Organix Melty Veggie Sticks review

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Organix Melty Veggie Sticks

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Organix Melty Veggie Sticks at a glance:

Organix Melty Veggie Sticks, suitable for babies 7+ months, are packed with the best organic vegetables to fuel moments of weaning wonder and keep on-the-go toddlers satisfied throughout the day. Baked, not fried and made with organic corn and pea and flavoured with vegetables, they have nothing unnecessary added - no added salt, no artificial colours or flavours - this is our Organix No Junk Promise. They have 98% less salt* and 7x more vegetables* than Kiddylicious' Veggie straws. Available as single pack or multipack of 4.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kate: This is the perfect snack for babies when out and about. They can easily be popped into the changing bag and feel like a healthy snack compared to other children's snacks on the market. My baby was 7 months old when she tried these and found them easy to hold in her hand and eat, she also seemed to really like them, which isn't always the case with snacks made just for babies.

Jayne: These snacks are perfect for on the go. Easy to pack in the changing bag when out and about. They are also fabulous having less crumbs and rub off than other snacks, so my baby is less messy afterwards. They provide a welcomed snack for my baby and I know they are pretty healthy too. The sticks are in small bags too which is ideal for travel and keeping the snacks fresh.

Victoria: Finding a food for on the go is not easy. I could bake some mini muffins, or take some fruit out, but these options tend to be sticky or crumbly and inevitably get ground into the fabric of the pram. These were pretty mess free and my 12 month old seemed to enjoy them. It was also nice to be able to take a packet out with me and know that there’s a healthy snack if needed.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jayne: I find these snacks really well received by my baby so I would recommend them to other mums. They are so melty and easy to eat, you don't worry about your baby with them. They have less alt than other brands and seem to be less messy which is always a bonus. They are not a colour that is hard to get out of clothes either unlike some other snacks!

Charlotte: I would recommend them to other Mums for their ease of use. They are an easy, not-too-messy snack which you can keep in the car or change bag until you need it. They contain no nasties and little ones seem to love them! Ideal for little hands to hold and melty so perfect for when they are just getting to grips with finger food.

Liza: I would recommend this product to a friend/fellow mum for its convenience. It’s great to know how many veggies actually go into a packet and good to know I’m not feeding my child something unhealthy like other snacks we’ve tried before. I even like them myself and normally sneak a few when he’s not looking.

Would you choose this product to win?

Liza: Yes I would choose this product over others on the market because the packaging is clear and easy to understand. States great things like % of how many veggies they contain. Feels like I’m giving my child a healthy snack rather than other snacks he’s had before with hidden nasties. Good to know what I’m actually giving him.

Tammy: I would choose these melty sticks over others on the market as they are made by a trusted company that produces organic products. The flavours are not overpowering they are right for a first tastes, but strong enough for toddlers and even the rest of the family to enjoy as a healthy snack. The flavour that is on offer is appealing as well as they melt and they dont stick in the mouth or clump.

Ruth: Yes the Organix Melty Veggie Sticks, went down a treat in our house the pack of 4 bags was gone within 48 hours. So yes I think they should win. I like the fact these are a reasonably healthy snack, quick and easy to use. No added salt or artificial flavours. Suitable for vegetarians. On the more expensive end (as with a lot of baby foods) at £2.30 for a pack of 4. But as they are so easy to use and make for happy children then I think they are great. Also my 11 month old had no problems picking them up and eating them. So that leaves my hands free (obviously fully supervised when eating). These also leave less orange stain on babies and kids skin then a lot of the other melty carrot puff type baby crisps, so that makes clean up easier.

What changes would you make to this product?

Tammy: In the early days of starting new finger foods not all of the product is used so maybe adding a resealable packaging so that the product is kept fresh and at its best every time they are fed to baby. Larger pack size can be more cost effective as they are more expensive than others that are comparable on the market.

Kate: The bags probably contain more than enough sticks for a baby tp eat in one sitting which could potentially lead to waste. One option would be to provide a re-sealable bag to stop the crisps from going soft when you put the unfinished bag back in your changing bag. Or another option would be to provide smaller packets.

Sophie: I would make these next cheaper and more affordable forms on a small budget also so make clear on the packaging at that it is suitable for babies with cmpa on soya allergies. Soya allergies definitely seem to be on The Rise and babies that have cmpa often also suffer with Soya allergies clear packaging advertising the facts it is is is soya dairy and egg-free would make mine and many other mum's lives much easier

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