Vital Baby NOURISH weaning and feeding range review

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Vital Baby NOURISH weaning and feeding range

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Vital Baby NOURISH weaning and feeding range at a glance:

The Vital Baby NOURISH weaning and feeding range and storage is perfectly sized for little hands and mouths, ensuring weaning and self-feeding are simple, fun and less messy. Made from safe and soft phthalate-free, latex-free and BPA-free materials, vital baby® NOURISH™ and HYDRATE™ products have been designed to help little ones gain confidence with eating whilst making life easier for parents and carers. The range includes:

  • start weaning spoons

  • chunky feeding spoons 4pk-

  • big kid cutlery

  • scoop™ feeding set

  • power™ suction bowl

  • power™ suction plate

  • store & wean pots 60ml & 120 ml

  • snack on the go™

  • free flow cup

How did this product make your life easier?

Emma: I love the bowls and plates from the Vital Baby NOURISH weaning and feeding range, particularly with the mega suction that attaches to them, it has taken me a long time to find a bowl or plate that my son cannot remove from the high chair tray and this brand has got it spot on! This means that I can have my dinner with my son without watching out for the flying plate! PERFECT! The cup is baby-friendly and my son drinks well from it. The weaning spoons are interesting, I have never seen a flat spoon but it does actually make sense, Reggie can clear a flat spoon rather the ones that have a deeper section - again perfect! The freezer small weaning pots are also great as they have little bits on the side to help you remove the contents which I have not seen in any other product The snack on the go product is perfect too, it's perfect for little hands and only allows your baby or child to get one out rather than all of them! All of the products are really well designed and thought out!

Katy: Wow this Vital Baby NOURISH weaning and feeding range is literally exceptional. I use the range at every mealtime for my twins both in the house and when we go to meet friends for a sit in the park. I never thought I’d be able to coordinate feeding two babies who can’t sit up independently, but the scoop feeding set and weaning spoons made it completely achievable. No spills as the bowl has a lid and is the perfect size and shape to hold whilst safely resting two spoons in there during feeding and wiping mouths. Just brilliant. The start weaning spoons are the perfect size and shape for my babies mouths and they love to hold them and chew on them. Even though the chunky feeding spoons are to aid food staying on the spoon when babies are ready to attempt it themselves, my babies really love investigating them and having a good chew. The store and wean pots are the perfect size and my toddler loves to push his hand into the snack pots. The power suction bowl and plate didn’t move an inch, allowing fun food play.

Lucy: This Vital Baby NOURISH weaning and feeding range makes life easier as a mum as it such good quality for the price. Vital Baby's range was all practical and very usable as my Son is 6 months and just started weaning. I found all of the products useful, especially the plates with suction on the bottom to prevent more mess! The freezer pots were so handy as well with a push out bottom, very easy to transfer into freezer bags. The products are also BPA and latex-free so its just one less thing to worry about as a new Mum.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Clare: Vital range is a nice baby range. They contain all you need for weaning and starting feeding . They are in bright colours and well designed . They don’t leak and go in the dishwasher well . The plates in particular are perfect sizes for first meals and stay on the high chair tray . The baby cup is a leak-free easy to hold design.

Julia: All of the weaning products I received were not only practical but durable and a great design. Nice and colourful for the children but also easy to transport and easy to use on the go as well as at home. The design of spoons is also great for helping little ones learn to hold themselves as they are wider and shorter so easier for them to grip and aim for the mouth!

Alexandra: Let’s start with the bowls – two sizes in great colours with secure lids that make them great for getting out and about. The bowl and plate are great – as we all know there is nothing a weaning baby likes more than to tip her food on to the floor or her head – the suction bowl, plate and storage pot have prevented loads of mess! The twins both have a go with the baby spoons - they are small and thick enough for their little hands to grab on. And when it’s all over, they can all go in the dishwasher (the bowls, beaker and spoons that is!).

Would you choose this product to win?

Gina: I really enjoyed using these products and do feel that they should win. The travel snack pot, spoons and travel dishes were my absolute favourites. I enjoyed testing the other products but these really stood out for me. They were all very easy to wash and all came up clean without any colour discolouration. They are all microwave and dishwasher safe which was a big win for me.      The fact that they were useful for my babies and my toddler means I really felt if I had paid for them I would be getting value for money because I am able to really get a lot of use out of them.

Lucy: I have used a few different brands of weaning products on the market as we have just started weaning and had to do a bit of 'trial and error'. After using the Vital Baby range i wouldn't go back to any others. This is for a number of different reasons, the price, the suction plates and also the spoons are the best I've found for spoon-feeding purees. I feel like this brand really created the products with usability in mind. Everything seems to be made to make life as a Mum a little bit easier. The snack pot, the suction plates and the bowls that have a little spoon attached to the top to transport are examples of this!

Katy: Yes I really think this product range has to win. The range covers everything you need within a few products and the ease of use has literally changed my life every day! The designs are pretty but well thought through. The attention to detail of the smaller features are what puts this range ahead of other brands. I love the mashing area of the scoop feeding set plus the size, fact it has a lid and carries a spoon. I think this is my absolute favourite product along with the start weaning spoons which are the perfect size for little mouths. The suction is great on the bowl and plate. I love the size and usefulness of the weaning pots, plus you can take them straight from freezer to microwave! The snack pot design is genius too and a lot of fun for toddler's hands. The shape and sizes of all the products make them so easy and actually nice to hold. I absolutely love this range!

What changes would you make to this product?

Libby: I have found that the suction on the Power Suction products does not work brilliantly on our highchair, and our 7-month-old can quite easily undo it and throw the bowl on the floor. This is quite disappointing, and so I would not buy this item specifically. However, it would not stop me from buying the other products in the range or this set.

Jessica: I feel that the products in the Vital Baby® NOURISH weaning and feeding range are very high quality and therefore I can't think of anything that I would like to change if I had the chance. I really think that this should be the winner in this category. It's just a shame I didn't know about it when my first child was younger.

Clare: I would make the food containers a set of six. The full price points are at the higher end of the range so I would buy them at Boots/supermarkets when there was a buy one get one free offer or two for a certain price. I would ensure all the products look similar so there is range recognition to pull in the customer .

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