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At a glance:

Make those first messy meals easier with this fun suction bowl and spoon set designed to help your little one take their first mouthfuls with these super soft spoons with silicone tips which are gentle on little mouths. The four pack of containers are perfect for storing everything from breastmilk to purees and can be refrigerated or frozen to keep food fresh. The products have a slim design for easy storage, are dishwasher and microwave safe and suitable for all approved sterilisation methods.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

April: Everything is really easy to clean in the dishwasher and I like how the spoons all fit in the lidded bowl. The training spoon and forks are great to put in her bento lunchbox. I like the baby spoons, they look great and feel nice to hold, however, they do retain a lot of food because of the shape.

Catia: The range is durable, easy to use, light, comes in a range of different colours, is BPA-free and easy to wash. Because the range is well designed and light it can be taken in any bag easily. One of the bowls has a suction system which is amazing. The bowl attaches to the table or high chair tray and stays in place which is great when my baby is eating. It means my baby can't throw the bowl which reduces the mess made.

Katherine: I would recommend these products as they are very good quality for the money and very sturdy. They don’t fade when washed and they don’t feel flimsy whatsoever. The cutlery is very well made and the plate makes it easier to section off meat, carbs and veg. The drinks bottle is easy for my baby to hold and the flow seems perfect. The storage pots are amazing for batch cooking and storing in the fridge/freezer and the bigger storage pot stopped apples from browning. The range is very nicely designed.

How did this product make your life easier?

Jade: The bowls are great as they have a handle so my thumb doesn't go into the food when holding the bowl and I am less likely to drop it. They also don't seem to stain like other bowls. The freezer pots are a great size for the first stages of weaning. All of the products were easy to use so I could grab-and-go quickly.

Janine: The soft silicone spoons are suitable for those first tastes and they seem gentle on the gums. They hold a small amount which is suitable for this stage. The Non-spill snack pots are great for taking snacks out and about. The flexi-cup drinking cup has a soft straw, is non-spill and great for out and about.

Rebecca: The range of weaning products from Mothercare is really good. Both the water and juice bottles have non-drip lids which make life so much easier as you know you're not going to have a bag full of water! The spoons are really nice with the soft silicone ends but with them being clear plastic they have coloured in the dishwasher. The stick down bowl is a great idea for little hands that want to help themselves to eat but the only downside is that our high chair tray is textured and it won’t stick!

Would you choose this product to win?

Fiona: These spoons do not stain or break, are a very reasonable price and have a great design. I would be pleased for it to win in this category.

April: I would definitely choose the freezer pots over anything else on the market. They look good and I get compliments on them. They are really useful and versatile when batch cooking at home. I would rule out the bottle as it has no stand out quality features, and the segmented plate seems redundant because the sections come away too easily.

Jade: I would choose all apart from the soft silicone spoons as I found that they stained very easily so always looked a bit dirty even when cleaned. Other than that everything else has been very useful, reasonably priced and sturdy. The free flow sports cup was a winner with both my 10-month-old and two-year-old. The colours of the products are appealing to my children and my daughter has been wanting to use the easy-grip spoon and fork to attempt to feed herself.

What changes would you make to this product?

Janine: The twist and lock suction bowl is slightly bulky compared to other bowls marketed for travel and baby led weaning. The rubber suction doesn’t stick well to wood, which may make it tricky if high chairs don’t have a plastic tray - which is often the case in many restaurants. It also sits slightly high, which made it tricky for my nine-month-old to see the contents of the bowl.

April: The drinking bottle has a really stiff spout. This doesn't feel safe with my toddler who likes to pull it out with her teeth, nor does it feel helpful with a baby who likes to practice opening the bottle herself. The plate would be far better with some type of suction to hold the sections down. My daughter just pulls these off.

Catia: If I could change one thing it would be to add even more colours to the range. Offering more choice and also creating bundles including different products of the range would increase the value for money for parents. The packaging is quite simple which might make you less likely to buy the products as a gift.

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