Tesco Own Brand Baby Food Pouch – Stage 1 review

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Tesco Own Brand Baby Food Pouch

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Tesco Own Brand Baby Food Pouch - Stage 1 at a glance:

At Tesco our Own Brand baby food has been developed to help little ones discover a whole new world of exciting tastes and textures. Every recipe has been developed with weaning experts to support healthy child development across the key stages. Made from natural, high quality ingredients, our products are organic, veg-lead with no added salt, sugar or artificial colours and flavourings. It's our way of helping our youngest customers lead healthier lives and supporting parents in their goal to raise happy, healthy eaters.

How did this product make your life easier?

Upasana: Ready made baby food makes life easier for example when you have come home after being out and have not yet made anything yet, this this product is easy to use, hot or cold. You can pour it straight from the packet onto a spoon and instantly feed the little one. You can take it out with you knowing that is will not spill or burst. Easy to feed your child when you are on the move. You don't have to worry about your little one not getting enough vegetables or fruit as the daily allowance in the pouches.

Ruth: It’s so handy having pouches of baby food for my baby. I do like to prepare food for her myself but sometimes I just don’t have the time, depending on what’s on that day. Another handy thing about pouches is that when we are out and about, out of the house, I can just throw one into my bag with a few spoons and a bib and I know my baby will be getting fed. The Tesco range are great and have a good variety for new feeding babies.

Emma: Who does not like a preside baby pouch? All the goodness trapped into a pouch and all you have to do is squeeze and serve! Perfect. These basic pouches are great for starting off with your baby! Great flavours to excited your babies taste buds. Super smooth purée for those first tastes. Perfect!!!!

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Ruth: I would recommend them as they are good value for money, much cheaper than the leading brand which I feel is very expensive. They also have a good variety and I think they are just as good as the brand leader. My little one enjoyed the different options and I have bought more since testing.

Libby: I am not sure I would recommend these pouches to a fellow mum. Whilst the design of the pouches differs from others available on the market, these too are not completely recyclable and this puts me off. They are significantly cheaper than other comparable brands (almost 50% cheaper in some cases) but this is noticeable in the quality. I found them much more grainy in texture and on looking at the ingredients, there was a significantly higher water content which explains the price difference.

Shelley: Me and my baby loved this product. There are really simple pouches like just carrot, green veggies, apple and pear. Ideal for when your baby is getting used to food. My son really likes them. Then there are slightly more advanced pouches with small soft lumps which my son is now on and he's getting on really well with them. They are really easy to use, easy to take out with you and a good price.

Would you choose this product to win?

Emma: I would not necessarily choose this product above others. There are so many baby food brands on the market and they are all very similar. However from a price point it’s great value, it has a lovely design on the outside and it’s eye catching.

Shelley: There are a lot of pouches on the market, I wouldn't necessarily go to Tesco specifically just to buy their pouches when all the supermarkets sell them, and most have their own brand. I do find them all very similar. I would however always choose it over the named brands. They are tasty, nutritious and a good price.

Ruth: Not sure about choosing above all others but I definitely think the pouches on offer were just as good as Ella’s kitchen or the Sainsbury’s ones I sometimes buy. They were well packaged and attractive looking. I’d love it If Tesco had a bigger range, especially of baby food pouches for the older babies at stage 2 of weaning and beyond.

What changes would you make to this product?

Shelley: I would perhaps like to see a bigger range of meals as you move up to the lumpier pouches. A bit more variety in the vegetables used maybe, perhaps a little more flavour . Other than that there isn't a lot that you could change. They are tasty, nutritious and are a good price, can't ask for much more than that.

Upasana: The one thing i would change on all the samples that was sent is the ability to use the product again. On the back of the pouch it said once opened consume immediately, giving me the impression that the product can not be used again if your little one does not finish it in one go. There is a good amount of food in the pouches and my little one didn't always finish it so it felt like a waste throwing it away as it could not be kept once opened. Although the product is not expensive, it is wasting food.

Libby: I prefer baby food served in a jar, due to it being more easy to recycle and often having a longer shelf life, therefore I would be more inclined to buy this if stored in a jar. I also would like to see the product having a higher percentage of the key fruit/vegetable being advertised. However, my daughter did enjoy eating them and therefore as a cheaper alternative these may provide some value occasionally.

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