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The ideal weaning kit for both baby-led and traditional weaning. Designed together with feeding and swallowing specialist Stacey Zimmels and Dr Gill Rapley, pioneer of baby-led weaning. The Baby Feeding Set includes a 'foodie face' Baby Suction Plate and Lidded Baby Suction Bowl, Baby Cutlery and Trainer Cup with three stages, to evolve as your baby grows and help them develop fine motor skills.

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Price: $24.99

Overview of the TUM TUM Baby Weaning Bundle


 • Designed with experts

 • Bright colours and faces add interest

 • Promotes baby-led weaning


 • Price


TUM TUM Weaning Range

The TUM TUM Baby Weaning Bundle won Bronze in the Mother&Baby awards 2023 for Best Feeding Product for Weaning.

Testing the TUM TUM Baby Weaning Bundle

These are aimed at getting children feeding themselves, and enjoying mealtimes! Our tester parents agreed, one said: "The size and design of the cutlery encouraged my child to hold them as she could get a grip and try herself. It also meant that with the suction palates that the plate stayed still whilst she concentrated on picking food up."

The Baby Cutlery has been designed with Dr Gill Rapley, pioneer of baby led weaning. The chunky handles are easy to pick up and hold in little hands and the 'proper' fork head is ideal for stabbing foods such as pasta, meat or vegetables.

"We have loved using these products every day since receiving them at the start of my little one's weaning journey. As we are doing a combination of baby-led weaning and spoon feeding, my little girl has grown in confidence in feeding herself with the cutlery provided in one of the sets, due to it's ergonomic shape making it easy to hold."

"Beautifully designed with high quality material. Well made and either hot water, fridge or microwave haven't changed product at all. My teething baby hasn't destroyed it which is a massive plus. Safe for child to use and perfect for little hands to explore pleasure of eating. We love it! My daughter learned how to use straw and spoon."

The steeper sides on the plate and bowl, combined with super strong suction make it easier to learn the art of scooping, without too much extra mess.

According to one of our mums: "The suction pads are very useful and strong but easily removed by adults. It was easy to clean. The lid on the bowl is very good for storage and also transport and is my particular favourite thing about this product."

"The material is so good! Easy to clean but very durable, and the suction of the plates is perfect. My little one has never been able to pull it off but is easy for me to remove after use. Super easy to clean as well! Life is so much simpler, and less messy!"

The 3 Way Trainer Cup, designed together with Feeding and Swallowing Specialist Speech Therapist Stacey Zimmels, has 3 stages, from straw cup with short straw to aid mature swallow pattern, to lidded transition cup with recessed rim to allow lips to form around the edge as with an open cup but with minimal spillage, through to sturdy open cup with double handles and wide base.

Mums agreed it was super easy for baby to use: "My baby loved the cup and was able to use the straw on the first attempt!"

And raved about the inclusion of a straw cleaner: "The straw/beaker cleaner is a huge bonus as we've found other branded beakers in the past have turned mouldy and there's no way to get inside the straw to clean it. I think the price is extremely reasonable for the quality and range this brand has to offer."

Final thoughts

The one thing reviewers did suggest was having a travel-friendly lid option for the drinking cup as the silicone lid comes off easily if the cup is squeezed or the handles pulled - so it can only really be used at home, otherwise you'd be worried about spills.

Full product specs

Weaning bundle includes cup, cutlery, bowl and plate.

Set of spare straws and cleaning brush for 3 Way Trainer Cup included

Available in Blue, Pink and Grey

Made from Food Grade Silicone

BPA & Phthalate free

Tested to European Standards

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