Aldi Mamia Greek Yogurt – Strawberries review

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Aldi Mamia Greek Yogurt

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Aldi Mamia Greek Yogurt - Strawberries at a glance:

Perfect for an on-the-go sweet treat for your tot, this small pouch is made up of a blend of organic greek style yogurt with Strawberry, banana & apple puree.

How did this product make your life easier?

Fiona: I love these pouches as they are very similar to any other yogurt but have the benefit of not needing to be stored in the fridge. On any given time of day, I can always throw one of these pouches in the changing bag and it’s a great snack on the go. It’s filling, tasty and made with great ingredients. They’re as good as any branded product. A cupboard essential for any weaning baby mum!

Lois: This makes lunch times, dinner times and even breakfast times so much easier for me. If I'm in a rush this product is so easy to pair up with fruit in the morning for breakfast or even as a cool snack for meal times. You can litrallypop it in your babys changing bag and use it whilst your out and about. The screw top means no yoghurt mess in your bag from leaking or storing an empty container in there. It means you can reuse the product as the proportion is on the big side for my baby but it means I can go back to it the day after and he can eat the rest of it the next day. I like that you can let your baby eat it if its either room temperature or cold so no need to worry if it's not chilled in time for eating.

Carol: These are so easy to use, no messing around with bowls or spoons if you don’t want to you can feed straight from the pouch, these have been great for both my 10 month old and my toddler! Both really enjoyed them while out and about and on school runs etc! No nasties in them so a brilliant snack any time of the day!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Selma: Absolutely. They are so easy to take with you, or to provide at home for a dessert if I am in a rush. The flavour is fantastic (I have tried it as well) and my boy loves it. He would happily have it several times a day! They are as healthy as most other products on the market and cheaper than most of them.

Zuzana: I would definitely recommend this product to a fellow mum as my boy absolutely loved both flavour - blueberry and strawberry, the ingredients used in yoghurts are very baby friendly and the price is just amazing! He loves the yoghurts, and he definitely fancies his food a lot more when he sees it covered with his current favourite thing!

Magali: I would recommend this for a number of reasons. Firstly the fact it is stored at room temperature so is perfect for keeping in your bag or taking on long journeys. I also like the fact that it is organic and has no added sugars (although it is sweet from fruit puree). The ability to pop the lid back on so you don't need to use the whole sachet in one go in good when you have young babies, and actually the taste is nice enough that the whole family could enjoy one as part of a picnic.

Would you choose this product to win?

Hatty: I would absolutely choose this product above the others. Both the strawberry and the berry flavours were adored by both my children (2 and 9months). They made excellent snacks on the go, good for breakfasts or healthy deserts. Mainly the price is easily the cheapest I’ve seen which is impressive given that the ingredients are reported to be organic.

Stacey: I would and do choose this product above all others given its size/shape making it easy to take on the go and allow my little one freedom to eat independantly. I also choose this above others for the flavour as my daughter clearly prefers this (and the berry flavour mamia) to other brands on the market.

Lois: Yes I would as i like the screw top packaging making it easy to feed my baby straight onto the spoon. My baby is really enjoying the taste of them. The shape and size are great to store in the fridge and draws not needing much room. The price of them are brilliant for what you get and I see no different on these and the other brands.

What changes would you make to this product?

Magali: Less fruit puree and more yoghurt so that it is less sweet to taste and also has less sugar in it. I feel this product despite having natural sugars is too sweet for a young child to eat regularly at the beginning of their weaning journey, so as it stands I would only give very occasionally (whereas I give my child plain yoghurt and whole fruits every day).

Fiona: I sometimes struggle to get these open, the caps are really tight and the pouch hasn’t got that much to grab hold of. They are exactly like other supermarkets and brands so it’s not an unusual feature but a different style cap would be beneficial so they can be opened when in a rush which is inevitable with a hungry baby.

Carol: I don’t think there’s anything I could change about the product, it’s excellent, maybe at a ouch more flavours on the market and multi packs but nothing negative about the product at all. They would be the only improvements the extras for the product no changes needed. Excellent size and flavours for a wide range of ages

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