Nuby Earth First Tableware review

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Nuby Earth First Tableware

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These super hardwearing Earth First Baby Plates are made from plants – in fact, over 95% comes from sugarcane. What’s best is, the plastic looks and feels just as reliable and study as any other, only made in a friendlier way to the environment. You can even put them in the dishwasher.

Sugarcane is a renewable resource, meaning it can be regrown to replace what has been used. The sugarcane plants also capture nasty carbon from the environment as it grows – win! Once your little foodie moves onto their big kids tableware, you can pop this into the recycling bin and give it another lease of life.


  • Plant Sourced Bioplastic 
  • Recyclable at home
  • Super hardwearing
  • Dishwasher safe 


  • No suction
  • No cup section
  • Plant Sourced Bioplastic 
  • Recyclable at home
  • Super hardwearing
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Complies with EN14372.
  • Suitable from 6 months


Nuby Earth First Tableware

The Nuby Earth First Tableware won gold in the Mother and Baby Awards 2024 for Best Toddler (12 months+) Food Range/ Product.

Testing the Nuby Earth First Tableware

One tester said: "I was really impressed with the range of Earth First products that arrived and pleasantly surprised they could be put in the dishwasher! I love the colour selection as they are all warm pastel colours that can be used by either boy or girl. The cups are quite small but nice and light to help my son pick them up. I did resort to using the cups as storage for crayons etc too! The plates are a brilliant size as I find some toddler plates to be very small and it’s hard to spread out the food so that it can cool down. The spoons are also lovely being slightly bigger.

"I like the fact the plates have high sides which makes it easier to scoop up food with out it falling off the sides. The same for the deep bowls, it allows food to cook quicker and for children to use without spilling everything over the sides. The range of colours is also a plus, they will go with most things."

On whether they'd recommend this product to other parents, this parent said: "Absolutely. I’d never used this brand before but it’s now part of our daily use at home. The colours are really nice, and so easy to handle. My daughter is 17 months and she can use the spoon/fork so well. It’s so easy to clean, and is dishwasher safe which is ideal for a busy household. The plates stack nicely and don’t take up too much space in the cupboards like some of the other plates/utensils I have used. For the RRP, I would definitely recommend and purchase again."

Another mum said: "I got on so well with these products, my little girl is 1 and she gets on perfect with them. I first started with breakfasts with the bowls and until she get used to them I introduced the plates and they fit perfect on the high chair we have now the cups for well in the drinks holders we have for our little girl.

"I have been using these instead of my usual/previous tableware and I will continue to use them. They are the perfect size and clean up well, much better than my usual product. The ergonomic design of the cutlery in particular is a perfect fit for my daughters hand. I used this product inside the house and even took some of it on holiday. I don't know how well it would fit if I took it out and about on days out but in the house it's perfect."

This tester loved the eco-credentials of the product: "I really liked the design of the Earth First. It is sleek and has a good colour palette. It is easy on the eye for the adults at home. I also loved that this product was kinder to the environment. It is made of a sugar compound rather than plastic which means it is ultimately biodegradable. You can put this product in the dishwasher but you can't put it in the microwave. This is a bit annoying as you may end up using two containers when heating up food and serving it. My son found the spoons very easy to use and I think they have improved his ability to feed himself. The underside of the cutlery has a ridge which allows small fingers to hold on tightly. I have used this product outdoors too. It has been great at picnics and camping. The product is easy to wash"

Final thoughts

The Nuby Earth First Tableware has won Gold for many reasons, not only are there many different tableware options to choose from, but they are also all made from sustainable materials. The Nuby products offer a variety of colours to choose from which have proven to be popular with little ones and parents alike.

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