Munchkin Miracle Customisable Cup

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Munchkin Miracle Customisable Cup at a glance:

Keep cold drinks cool in this customisable 360° Miracle cup from Munchkin. Your toddler will love adding some stylish stickers to the coloured insert for extra flare. Then simply fill it with milk, juice, or water and screw it into the larger, clear container to create an insulated seal. With up to six cute animal stickers to choose from, your toddler can enjoy their favourite ice cold beverage in their own unique style. And with the spill-proof Miracle 360 lid, you'll never have to worry about spills or messes.

How did this product make your life easier?

Ada: Naming the water bottle was very easy. It was also fun to do this with my little one and he enjoyed it a lot. The stickers are on the inner bottle and do not come off in the dishwasher. It is spill proof which is fantastic for journeys or for carrying it around with us. My little boy finds it easy to use and carry too. It is dishwasher safe and cleaning it is very easy which is a huge bonus. The bright colours make it child friendly which is why my son love sit. It does not have small bits here and there which means I don’t have to worry about bits coming off. It is a great size for my son’s little hands and he has no problems using it himself. I feel that it is a good transition cup for getting a child use to drinking from a normal cup as it is used in the same way, without any unnecessary spillages. It is a very impressive design a sit does not even leak when held upside down, knocked over or rolled around on the floor.

Harriet: This product helps me as a mum as it helps my child learn to drink from a cup without realising it, and also, prevents any nasty spillages you would usually see from training a toddler to use a grown up cup. My son was very happy to use this also as he loved the personalisation we could do. He enjoyed helping add stickers

Vicki: We have sent this cup to nursery with our 2.5yr old for him to use there and they bring it home every day. The fact that you can customise it with their name and it’s locked inside a layer of plastic is fab as there’s no name sticker peeling off and him not coming home with it. He also loved getting involved and sticking the stickers on where he wanted.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Ada: Having used this product, yes I would recommend this product to a friend to a friend or fellow mum. This is a bright colourful water bottle that my 3 year old absolutely loves and claimed as his own immediately. It looks fun and I love that it came with stickers that you can easily and quickly personalise with a name. This was very handy as he takes it into school with him and they have to have a named water bottle each. I sometimes find that etching /carving names in to water bottles can be a headache so it was nice to have the stickers. I really like the fact that it is spill-proof- very handy for car journeys or for when it is in his bag. When accidentally knocked over there are no spills which is just great. It came fully assembled so I was a little confused with the instructions that came with it as I thought I had to do more to it and I was also confused as to how it actually worked as there was no lid but a purple plastic covering. It is easy to carry around, not to heavy and I love that fact that it is insulated to a degree so keeps cold drinks cold on hot days. The manufacturer states that it is BPA free which is always a bonus. It is dishwasher safe and so make sit very easy to clean. It does not come with lots of small fiddly bits and I like that it does not come with an inserted straw that some water bottles have. The fewer fiddly bits make it easier to clean and also mean it’s less of a hazard to my child. This is a sturdy well made product and it was immediately evident that it is of good, durable quality.

Harriet: I would recommend this product to a fellow mum because I really loved the non - spill feature, as it helped me be able to get on with other jobs around the house and not have to keep my eye out for wet clothes or spillages. I also found the personalization much fun with my son who really enjoys showing off his cup

Vicki: I would recommend it for nursery use to a friend and also if you're struggling to find a cup your toddler like - as we all know how fussy toddlers can be! It’s really good that they can put their name on it and stick the stickers on. We named all the different animals when we were putting them on the cup.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Ada: Yes I would choose the product above all others, but only because I have used it. If I saw it on a shop aisle or online I may be a bit hesitant as I would not be sure how it worked. So possibly using clear diagrams would be useful. I do think this product should when because its spill-proof design is just genius! It stands out as it can easily be personalised, it is bright and colourful and immediately caught my son’s eye. The main reason I would choose it above other products is that it is spill-proof and so my days of cleaning up messy spills that get in the car, around the house, anywhere, are well and truly over. I think this product is great value for money.

Harriet: I would choose this over others on the market as it is easy to clean, and my son did not struggle to get to grips with using it, unlike some sippy cups with straws etc. The product feels high quality, and very durable, which makes me assured that my child will not break it, and I won't be wasting my money.

Vicki: I would choose this cup over others for sending to nursery but not necessarily for anything else. I don’t think the customising appeal is very relevant if your just using it at home unless you’ve several children of a similar age. I also didn’t find that that it keeps drinks that much cooler for any longer than normal cups

What changes would you make to this product?

Ada: I would make it easier to understand how to use it from the get-go. It was not very clear to me what to do with the plastic insert/covering on the top. Maybe more pictures of it actually being used would be helpful. The outer bottle has lots of pictures already on it which means that when you place the stickers on the inner bottle, they are not as visible so I would use less or no stickers on the outer bottle. Apart from these I can not fault the product. I think it is a great, practical design.

Harriet: If I could change one thing, it would be the size of the drink the cup can hold. I found that I was filling my son's juice cup much less than this cup. I think that the cup needs to be able to hold much more juice, aa it would make life much easier when travelling with his cup for example, like car journies

Vicki: I would probably put a handle on the cup or make it a bit more slim lines in the middle to make it easier for small hands to hold. My little boy is 2.5yrs and has to use 2 hands with this cup and struggles to carry it with one hand, this is sometimes a pain when we have other things to carry into nursery.

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