychology. Zoe is also a qualified transformational coach and is passionate about supporting mothers to become their happiestand most empowered selves.

The Toddler Milestone Moments series features four 60-minute episodes and will be available to download from all major streaming platforms, including Apple and Spotify.

Listen to the podcast here and visit Baby Annabell to see their adorable range of dolls and accessories designed to support the development of children of all ages. Or follow Baby Annabell on Instagram @babyannabelluk

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