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NUK Magic Cup

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NUK Magic Cup at a glance:

Make learning to drink magical with the NUK Magic Cup! Thanks to the 360° drinking rim, kids can drink from any edge. The spill-proof design is the truly magical part: it seals the moment drinking stops to prevent mess. Made from soft silicone, the rim is also gentle on the mouth and, thanks to the protective lid, it's easy to keep clean on the go. The 360° Magic Cup also features an ergonomic shape that is easy for small hands to grip and it is made from high-quality, bpa-free plastic that is dishwasher safe and easy to disassemble and clean.

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We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Emma Davis says: "I love that there is clear measurements on the side of the cup so you can see how much your child is drinking throughout the day. It’s also incredibly easy to disassemble, clean and assemble again. I also love that it’s non spill, there may be slight spillage on impact from height but very minimal and doesn’t damage."

Fiona Davison-Dundas says: "I’ve been really struggling to get my baby to move from a bottle to a sippy cup, she just doesn’t like the traditional plastic style sippy cup as she tried to suck like a bottle but the cup is hard plastic. My concern was once I’d cracked a sippy cup how to we then move on to a open cup as very different. This cup is an ideal option of introducing a different style of drinking for my baby. Whilst she can’t yet take big mouthfuls from it as 9 months, she’s enjoying the action of sucking from the edge of a cup but still has the familiar silicone feel. The best bit is it is completely drip free so can be tipped over as many times as my baby feels! I love the modern non fussy design, it’s sleek and therefore has no fiddly parts and extremely easy to clean."

Gauri Deo says: "My little girl is 9 months and struggles lifting her bottle up. She also attempted my water out of a glass a few times, so I decided to try this sippy cup!She grasped how to use it straight away and learnt how to tilt it up to drink the bit at the bottom. Not had any leaks or spills and is amazing just to have out on hand for her at all times."

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Selma Dimitrijevic says: "Unfortunately, I wouldn't. We tried several different cups so far and this one was the most difficult to drink from. My boy just couldn't suck hard enough to get more than few drops of water out. It's good looking design, and we usually like their products, it is easy to hold but unfortunately we weren't able to use it."

Hatty Douthwaite says: "This cup is excellent for toddlers and babies, learning to drink from a cup, giving them some independence but preventing the inevitable spills! It travels well in bag or pram and can be dropped on the floor without causing any spills. Complete reassurance of safety and easy for kids to get rehydrated."

Zuzana Drahosova says: "I do not think I would recommend this particular product over the product I have already owned. Yes it is cute, it is very easy to wash, but it is not so easy for a 9 month old baby to hold the cup and I really miss having handles on this one. It kept slipping and it was too heavy when it was filled with water. All other cups we have used have had handles therefore they were a lot easier to use."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

 Jennifer Newsome says: "The main reason I like the NUK Evolution Magic Cup is that it comes with a lid, something I don't believe the other products do. This is really useful when chucking it in the bag for a day out and not ending up with soggy items! I also think the simplicity of the design and how easy it is to build and clean make this product better than others on the market. Anything that reduces washing up in precious nap time is a winner in my eyes!"

Sumeet Sandhu says: "As a cup to take out and about it is very good in terms of easy to transport and also no leakages in the bag. It also has a very nice and cute design. However the downside of this product is that my toddler has to put a lot of effort to drink it as the suction is strong for him, which means he only drinks a small amount of water compared to other products/ cups."

Emma Davis says: "This type of bottle is more aesthetically pleasing than most others I have seen available. It’s the perfect size for little hands as well! I love the cute designs available as well, they are good to look at and attractive for little eyes! The colours aren’t too garish or overpowering either, they’re lovely and subtle!"

What changes would you make to this product?

Fiona Davison-Dundas says: "Rather than change the product a good idea would be to introduce a baby version in a slightly smaller size. My baby could just about hold it on her own at 9 months but being able to tip up and learn to sip at the same time was a bit of a challenge, if there was a 4/5oz sized cup with exactly the same features aimed at 6-12months that would be great."

Gauri Deo says: "More marketing awareness on this product as it is not widely marketed from research I have done on sippy cups. Also at £7.99 the price is quite dear. maybe if this was marketed at the £5 price range it would be more attractive to more parents and more would purchase this. The silicone is quite thin too so have to be careful not to tear this when washing etc."

Selma Dimitrijevic says: "If it was possible to make it easier to drink from, that would make all the difference. Possibly, as I mentioned, if the cup was a bit smaller it would be easier for small kids to hold it - my boy is a quite big 10 months old and he was struggling a bit to hold it. The rubber at the top of the cup, I think, sticks too closely to the bottom lid and that makes drinking from it quite difficult."


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