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Organix Gruffalo Claws

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Organix Gruffalo Claws at a glance:

Organix Gruffalo Claws range, suitable for 12+ months, come in three delicious flavours to help grow toddlers ever-curious palates. Grown up flavours include Tomato & Herb, Barbeque and Cheese & Onion. They also come in a claw bite-size shape to make eating fun and easy so little paws can grab, hold and happily munch. Gruffalo Claws range are baked not fried and made with organic corn and naturally flavoured with vegetables, fruits, cheese, herbs and spices. Like all Organix foods, they have nothing unnecessary added - no added salt, no artificial colours or flavours - this is our Organix No Junk Promise.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Poppy Aldham says: "Nice and portable snacks in attractive gruffulo themed packaging! The gruffalo is a big hit in our house so gruffalo themed snacks were always going to be big winners. Organic and no added E numbers which alleviates some of the mum guilt associated with giving them a preprepared snack Very well labelled packaging with allergens in bold. Unusually for prepackaged crisp style snacks, these contain no soya lecithin which is great for my soy allergic toddler."

Evie Altree says: "I would recommend this product to fellow parents as it is the perfect snack to take out with you. The packaging is sturdy and clearly labelled making it appealing to myself and my child. The snacks are a good size for a toddler to hold on to and bite. The flavour of the snacks is very appealing and my son enjoyed them very much."

Alix Anderson says: "It’s a quick accessible snack that my child is interested in trying to eat but it hasn’t made my life easier. My child didn’t like them so I had to find an alternative snack. However if your child likes them, I imagine it makes life easier as allows you to provide a snack on the move that they would like to eat."

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Steph Andonovic says: "I would recommend this product to my friends and fellow mums as they were a hit from day one. I know from first-hand experience that children can be picky when it comes to certain types of food, so I think having the different flavours and unusual shapes would mean they would be more drawn to these at snack time."

Julie Appleton says: "If they needed something quick and easy as a snack for their child I would say it fits that requirement. I’d be cautious about regularly giving it to my kids, because although there’s no added salt or flavourings and they are baked rather than fried they are still a very processed snack. There was very little mess on the kid compared to similar snacks so that makes them very travel friendly."

Helen Dewsnup says: "Absolutely, we already have done. Whilst out walking in the park we met one of our little boys friends - he promptly signalled to us that he wanted a snack, so we let him have a few gruffalo claws. He took them, and ran over to give them to his friend to try! Don’t think there’s any better recommendation than that."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

 Katie Gleeson says: "I would choose initially as loved the package design as well as the size of the crisp it’s self. However the individual packs are too large for a 1 year old, we tend to split the pack over 2 lunches. The only thing that would stop me choosing them is that the pack is too large and the 2nd half of the pack goes stale very quickly."

Samantha McCourt says: "The main reason I would choose this product over others would probably be down to how it looks. The Gruffalo is such a firm favourite in our house that if the children think they are eating with or the same as the Gruffalo and encourages them to choose a healthier snack. The barbecue flavour was the favourite and the claws themselves were nice and crunchy and mostly maintained their shape. It just seemed a much better product to others we have tried."

Natasha Senaratne says: "I think they have thought well about the flavours and texture. its not to know what you are getting and have a range if you child likes it. I like that they have partnered with the grufflo as it makes the packaging more appealing and can be a conversation point with my son about the food hes eating and the book."

What changes would you make to this product?

Poppy Aldham says: "Both the BBQ and tomato flavours went down very well with the toddler. However, both had their flavouring added with flavoured 'powder' style flavourings. While they tasted lovely they were pretty messy with red coloured powder stuck on fingers and faces. She was wearing dark coloured clothing so nothing marked, but I'm pretty sure it would stick to pale coloured summer clothes."

Evie Altree says: "If i could change one thing about the product, i would add a little sticker to the back so that i could close up the packet to keep the crisps fresh. The portion size is generous but i do find there is way too much for one serving so the option to close it up and save it for later would be a great function.

Alix Anderson says: "The flavour of the bbq flavoured crisps is not very nice at all. My child immediately spits them out when she tries them and so if I could only change one thing, that would be the thing I would change. The other two flavours weren’t as bad but still weren’t as nice as some of the other products that this company has for sale."

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