How To Save Time In The Morning Without Going Mad

by Alex Davies |
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Get the whole organised thing down to a fine(ish) art with these time-saving ideas for mornings with your baby or toddler

Mornings before you became a parent may’ve been hectic, but at least it was just you to sort out. Now? Well, toddlers and babies can be a bit unpredictable, so sometimes the best-laid plans end up distinctly un… laid.

Don’t stress – just try these strategies for bringing a bit of organisation and order back to your AMs.

1. Pack the night before

It may be your toddler’s swim kit or stocking the change bag, but anything that saves you running around playing ‘Find the verruca sock’ first thing is a winner. Chances are it’ll also help you sleep more soundly if you know that’s sorted.

2. Multi-task your shower

Brush your teeth while you’re in there and try Nivea’s In-Shower Body Moisturiser (£2.37, Boots), a cream you put on and rinse off. It saves you putting on lotion afterwards and wandering around like John Wayne in your underwear while it dries.

3. Find a clothing middle ground

Organise most of your toddler’s outfit the night before, and then let him choose his T-shirt in the morning. Or lay out three options for each item so he can pick without too much wardrobe upheaval.

4. Find a radio regular

A breakfast show you enjoy will chill you out first thing, and you can gauge how you’re doing time-wise as you get to know particular regulars.

5. Get yourself ready first

If you hear your baby babbling away happily in his cot while you’re half-dressed, don’t worry about finishing those shirt buttons or putting your tights on before going into him. You know he’s safe and will be fine for a minute.

6. Work your make-up harder

Bring your mirror into the kitchen so you can do your make-up while your child eats.

Bring your mirror into the kitchen so you can do your make-up while your child eats

And also embrace multi-purpose beauty buys. We’re talking tinted moisturiser and shimmer or balm that can be used on cheeks, lips and eyes. Genius.

7. Prepare breakfast

Lay the table with cereal, bowls and co. the night before. If you can’t sit down yourself, graze and pick at your child’s food so you manage to have something. Get inspired with these toddler morning meals.

8. Check the weather

If you know you’re going to need wellies, brollies et al, you can have them waiting by the door instead of at the back of the cupboard under gym kit/suitcases/Trunkis.

9. Keep a list

Have a notebook on the kitchen counter where you can jot down to-dos that suddenly occur to you. If they’re not urgent, you can come back to them later instead of trying to sort when you’re in a rush.

10. Have an essentials bowl

One place on the kitchen counter for your keys, purse and travel card. And breathe.

What helps you save time in the morning? Let us know on the comments board below.

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